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A New Website for Chadlington?

We’ve rather lost count of the number of times a website for Chadlington has been proposed, discussed, started or stopped. Web-wise, we live in the shadow of many excellent village or town sites; notable examples exist that represent the towns of Charlbury and Chipping Norton and villages such as Leafield and Enstone.

There are a few common factors that determine whether a website will be successful:

  • Is it easy to use?
  • Is the information relevant and helpful?
  • Is the site updated regularly?

However often overlooked are the more practical issues:

  • Does anyone have enough time to maintain the site?
  • Do the skills exist to achieve the goals above?
  • Where will the content come from?
  • How to represent the various interest groups that exist?

The last of these issues has for the most part been addressed. The majority of the village institutions or events have already established their own websites, each taking account of the time, skills, and resources they have available. They will all be included here so that anyone can easily find them directly from www.chadlington.com.

Given time and appropriate skills (and with the help of technologies such as WordPress), anything can be achieved. However too often too much is expected, and too little is actually delivered. So in building a website for Chadlington, we are trying to take on the project in simple stages:

  • Get a minimum set of information available that will be useful and interesting, and achieve a balance between representing the village as a whole to the world and providing immediately useful information for those that live in the locality.
  • Focus on just a few areas that will need to be updated regularly: News, Events, and Parish Council minutes.
  • Get feedback and prioritize what’s next when more time is available.

We hope that this approach will result in a website that may not be as glamorous and rich in content as some of our neighbours have initially, but does get something done that has not been achieved before!

Mike Smith / Monty Phillips

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