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Chadlington Parish Council draft minutes for March now available

The draft minutes of Chadlington Parish Council meeting of 9 March are now available to download here or can be read below.


DRAFT Minutes of Chadlington Parish Council meeting in Chadlington Memorial Hall on Monday 9 March 2015. (Start 7:30 pm. Finish 9:00 pm)


Councillors Liz Woolcock (Vice-Chair), T Allan, H Rowley, Z Townsend. Cllr Neil Owen and one member of the public attended.


  1. Apologies accepted from Cllr Rodney Rose, Brian Hamblin, and Monty Phillips.

Declaration of interests

  1. None declared.

Minutes of the previous meeting

  1. Townsend asked that an apology for her absence at the 12 January meeting should be added. With that amendment, the minutes of the meeting were approved. Agreed and signed.

Matters arising

  1. Speeding signs: The PC noted that only the free signs were financially viable. Action M Phillips to be asked to liaise with the Highways Dept to determine which signs should be used and where.
  2. Footpath 5 and Lower Court Farm road maintenance The council noted the progress made as a result of OCC’s acceptance of responsibility for the road. Action New field officer to meet with L Woolcock and A Tremlett re Footpath 5. A fresh date needs to be arranged following the previous postponement of this meeting.
  3. HWRC replacement The council again regretted the lack of progress. Action No further measures foreseen at present.

Public participation

  1. No questions were raised

District & County Councillors reports

  1. County Cllr R Rose absent; his report was noted.
  2. Cllr N Owen reported that, at a February 18 meeting, WODC had approved a budget that once again freezes the community charge, making WODC the lowest-charging authority in the country bar one (thought to be in Norfolk). Substantial savings have been made by working in partnership with other nearby authorities. In addition, there will be no cuts in grants, and enough money is left over to allow a contribution to the reserve fund. At the same meeting the WODC Local Plan was finally adopted. This now goes out for consultation before a final draft incorporating revisions can be drawn up for presentation to the relevant authorities. In response to pressure from local councils, a reference to the need for waste disposal facilities has been included.


  1. For full details of correspondence, see Annex 1.
  2. H Rowley indicated that he is still unsatisfied with the WODC Planning Dept’s response to the PC’s query re asbestos roofing material removal at Barley Hill Farm. Councillor Owen agreed to follow up the matter, although it was noted that permission for the work to proceed has already been granted.
  3. com website calendar. An appeal for a volunteer to organise the calendar was inserted in this month’s parish magazine, and the PC is waiting to see if anyone will step forward.

Land Issues 

  1. Planning applications – 15/00210/HHD 6 Chapel Row, erection of single storey and two storey extension & detached double garage with storage, CPC has submitted objections to proposal; 13/1766/P/FP 8 The Stocks new garage and accommodation above, to note Planning Inspectorate’s decision to refuse appeal against WODC decision to refuse permission for proposal. Appeal refused on grounds proposed building scale is disproportionate and its line with the rest of the Stocks development, thus it would be contrary to the character and appearance of the area; 15/00156/FUL Barley Hill Farm, erection of new dwelling and conversion of existing outbuilding to provide ancillary accommodation to the new dwelling, together with associated landscaping and parking; 15/00049/FUL Barley Hill House, Erection of first floor extension to main dwelling and conversion of workshop to ancillary accommodation, permission granted; 15/00652/HHD 4 Manor Court Replacement timber windows and door, replacement poly-carbonate roof over courtyard, and erection of glazed roof veranda.
    All applications noted without further comment.
  2. Request from L Wiggins for financial contribution toward hedge trimming. Mr Wiggins noted that he had arranged for the trimming to be done on March 23. It was explained that the Council would need to get further quotations and that approval of any payment could not be made until the matter was placed on the agenda at the next meeting. However, the Council expressed sympathy for the request and indicated to Mr Wiggins that members would be minded to support a suitable one-off claim at that meeting. Action Funding request to be added to next agenda.
  3. Footpaths – The Cotswold Wardens plan to install new gates on the village circular walk was noted with approval. The PC also noted that a financial contribution for the project has not been requested, although the possibility of making a contribution to the Wardens themselves remained open.


  1. Income – none received.
  2. Expenditure requests agreed Approved and signed:
    Standing order (monthly)         Clerk’s salary £248.33 for March & April
    C No. 100091 £8.00                 Methodist Church hall hire for December 2014 CPC meeting
  1. Bank reconciliation: Approved and signed
  2. Clerk’s hours: Approved. 5 hours excess in January and 7 hours shortfall in February noted.
  3. Financial Regulations: Following lengthy consultation, the amended version was finally accepted. Agreed, approved and adopted.
  4. Funding requests: The Council agreed in principle that funding should be focused on organisations with direct relevance to the village, as for instance the Memorial Hall and perhaps the Cotswold Wardens in recognition of their work on the circular walk. In this context, LW noted that the Chipping Norton Citizens Advice Bureau has been closed down, reducing its claims upon us. The question was also raised as to whether it would be better directly to fund Chadlington’s own Good Neighbour scheme rather than Witney-based Volunteer Link-Up to which it is affiliated. A decision on which specific requests to accept was deferred to the next meeting, when this and other queries could be addressed. Action Funding requests to be added to next agenda

Other Issues

  1. Memorial Hall update. LW reported that the Soup and Puddings Evening had raised £480 for the hall’s upkeep.
  2. Oil Buying Club. The PC decided that it was not the council’s business to involve itself with this organisation.

Information Exchange

  1. No points raised.

Date of next meeting

  1. Confirmed as Monday 11 May 2015 after the Annual Parish Meeting at 7:30 p.m.


Annex 1

Correspondence details

Oxfordshire County Council

  • Highways – J Wright email regarding free Speedwatch signs and availability for walkaround with Councillors to consider options re pavement parking and obstructions; M Timms email to confirm Lower Court Farm road was visited on 13 Feb and some defects in road were identified and will be fixed within the next week hopefully
  • Cllr R Rose apologies for Jan 2015 CPC meeting
  • Cllr I Hudspeth Leader emails regarding: possible change to unitary council structure, proposed in a commissioned report published on 19 Jan and being considered at 27 Jan Cabinet meeting to make savings. This idea would lead to abolition of district councils but Parish Councils not included in changes; and response to CPC letter which expressed great dissatisfaction with proposed consultation on replacement household waste recycling facility. Cllr Hudspeth’s email referenced budget cuts.
  • Waste Dept R Burns email replies to Clerk re OCC review of waste facilities and planned consultation and that there is no current view on the outcome of the strategy review.
  • Countryside Service K Skinner email reply re Footpath 5, Lower Court Farm highway and footpath by Boot Cottage connecting gaps in footpath now Lower Court Farm accepted as public highway, offering to meet with A Tremlett and Andy Sylvester Right of Way Officer- PPO Diversions
  • Transport Dept R Jeremy email re Local Transport Plan 4 consultation, closing date 2 April 2015

West Oxfordshire District Council

  • Weekly Planning lists
  • Planning Dept J Charlett email reply regarding online links not working and unable to access information relating to Camping & Caravan Ground Application 12/0505/P/FPwhich relates to the disposal of surface water and sustainable drainage techniques at the site
  • Planning Dept A Berrow email re 8 The Stocks 13/1766/P/FP planning appeal decision
  • Planning Dept email & hardcopy of 4 Manor Court planning application
  • Press Office emails regarding: Planning application consultation arrangements – Land East of Woodstock; press release about ‘Be In The Know’ campaign to encourage residents to register for email alerts on planning applications within 500 metres of their home; press release re the draft Local Plan setting out how West Oxfordshire should develop until 2031 has now agreed by WODC which confirms annual housing target of 525 new homes during the Plan period (10,500 in total).[Local Plan can be found at http://cmis.westoxon.gov.uk/cmis/Meetings/tabid/70/ctl/ViewMeetingPublic/mid/397/Meeting/2925/Committee/8/Default.aspx]; press release re WODC budget set, Council Tax frozen
  • Planning Dept C Tatlow emails regarding CPC query regarding asbestos roofing material removal and correct completion of application form. C Tatlow pointed out that there is no such requirement on the national standard planning application form as such a matter is seen as a matter for the developer and not part of the planning application.
  • Electoral register email re monthly changes for Chadlington January 2015
  • Press release emails regarding recommendation to freeze WODC Council Tax charge for 2015/16; £10,000 loan to Finstock Parish Council for new village hall; Joint statement issued on behalf of the Leaders of Cherwell, South Oxfordshire, Vale of White Horse and West Oxfordshire District Councils regarding OCC unitary bid
  • Legal Dept emails re suggested wording for CPC financial regulations instead of reference to approved list of contractors; schedule of elections for Parish Councils and requirements regarding Councillor vacancies and elections; CPC elections in 2016 & 2020; and notification of Area Planning Sub-Committee dates to 2016
  • Cllr L Leffman email reply to CPC email re failure to replace Dean Pit and OCC waste strategy consultation.


  • HSBC bank statements for CPC
  • C Carswell emails offering to train as Chadlington Community First Responder for defibrillator
  • L Clay email advising she is no longer able to be First Responder as she had hoped at 2014 defibrillator event
  • Green Party emails: S McDonald email stating he is Witney Constituency Green Party candidate; A Friend request for meeting space for surgeries in Chadlington during March and April
  • Chadlington Methodist Church L Woolcock invoice for hall hire for CPC mtg on 8 Dec 2014
  • A Tremlett emails regarding Stocks registered title for Sue Cox’s Chadlington War Memorial project & meeting with OCC Rights Of Way staff
  • F Maclean email confirming her availability to conduct CPC 2014/2015 internal audit
  • Cotswold Conservation Board emails regarding: vacancy for Administration Assistant; road verge seminars for Parish Councils North Cotswolds 5 March at Addlestrop
  • Oil Buying Club letter offering to speak to CPC regarding software
  • J Greer email regarding erection of polytunnel on adjoining allotment Plot 12 & concerns re impact on her access to mow and light. She questioned whether permanent structures like this were allowed in this location rather than along edges of allotment and that agreement with neighbouring allotment holders should be sought
  • Complete Weed Control W Pryce email reply with suggested dates of 15 May and 11 September for weed control spraying in 2015
  • CPRE letter re annual subscription until 26 Jan 2016 confirmation, & various newsletters etc
  • S Cox emails re War Memorial and Stocks title deeds
  • M Wigley emails re planning application for 6 Chapel Row and request for CPC & WODC Councillor views
  • Leonard Wiggins email asking if overgrown allotment hedge can be cut back
  • Oxfordshire Association of Local Councils (OALC) email January 2015 Members Update and advice in relation to recent fire which destroyed OALC office
  • Streetlife email advertising newly launched local social network streetlife.com
  • K Mitchell monthly playground inspection reports
  • Oxfordshire Rural Community Council January 2015 policy bulletin; invitation to co-operative pubs learning events
  • Cotswold Wardens letter advising of proposed new circular walk around Chadlington and plans to replace stiles with pedestrian-friendly gates at some points, subject to agreement with landowners
  • Complete Weed Control email confirmation of spraying dates on one day in weeks commencing 15 May & 11 September 2015 and cost staying at £250+VAT per spray
  • Charlbury Town Council R Clark email acknowledging receipt of letter sent to OCC, WODC and CNTC, and referring to Charlbury Town Council letter previously written and copied to CPC
  • Ascott under Wychwood Parish Council email with copy of letter expressing concern about failure to provide HWRC and asking OCC R Burns for clarity of how decisions will be made about priorities for Oxfordshire waste
  • Cotswold Warden Service D Scott letter recreation of new 3 mile circular walk around Chadlington and installation of new metal gates subject to landowners permission
  • Sports Club P Godfrey reply to Clerk reporting nuisance behaviour by young people misusing traffic safety cones belonging to social club
  • Healthwatch Oxfordshire news update for January & February 2015
  • Thames Valley Primary Care Agency email re pharmacy application correspondence will be sent via email in future rather than Royal Mail.



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