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Chadlington Parish Council minutes for January 2015 now available

The 12 January 2015 Chadlington Parish Council meeting minutes are now available to either download here or can be read below

Minutes of Chadlington Parish Council meeting in Chadlington Methodist Church on Monday 12 January 2014. (Start 7:30 pm. Finish 9:00pm)


Councillors Liz Woolcock (Vice-Chair), T Allan, H Rowley, F Stocker (Clerk). Cllr Neil Owen and three members of the public attended.


  1. Apologies accepted from Cllr Rodney Rose, Brian Hamblin, Monty Phillips & Zoe Townsend.

Declaration of interests

  1. None declared.

Minutes of the previous meeting

  1. The minutes of the 10 November and 8 December meetings were agreed. Agreed and signed.

Matters arising

  1. Waste & recycling facilities: Cllr B Morton WODC Leader & D Cameron MP replied to CPC letter regarding failure to provide replacement for Dean Pit. Responses similar, stating OCC conducting a review of household waste facilities across the county & CPC will be consulted as part of the process. Rachel Burns is lead OCC officer. Action Clerk to scan in D Cameron’s letter & email Chipping Norton Town Council & Rachel Burns of CPC activity, our continuing efforts to get more local waste disposal facilities & to seek their views on replacement for Dean Pit, attaching D Cameron’s letter.
  2. Playground repairs & Gt Brook Run beneficiaries selection: Clerk reported that works were satisfactorily completed in December. M Phillips had previously said he would contact the organisers of the Great Brook Run to see if there was any possibility of a donation for playground maintenance & repairs costs. Clerk spoke to J Kelly who said that it was too late to consider for 2014 but they would consider for 2015. H Rowley raised the issue of health & safety and stewardship for this year’s Gt Brook Run. He had received several complaints from residents of Mill Close about the level of disruption caused this year by the Run. Some people had been unable to leave their house as visitors had parked there, despite it being a private road. HR expressed his concern about the ability of emergency vehicles to gain access if roads were obstructed. Agreed CPC should write to organisers re these concerns Action Clerk to write to Gt Brook Run organisers asking what their stewardship plans might be for 2015 in the light of emergency access concerns.
  3. Sports Club tractor grant application: Clerk advised that P Duester had emailed her to confirm an application had been made. He would contact CPC if the application is successful in order that CPC can decide if it is content to be a joint applicant.
  4. Barley Hill Farm planning application query: Clerk reported that she had received a reply from the Planning Officer regarding concerns raised by H Rowley regarding the removal of asbestos. The Officer felt that there was no undue concern about the removal and it would be done according to regulations. H Rowley was still concerned that the correct box on the application (hazardous materials disposal) had not been completed and that it should be. Action Clerk to request that asbestos removal information is supplied in the correct box on the planning application.
  5. Pavement parking: James Wright from OCC emailed reply regarding temporary speeding signs & pavement parking. Action L Woolcock & T Allan to arrange to meet J Wright to do village walkaround.

Public participation

  1. No questions were raised

District & County Councillors reports

  1. County Cllr R Rose absent, his report was noted.
  2. Cllr N Owen reported that WODC was now sharing back office functions with three other district councils to cut costs. Cllr B Norton is no longer D Cameron’s agent. The appeal against the refusal of planning application for 72 houses at Bliss Mill was lost, which may have implications for other applications. The WODC Local Plan is due by February 2015. L Woolcock raised the issue of household waste strewn across the road immediately after collection, as a result of vehicle sides not being lowered. N Owen advised reporting immediately to WODC Waste Dept as they were very quick to respond and get cleared. H Rowley raised the question of the impact of new developments, such as supermarkets and other amenities like health and welfare in Chipping Norton on parking space availability and the fact that parking is currently free, which is very welcome and felt to be crucial to commercial success of the town.


  1. For full details of correspondence, see Annex 1.
  2. Clerk reported that the FixMyStreet website for local authorities is a very effective way to report highways issues. Anyone is free to report problems and she had had very quick response from OCC to the dropped drain opposite the Tuers and other issues.
  3. Speeding – Thames Valley Police speed gun is currently broken and Clerk will be advised when it is available for use again. A black box survey can be arranged to assess speeding over either a three or seven day period but there is a cost involved (the costs on a single road are £150 plus VAT for a 7 day survey). OCC can provide free temporary speeding signs – a range is available – but recommend that they are moved monthly in order to have any impact. M Phillips had emailed to say he would lead on signage. Councillors felt that the black box survey cost was not justifiable. Agreed Councillors to select which temporary speeding signs they want from the range and Clerk to request from OCC.
  4. Weed Control – Clerk to contact Complete Weed Control to arrange provisional dates for 2015 spraying.

Land Issues 

  1. Planning applications – no new applications
  2. Lower Court Farm road status – Clerk reported that OCC Records Dept had sent a detailed reply. A Tremlett advised that this letter essentially confirmed the work done by CPC and so OCC have now accepted that Lower Court Farm is a public highway, maintainable at public expense, and that the connection of the footpaths there now needs to be done formally. A Tremlett is satisfied that everything that can be done has now been so. He commented that the landowners and their agent had made no help whatsoever on footpaths. He also mentioned issue of gap in footpath down track past Boot Cottage, which Clerk was not aware of. Getting a dedication to existing footpaths takes 2 years. A Tremlett is contacting senior officer to request a walkaround, and Chadlington’s new Field Officer Katherine Skinner may be invited along to this by OCC senior officer. Action Clerk to formally contact K Skinner re formalising Footpath 5 connection & Boot Cottage missing link.
  3. Footpaths: Footpath 10 near Tite. Clerk advised that, whilst farthest field has had fencing erected, hedging cut back and 6 cattle installed, the landowner, Christo Headfort had made no mention of what action might be undertaken in the other overgrown areas. Action Clerk to write back to C Headfort asking what is planned for other areas behind Orchard Cottages and footpath down from Tite.


  1. Income – allotment rents: P Rice, £12.00. All allotments are let and all rents are fully paid and up-to-date.
  2. Expenditure approvals: Agreed –
    Approval of 2014-16 National Salary Award for Clerk – increase in hourly pay to £9.551 from January 2015 with subsequent £5.36 increase in monthly Standing Order to £248.33.
    Standing Order (monthly)       Clerk’s salary £248.33 each for Jan-Feb 2015
    C No. 100085  £160.00          Chadlington Memorial Hall for energy audit
    C No. 100086  £1798.80        Greenfields Garden Services Ltd playground remedial works
    C No. 100087  £36.00             CPRE annual subscription
    C No. 100088  £16.20             F Stocker for national salary settlement one-off payment
    C No. 100089  £29.99             F Stocker for annual laptop anti-virus software
    C No. 100090  £571.32           Zurich Municipal insurance annual cover
  3. H Rowley asked that Clerk draw up an annual schedule for Standing Order salary payments as the Standing Order mandate is just like having a cheque. Action Clerk to draw up annual Standing Order schedule for Clerk’s salary which should then be filed with the accounts, alongside initialled agenda for this meeting.
  4. Clerk had been awaiting a detailed invoice from Greenfields regarding playground work and had not included the invoice for initialling. Action Clerk to drop invoice off with L Woolcock so it can be included in Correspondence Pouch for initialling by TA & HR
  5. Quarterly bank reconciliation. Clerk has been asked to produce these quarterly from now on. They must be signed from someone other than the Chair. H Rowley questioned who the payee for the unpresented £160 cheque was. L Woolcock said it was for the energy audit for Memorial Hall that CPC had previously agreed it would fund. Approved and signed Quarterly bank reconciliation was approved and signed by L Woolcock.
  6. Risk Review & Asset Register – annual review report for 2014. H Rowley reported that he and the Clerk had held a review on 6 January 2015. There were a few matters outstanding, namely: -B Hamblin, as Chair, to check the detail of Clerk’s salary payment and hours at each meeting to ensure no errors in calculation or payment; missing CPC minutes. L Woolcock is trying to find her personal copies but if they cannot be found, nothing more can be done. H Rowley also stressed that there must be vouchers to verify all ad-hoc payments. Clerk reported that the missing receipts for her 8 September 2014 expenses claim had now been located and duly filed in the accounts.
  7. 2015/2016 Budget & 2015/2016 – Precept of £9,247. Clerk reported that this was what CPC had agreed at its December 2014 and she had submitted the precept form to WODC on this basis.
  8. Financial regulations amendments – H Rowley reported that he, L Woolcock and T Allan had met to go through and agree changes needed to the new national model regulations to make them fit CPC circumstances. He sought approval for this amended version. The Clerk raised a number of queries where she felt that there were contradictions between different clauses or where it was unclear what she was required to do. H Rowley was very unhappy that the Clerk was raising these concerns and felt that she was being unreasonable in raising new issues now. She stated that she had raised some of these points before but that they did not appear to have been answered and she had spotted a couple of new queries since she had read the last draft back in the summer of 2014. H Rowley was angry and felt that these regulations would never get agreed as the Clerk would keep finding issues that she was not happy about. He felt that she was being unreasonable in seeking total clarity on points rather than accepting that any concerns could be addressed when they arose. The Clerk felt that, since she was the responsible officer for enforcing and advising councillors, she needed to be clear on exactly what CPC regulations were. As the Clerk and H Rowley were unable to reach any agreement, it was agreed that the matter should be an agenda item at the next meeting.Action Clerk put financial regulations on March meeting agenda.

Other Issues

  1. Public War Memorial for Chadlington – Sue Cox advised that she had had confirmation from WODC Estate & Property Manager, Mr Thurlow, that WODC owned the Stocks. She is finding out if there are any covenants on the Stocks that might prevent a memorial being located there, and will update a future CPC meeting. H Rowley questioned what details there were about the memorial and who in Chadlington had been asked for their views about it. Sue said that will obviously take some while to progress this and she said that it made sense to wait for a green light about the site before then looking in detail at what might be suitable. She was envisaging a questionnaire for the village at that point but she had already had a lot of very positive feedback about the idea. The Commonwealth War Graves is the public authority on such matters and will be the first port of call for advice and to ascertain if any names have been recorded elsewhere.
  2. Speeding and police – already covered earlier in the meeting.

Information Exchange

  1. Village website (chadlington.com). Woolcock and T Allan had met with Mike Smith. Agreed that they needed someone to feed diary events onto website as Mike no longer has the time to try and get this information and update website. There is a separate issue of duplicate information as other village groups have their own websites and diaries. There was a discussion on whether the diary should just do Chad or events further afield such as Charlbury & Chipping Norton Street Fair etc to help people avoid arranging events on days villagers and others were likely to be busy. Mike said he could set up Google Calendar with unrestricted access so anyone could post events but he wanted someone who meets every two months who could pool information. A local resident, D Compton had emailed Clerk to express her concern that the website seemed to be being taken over by Facebook which she did not support. T Allan reported that CPC had agreed to try to pull together events at each meeting under a standing agenda item. The Clerk could remind Councillors when sending out agendas for them to bring along any possible diary items. H Rowley was concerned that this was an additional burden on the Clerk and such open access to the website may cause some concerns. L Woolcock clarified that the Clerk was not expected to do the Calendar updating but merely to remind Councillors in advance of CPC meetings. Concern was voiced about possible conflicts or loss of income for event organisers if CPC forgot to get put in Calendar. Mike Smith had said he would reserve the right to pull any item if he felt it was appropriate to do so. H Rowley expressed concern that getting involved in Calendar updates was something that was not CPC business. Councillors could not agree on this matter and asked that it be an agenda item for next meeting. Action Clerk to agenda website calendar for March meeting
  2. Memorial Hall – H Rowley asked that this be a regular agenda item and that there is a regular report back. L Woolcock responded that she had been mandated by CPC to help Sue Myatt and the rest of the Committee and Chadlington Playgroup to work on this and had been reporting back to CPC at previous meetings, including the condition assessment report. A questionnaire on future uses of the Hall is being drafted and will go out with March parish magazine with volunteers to be organised to deliver and collect. H Rowley asked to see a draft of questionnaire as he was concerned such questionnaires are phrased to incorporate representative views. He also asked if the energy audit had been circulated to Councillors as he was not aware of it coming round. L Woolcock replied that the questionnaire was merely a stepping stone to gathering views and hopefully it would bring an injection of new energy and people to get involved in the project. She advised that there is a reluctance amongst some Hall Committee members to take this project development on and it would be great if the responsibility for the Hall and the project could be more widely shared across Chadlington residents. H Rowley said that he preferred more face-to-face events and recording of what people say. Some places would have a part-time events manager. Action L Woolcock to circulate draft questionnaire & energy audit report to Councillors.
  3. Date of next ordinary meeting confirmation – Monday 9 March 2015 at 7:30 p.m.

Annex 1

 Correspondence details

Oxfordshire County Council (OCC)

  • Emergency Planning Unit emails re invitation of CPC to annual Emergency Planning events in November, provision of e-version of documents handed out at events, advance weather warning notification for 12 December
  • Highways FixMyStreet responses – confirmation that damaged sections of Bull Hill path, sunken gully opposite Tuers & fallen road edge near Upper Court Farm reported by Clerk will be repaired
  • The Big Plan – OCC Learning Disabilities Strategy 2015-18 consultation – closing date 9 Feb 2015
  • Highway Records C O’Sullivan letter advising that further research by OCC staff has found supporting evidence for A Tremlett & CPC claim that the road from Green End to Lower Court Farm should indeed be included on the map of roads maintainable at public expense. The road will also be added to the OCC maintenance inspection routes. This will restore a public link with the rights of way footpaths and bridleway. Highways and Rights of Way Teams are copied in on this letter. Copies of 1812 Enclosure Award & Plan, 1910 Finance Act plan and 3 old Highway Record maps were also attached to the letter.

West Oxfordshire District Council (WODC)

  • Weekly Planning lists and emails regarding Diplock Cottage replacement windows and possible breach of planning regulations and notice that Councillors will no longer receive the Weekly Planning Lists directly
  • Cllr Langridge email & hard copy invitation to Councillors to attend 3 Dec meeting between parish and town councils & WODC
  • Communications Dept email regarding awarding of £130,000 in Community Facility Grants, press releases advising WODC now provides online food hygiene training at http://www.westoxon.gov.uk/business/business-services/food-safety-hygiene/food-safety-regulations/, and revised waste collections over Xmas period & encouragement to recycle as much as possible, including food
  • Planning Dept C Tetlow email reply to CPC query re asbestos roofing material removal in 14/1431/P/FP Barley Hill Farm planning application on change of use
  • Cllr B Norton email reply to CPC email regarding the failure to provide NW Oxfordshire residents with recycling facilities since Dean Pit closed. He advised that WODC have asked OCC to review their long-term strategy for countywide network of facilities and also raised concerns with Oxfordshire Waste Partnership
  • WODC email requesting Chadlington Parish precept form for 2015/2016 must be completed and returned by 19 January 2015
  • Environmental Services email notification of waste and recycling collection dates for Christmas and New Year
  • Electoral Services email regarding Dec 2014 Electoral Register


  • RoSPA Playsafety email offering Routine Playground Inspection Course training
  • Memorial Hall Committee S Haffenden email thanking Clerk for updating on Post Office van re-location developments
  • Sports Club P Duester emails regarding possible support for grant application for replacement tractor & confirmation that grant applied for
  • Better Broadband for Oxfordshire email of latest news
  • Thames Valley Police PC A Prentice emails responding to Clerk request for speed gun sessions, request for more information on locations and times of concern, and advising that replacement battery awaited before approximate time frame for sessions can be advised, and advising that PCSO Cheryl Harrison is Chadlington’s new PCSO from 5 Dec 2014, replacing PCSO Tyrer
  • Thames Valley Police PCSO K Tyrer advising she has been off work ill so was unable to pick up my queries re police action on speeding in Chadlington and suggesting CPC could consider getting black box survey done as more accurate picture over set period of days (3 or 5)
  • Thames Valley Police Customer Relations Officer- Road Safety A Mitchell email reply regarding black box speed survey inquiry and advising mazimum cost is £180 for a 7 day survey on a single road
  • Greenfields C Snell emails advising that grassing over former concrete pad in playground may require tons of soil so maximum cost would be £279 + VAT if soil needed as well as turfing, and £159+VAT for turfing only, works due to commence week of 8 December for approximately 2 days, date to be confirmed asap, and confirmation works completed on 17 December with steel rope used to repair clatterbridge as unable to source thick enough stainless steel wire, invoice for £1798.80 for works completed
  • Complete Weed Control W Pryse email confirming happy to spray village on same terms and conditions in 2015
  • K Mitchell emails Monthly Playground Inspection reports and advising that he would prefer not to attend offer of free RoSPA playground safety training
  • A Stiff Associates email regarding services on playground design and grants application assistance
  • T Day email regarding ragwort growing in local fields and it not being as injurious as is perceived
  • C Headfort letter acknowledging CPC letter and request to investigate injurious weeds and excessive vegetation impacting on footpaths 10 & 11. He will ask his agent to investigate and deal with matters accordingly. He advises that he has let the land for grazing next year so he hopes such problems should not re-occur
  • Post Officers Z Hibberd email advising that relocation of van to Memorial Hall car park is providing a consistently strong satellite signal so currently no need to pursue fixed line installation
  • Memorial Hall Committee S Haffenden email requesting reimbursement for energy audit, as agreed at a previous CPC meeting
  • OALC emails regarding NALC/SLCC re 2014-2016 Pay Award for Parish Clerks effective from January 2015 & November members update
  • M Wigley emails thanking CPC for appreciation letter for £300 Diplock Charity donation to remedial playground works, seeking Councillor volunteer to do a reading at Chadlington Christmas church service & thank you for Cllr T Allan volunteering
  • A Tremlett emails responding to CPC advising that more supporting evidence for Lower Court Farm Road being the responsibility of OCC Highways for maintenance hasnow been found. A Tremlett suggested that CPC should now write to inform C Anstey, landlord’s agent for Lower Court Farm, the Paulins, Slatters & Steve Taplin
  • Cotswolds Conservation Board email with agenda for 11thDecember meeting
  • Ascott under Wychwood Parish Council email with copy of D Cameron MP’s reply to their letter re failure to replace Dean Pit
  • Charlbury Town Council letter and copy of correspondence sent to Leader of OCC re failure to replace Dean Pit
  • D Cameron MP letter in response to CPC email regarding failure to replace Dean Pit
  • OALC Members update December
  • Together West Oxfordshire District Council is working with Green Homes Together to help households improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Green Homes Together is offering up to 100% funding for loft and cavity wall insulation. Funding comes from the Energy Company Obligation (‘ECO’), where large energy suppliers are required to help people make their homes more energy efficient. For further information please contact Green Homes Together on 0300 111 3330or visit greenhomestogether.org.uk to find out more.
  • Healthwatch Oxfordshire email December 2014 Newsletter










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