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Chadlington Parish Council minutes November & December 2014

The minutes for the 10 November 2014 and the 8 December 2014 Chadlington Parish Council meetings are now available.

The November minutes can either be downloaded here or read online below.

The December minutes can either be downloaded here or read online below.

Minutes of Chadlington Parish Council meeting in Chadlington Memorial Hall on Monday 10 November 2014. (Start 7:30 pm. Finish 9:50 pm)


  1. Brian Hamblin, Liz Woolcock, Monty Phillips, Tony Allan, Howard Rowley, Zoe Townsend, Fil Stocker (Clerk). Also present were two members of the public.


  1. Apologies received from Cllr R Rose, none received from Cllr N Owen

Declaration of interests

  1. No interests declared.

Previous Minutes:

  1. The minutes of the last meeting of the Council on 8 September 2014 were agreed. Agreed and signed.

Matters arising & action points

  1. Weed control – second spraying by Complete Weed Control has been done and most weeds killed. L Woolcock commented that re-spraying next year should complete the job.
  2. Replacement for Dean pit & outcome of closed meeting with other parish councils on 8 Oct 2014 – This meeting was convened by Chadlington Parish Council (CPC) and attended by 8 other local Parish Councils to discuss the lack of replacement for Dean Pit. It was agreed that a letter would be sent to Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) and various other bodies, with a copy of report of the meeting and the statement provided at the meeting by CPC’s Chair and Vice-Chair. H Rowley queried how long this issue will continue with regard to CPC resources and active participation. L Woolcock advised that all councils which had attended 8 Oct meeting had agreed that they would send a letter. There is a link meeting for Parish Councils with West Oxfordshire District Council (WODC) on 3 Dec and CPC should send two representatives to raise the issue. Action T Allan to draft cover letter, to be circulated to CPC for agreement and sent to those bodies. 2 CPC representatives to attend 3 Dec link meeting with WODC.
  3. Overgrown footpaths – Clerk has written to Christo Headfort, landowner of Footpath 10 & 11 regarding overgrown state and existence of injurious weeds as in legislations. Awaiting a response. Other footpaths raised by members of the public at last CPC meeting – T Allan had walked around and couldn’t identify much of a problem but would include issue of overhanging hedging as well as dog faeces on footpaths in next Parish magazine. Action T Allan to address issues in CPC article for next Parish magazine.
  4. White line marking – this has now been completed, with Abbeyfield box-marking, and refreshed ‘slow’ signs and general lines around the village.
  5. Playground remedial repairs – three quotes were received from ARD, Greenfields and S Silman, all for slightly different things in spite of all being given the same specification. ARD had quoted for replacing all items of equipment so a maximum of £8,150 +VAT. S Silman quote was not detailed but came to £2300. The Greenfields quote included removal of concrete pad, & provision of bark and was felt to be the best quote. H Rowley raised issue of wider support for playground with local groups but he didn’t receive any of donation offers. M Phillips raised the issue of Great Brook Run and that CPC should see which local groups benefited. L Woolcock felt local small groups don’t have sufficient funds and feels CPC will need to fund playground costs from precept. H Rowley questioned what the level of support in the village for the playground is, as it will potentially use of a third of CPC annual income. Agreed and approved The Greenfields quote of £2,304 incl. VAT was accepted. Action Clerk to inform Greenfields, & design playground closure notice. M Phillips to find out which groups benefit from Gt Brook Run.
  6. CPC pension obligations – H Rowley said that these don’t come in until 2017 and recommended ‘parking’ the issue until nearer the time. Agreed Pension discussion to be deferred till annual ‘parking list’ review. Action Clerk to create ‘parking list’ that is reviewed annually.
  7. Community assets – H Rowley felt that only the Tite would be supported by most residents as an asset to be added to the register but he felt that as a privately-owned asset, it was quite invasive. The Clerk reminded everyone that the register merely gave local people a six months window to try and purchase any registered asset at the market price. It was agreed that Community Assets issue should be added to the ‘parking list’ to be reviewed annually. Action Clerk to add Community Assets to CPC’s ‘parking list’.

Public participation

  1. World War memorial – S Cox spoke about the World War One exhibition that was currently showing in St Nicholas’s. She said a lot of people were unaware that seven men from Chadlington had been killed in WWI (and two men in WWII) nor about the memorials in the Memorial Hall and in the church. As Chadlington has not got a memorial with public access and in the centre of the village, she requested that the issue of a public war memorial is put on CPC January 2015 meeting’s agenda. This was agreed.

District & County Councillors reports

  1. No reports were received


Correspondence – See Annex 1 for full details.

  1. Emergency Plan Annual Survey – Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) had been advised that CPC were not updating their plan.
  2. Priority Services Register – T Allan agreed to publicise this service for vulnerable households in the next Parish magazine. Action T Allan to include information on priority services register in the next CPC article for the magazine.
  3. Local Housing Plan Consultation – Clerk advised that due to the significant response from the public, the final draft will be delayed. M Phillips feels that there is too much housing and B Hamblin is in favour.
  4. ROAR request for support – T Allan is keen to support this campaign against excessive development. H Rowley felt said he didn’t want to blindly support something until he had the full facts and felt that the language used was very emotive. Councillors could not reach a consensus on this matter. T Allan agreed to post information about ROAR on the public noticeboard, in a personal capacity.
  5. CPRE subscription – Clerk has written out cheque for this, as a majority of Councillors had indicated their support for payment in emails prior to this meeting. [See under Finance.]
  6. Leafield grass cutting joint tender invitation – CPC agreed that it was not a good use of Clerk’s time as CPC grass cutting outlay was 20% of Leafield PC’s and not clear if there were any savings to make. Agreed and approved Clerk to advise Leafield PC that CPC is not interested in pursuing joint tendering option.
  7. Post Office mobile van – Clerk advised that this was now temporarily re-located to Memorial Hall car park while testing reliability of signal. If signal proved better than previous location, it would be re-sited there on a permanent basis.
  8. Sports Club request for joint application with CPC for replacement tractor – All Councillors supported this request in principle, as not very much information available as yet. Agreed and approved CPC to support joint bid in principle.

Land Issues

  1. Planning applications – 14/1040/P/FP Valley View, The Tuer, erection of replacement single story rear extension – permission granted subject to conditions; 14/1138/P/FP 14 Stonelee Close, erection of rear conservatory and insertion of velux to rear elevation – permission granted subject to conditions; 14/0689/P/FP Swallows Corner, Manor Court, a single storey rear extension appeal to Planning Inspectorate decision – appeal successful, permission granted subject to conditions; 14/1359/P/FP Mill House, removal of existing outbuilding & erection of single storey extension to form additional accommodation, garden store and carport (2nd application); 14/1363/P/FP Downs Hollow, erection of replacement garage(retrospective) [NB outside Chadlington boundaries]; 14/31/PFP Barley Hill Farm, change of use and conversion of agricultural building to dwelling. Clerk advised that she had written to WODC regarding the asbestos query but had not yet had a reply. She will chase it up. No other comments or objections were made by Councillors regarding applications received. However, M Phillips raised the issue of Diplock Cottage, a listed building, which has just had inappropriate windows installed but no planning application has been received by CPC. Action Clerk to write to WODC Planning Dept to query if there has been a planning breach. Clerk to chase up WODC for response to Barley Hill farm query.
  2. Allotments – All allotment rents for current year paid, bar one. New tenant for Plot 12, C Heath, has requested permission for erection of 2 greenhouses on Plot 12 which already has a shed. Agreed and approved One shed and one greenhouse (each a maximum of 12ft by 6 ft) should be the maximum structures on any plot. Action Clerk to inform C Heath of decision not to permit two greenhouses, and to write to tenant regarding rent arrears.
  3. Footpaths update – The Clerk advised that she had now written to C Headfort, the landowner of the fields with Footpath 10 and 11, advising him that complaints had been received regarding overgrown vegetation obstructing paths, highlighting legislation regarding injurious weeds possibly present on his land and asking that he look into the matter.


  1. Income – Allotment rents paid: B Nobbs £20, J Greer £20, S Didcock £20, T Brice £20, J King £20, T Mansel-Playdell £20, G Glennie £20, G Duester £20, S & L Partridge £20
  2. Expenditure approvals requested –
    Standing order (monthly) Clerk’s salary £242. 97 for November & December

C No. 100078                BDO Audit additional fee                                            £36

C No. 100079                Complete Weed Control (Pryse Bros) 2nd spray        £300

C No. 100080                S Silman grass cutting                                                £270

C No. 100081                Laptop & software purchase F Stocker                      £400

C No. 100082                CPRE annual subscription                                          £35

Agreed and approved

  1. Bank reconciliation. Accepted and H Rowley wants quarterly rather than six monthly. Agreed and approved B Hamblin signed off.
  2. Annual review of standing orders Clerk advised that this activity was a CPC financial regulation requirement. She advised that the only standing order was for Clerk’s salary and was currently £242.97. Agreed and approved.
  3. Insurance cover review – agreed to renew insurance as currently configured. Action Clerk to obtain quote in December for 2015 cover.
  4. Playground repairs and replacement – 3 quotes obtained for different works (S Silman £2,300; ARD maximum of £9780 incl. VAT; and Greenfields £2,304 incl. VAT). Already discussed and agreed to accept Greenfields quote under Matters Arising.
  5. Draft Budget & precept request – This item was deferred to be discussed at an extraordinary meeting to be arranged as soon as possible. This would enable due consideration to be given.
  6. Draft updated financial regulations for CPC – H Rowley said that he and 3 other councillors had provided a revised draft but that the Clerk had raised some legitimate queries. The working group will meet again to finalise and bring to the January meeting. Action Councillors to finalise new draft financial regulations for January 2015 meeting.
  7. Sports Club grant – possible joint application request. Already discussed and agreed in principle under Communication.

Other Issues

  1. Mobile library service consultation – It was agreed that there would not be a CPC response.
  2. Pavement parking in Chadlington – H Rowley felt that T Day’s letter expressing concern about this trend was a useful summary of the encroachment of parking. ZT felt that a lot of pavement parking was historical and can also be done in order to enable wider vehicles like tractors to get through. Clerk advised that when there had been a previous complaint about parking when junior football club sessions being held, the police had given tickets to two residents of Chapel Row saying that parking on pavement was permitted in certain cases but should always permit the passage of a wheelchair or a double buggy. (She also advised that the police had responded to her request for a speed gun session was to say that the gun was currently out of action but that she would be informed when it was back working again.) T Allan said that the only potential parking areas were the Stocks and Home Paddock but it was pointed out that WODC owned the Stocks and Home Paddock is owned by a village charity. B Hamblin felt that the only options are to paint double yellow line (for example outside the cafe) or have an elongate ‘H’ as on school corner and playground. It was agreed that the best thing was to invite James Wright OCC Highways visit to discuss possible options. M Phillips was interested in having some ’20 is plenty’ temporary road signs. Action Clerk to contact J Wright at OCC and also to get police advice regarding pavement parking.

Information Exchange

  1. H Rowley suggested getting the same stickers Charlbury Town Council use on their salt bins “This is for use of local community”.
  2. L Woolcock agreed that dates for Clerk’s annual appraisal need to be set.
  3. H Rowley raised the outstanding issue of overhanging trees in electricity cables in playground. L Woolcock advised that she has contacted Scottish Southern Electric (SSE) which said it will investigate. She is awaiting a reply.

Date of next ordinary meeting

  1. This was confirmed as 12 January 2015 at 7:30 pm. The Clerk was asked to post the 2015 meeting dates to CPC and on the Noticeboard. Action Clerk to post 2015 dates.


Annex 1  Correspondence details

Oxfordshire County Council

  • Highways Dept J Wright email reply re query regarding traffic signage options for top of Bull Hill due to recent incidents and growing local concern about speeding vehicles. As no reported injuries giving accident history and with budget cuts, cannot justify new signage, and speeding is a policing issue. Also emails regarding white lining now to be funded by OCC and requesting CPC priorities & arrangements for site visit
  • Emergency Operations Centre emails requesting CPC completes its Annual Emergency Plan Survey by 30 Sept 2014, and provision of e-version of Priority Services Register information as requested by CPC Clerk
  • Democracy Dept re mobile library service consultation from 6 October to 31 December 2014
  • Finance Dept email reply re precept remittance advice breakdown

West Oxfordshire District Council

  • Legal & Democratic Services email update on changes to electoral register for Chadlington for Sept 2014
  • Weekly Planning lists
  • Planning Dept notifification that weekly planning lists will no longer be sent out and that Councils will be able to access the new public access page on WODC website from 23 Oct
  • Planning email notification of Planning Inspectorate decision re appeal reference APP/D3125/D/14/2222874 regarding planning application 14/0689/P/FPSwallows Corner, 4 Manor Court
  • Press Office email announcing WODC officers will be at top 4 recycling sites during October seeking residents views on flytipping and recycling bins
  • Planning Office email notification regarding recent Local Housing Plan consultation The large volume of responses and the fact that some representations have raised technical issues, it will not be possible to report the final draft version of the Local Plan to Cabinet and Council in October 2014 which had been the original intention. Pending further detailed analysis of the comments received, a new timetable will be agreed and CPC will be notified as soon as possible.
  • Finance Dept email copy sent to Forest Of Dean Council re WODC precept information for Chadlington Parish Council mistakenly still being sent to previous Parish Clerk and asking for Clerk details to be corrected


  • C Arthur emails inquiry about allotment vacancy & confirmation of acceptance of plot
  • C Heath emails inquiry about allotment vacancy & confirmation of acceptance onto waiting list & arrangement to view vacant plot 12 on 20 October, greenhouses erection request, possibility of bonfire on allotment and carpet removal query
  • K Heath email inquiry about allotment vacancy
  • T Mansel-Playdell email query about location of Plot 13
  • T Garratt email confirming Plot 6c now vacated, apart from shed which is due to be taken by S Didcock
  • CPRE email­ invitation to subscribe
  • Thames Water Customer Services team confirmation that fallen tree across footpath by sewage plant has been removed
  • Oxfordshire Assocation of Local Councils email August Members Update
  • Charlbury Town Council, Churchill & Sarsden Parish Council, Ascott-under-Wychwood Parish Council, Wootton by Woodstock Parish Council, Leafield Parish Council, Gt Rollright Parish Council Steeple Barton Parish Council emails accepting CPC invitation to closed meeting on 8 October regarding replacement of Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC)
  • Leafield Parish Council J King email apologising for being unable to attend 8 Oct meeting as delayed elsewhere
  • Burford Town Council, Ramsden & Fulbrook Parish Council emails offering support but unable to send a representative to 8 Oct meeting
  • Duns Tew Parish Council, Combe Parish Council, Brize Norton Parish Council notification of not sending a representative to 8 Oct meeting
  • Finstock Parish Council email from Clerk saying her Councillors had not responded at all to CPC invitation email
  • Gt Rollright Parish Council email following 8 Oct meeting & their plans to write letters to agreed key players
  • L Morton email reply regarding overgrown footpaths opposite the Tite and behind Orchard Cottages
  • BDO Auditors Annual Audit report for CPC accounts year ending 31 March 2014
  • HSBC CPC bank statement 1-31 August 2014, and letter advising of new terms and conditions for bank account
  • Cotswold Archery Club email seeking a suitable new grassed location for their club
  • Chadlington Sports Club P Duester advising that archery club request for site in Chadlington would not be suitable for sports club as they require permanent site and there are safety issues
  • Leafield Parish Council emails inviting CPC to consider joint tendering for grasscutting services & provision of Leafield’s grass cutting contract specification
  • A Ogilvie email reply regarding termination of allotment tenancy & confirmation that Plot 12 has now been relinquished
  • API email reply to Clerk’s query about sourcing maintenance contractors for playground equipment that they recommend using original manufacturers for maintenance repairs
  • West Oxfordshire Citizens Advice Bureau email invitation to Councillors to 40thBirthday celebrations on Thursday 16thOctober in the Langdale Hall, Witney
  • Stuart Silman quote for playground repairs £2,300 (no breakdown supplied)
  • Greenfields Garden Services Ltd emails re Clerk’s invitation to tender for playground repairs & provision of detailed quotation totalling £1464 incl VAT
  • Playground Safety Repairs Ltd email response to Clerk’s request for more information about the company in order to consider inviting to tender for playground repairs
  • EJ Services email to advise that they do not cover Oxfordshire for playground repairs
  • ARD Playgrounds email advising interested in bidding for playground repairs work & submission of detailed quotation of £9,780 incl VAT if all items proposed were required
  • Royal Mail email replies to Clerk’s online complaint regarding removal of post box at Green End, and poor service from mobile post office van IT equipment which is a Post Office Counters issue. Royal Mail stated that Green End box is not being replaced as there are 5 post boxes within the 1 mile.
  • Post Office Counters Z Hibberd phone calls & emails stating that due to the poor signal at the layby, the only way to get reliable satellite signal service is to re-locate the post office van to the village hall car park and install a fixed line connection (subject to satisfactory BT survey) for satellite service for mobile post office van to be re-located in Memorial Hall car park to enable reliable service to local residents, subject to permission
  • Oxfordshire Association of Local Councils emails re 12th November ‘ Being a good employer training’ & September & October members update
  • Open Spaces Society emails with letter re OCC footpath categorisation trial approach recommending CPC refuses to participate as approach risks creating 2 tiers of footpaths and possible maintenance issue, & advising Henley Town Council has agreed not to co-operate at the moment until OCC provide assurances re maintenance standards
  • S Strong email reply re Clerk’s notification of damaged stile and request that kissing gates be considered when repairs being undertaken. S Strong advised that first broken stile will be replaced with kissing gate by Cotswold Wardens but as they will only do one stile at a time, he will undertake repairs at 2nd stile himself
  • Complete Weed Control email re follow-up spray & areas requested in addition to Bull Hill pavement
  • K Mitchell email monthly playground inspection reports for Sept & October
  • H Hoffman email stating she had made no progress getting response from landlord, Christo Headfort, regarding overgrown footpaths behind Orchard Cottages
  • Ascott-under-Wychwood Parish Council email with attached letter being sent out to OCC, WODC, Eric Pickles & David Cameron
  • Southern Electric Helen Vass email re her appointment as Customer & Consumer Advisor re Priority Service Register, how to keep it up to date for vulnerable customers in readiness for any power outages & what she can offer
  • Forest of Dean Accounts Dept email confirming that they now have CPC Clerk details to send all precept information
  • T Day email regarding parking in Chadlington and concerns about parking on pavement and a suggestion that CPC adopts a ‘no parking on pavement’ promotion for the village
  • Cotswolds Conservation Baord email (23 Oct) seeking help promoting that 3 new people are being sought to sit on the Board to help manage the Cotswolds AONB, further information on website, closing date for application 30 Oct
  • Healthwatch Oxfordshire email regarding Healthwatch’s role as statutory consumer champion for health and social care and latest newsletter (Sept 2014)
  • Rural Oxfordshire Action Rally (ROAR) email re new campaign to fight threat inappropriate and excessive development in Oxfordshire, seeking CPC support and advising of rally in Witney on 7 Dec
  • Chadlington Sports Club P Duester email request that CPC consider possibly making a joint grant application for a replacement tractor

Minutes of an extra-ordinary meeting of Chadlington Parish Council at the Methodist Church, Chadlington on Monday 8 December 2014. (Start 6:00 pm. Finish 7:00 pm).


  1. Brian Hamblin (Chair), Liz Woolcock (Vice-Chair), Tony Allan, Howard Rowley, Monty Phillips, Zoe Townsend (late), Fil Stocker(Clerk). No members of the public were in attendance.


  1. None

Declaration of Interests

  1. None declared

Previous minutes:

  1. The minutes of the last meeting of the Council on 10 November 2014 will be approved at 12 January 2015 meeting.

Public participation

  1. No members of the public were present.


  1. Income received – £20.00 C Heath allotment rent. B Hamblin mentioned that he and T Allan had trimmed the hedge at the back of the allotments the previous week.
  2. Expenditure approvals requested –

Standing order (monthly) Clerk’s salary £242.97 each for January & February. The Clerk advised that there had been a national pay settlement and if CPC agreed it, Clerk’s hourly salary (currently at Spinal Point 19, £9.354 per hour would increase to £9.551 per hour, effective from 1 January 2015). This would require an amendment to the Standing Order and payment for any increase accrued before the Standing Order could be put into place with the Bank. The Clerk advised that there had also been an agreement for a one-off payment for Clerks of £100, pro rata. She will bring payments information to January meeting
C No. 100083    £7.49               B Hamblin playground sign­

C No. 100084    £30.90             F Stocker stationery expenses (printer cartridges)
C No. 100085    £160.00           Chadlington Memorial Hall for energy audit
Approval for maximum of £279 + VAT for Greenfields Garden Services contractor to possibly add some soil and grass former concrete pad area in playground in addition to already approved works.

Agreed and approved  National pay increase settlement for Clerks accepted, and hourly increase to £9.551. Clerk to amend Standing Order for approval at January meeting. All other expenditure approved.

  1. Council insurance 2015 – £571.32 Zurich quote. Clerk had requested quote from 21 January 2015.The increase from current year was less than the 10% budgeted for and was accepted. Agreed and approved. Zurich quote of £571.32 accepted.
  2. Draft CPC budget for 2015/16 & precept requirements – The Clerk reminded Councillors that they must agree the budget before they can discuss the precept. HR queried if playground costs could be £3000. With a £1000 contingency fund and £1500 for annual playground costs in the draft budget, there would be a shortfall of £1921. B Hamblin explained that the playground equipment would continue to deteriorate over time and repair costs could be as much as £3000. He said several items of equipment will need remedial works and will be at least £1500. L Woolcock raised CPC’s commitment to the Memorial Hall and the fact that CPC will probably need to make a donation in order to enable the Memorial Hall Committee to apply for grant funding for refurbishment. It was suggested that CPC’s £9000 earmarked funds for the inevitable repairs to the playground wall and Memorial Hall costs could be amended to general ‘playground’ costs & Hall. It was felt that the budget needed to increase by 25% or £1925 to meet rising costs related to the playground and long-term commitment to the Memorial Hall as well as things like grass cutting and staff wages. It was pointed out that there has been no increase in precept for some considerable years and the annual playground RoSPA reports are requiring more costly repairs. The precept will need increase by 25%. There was some discussion about whether this increase would be allowed by WODC as they had mentioned caps in the District & Parishes liaison meeting that B Hamblin and L Woolcock had attended. Clerk stated that she had been advised by OALC last year that Parish Councils were not currently able to have restrictions placed on them by national government but that she would check with WODC Finance Dept  Agreed and approved Delete the words ‘wall’ from earmarked funds heading so it reads ‘playground & Memorial Hall’. Contingency funds will be £1000 and this now amended draft budget is approved. Thus, the precept also needs to increase by 25% or £1925.Action Clerk to check with WODC that 25% increase is permitted. Final budget and completed precept request form will be brought to 12 January 2015 CPC meeting for confirmation approval.

 Information Exchange

  1. Several residents had complained about two cars which have recently started to park on a dropped kerb. Clerk has drafted polite warning notice flyers and B Hamblin will laminate and put on windscreens.
  2. Clerk reported the recent correspondence from OCC regarding new supporting evidence that backed up CPC and A Tremlett’s claim that Lower Court Farm road should be publicly maintained. OCC has agreed that it will be given public highway status and added to route for maintenance inspections once more. A Tremlett had suggested informing various interested parties. Agreed this matter to be discussed at January meeting. Action Clerk to agenda for January meeting.

Date of next meeting

  1. Confirmed as 12 January 2015 at 7:30 pm at Memorial Hall


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