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Chadlington Parish Council 13 July 2015 meeting – draft minutes now available

The draft minutes of Chadlington Parish Council meeting on 13 July 2015 are now available and can either be downloaded here or be read online below.



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DRAFT Minutes of Chadlington Parish Council meeting in Chadlington Memorial Hall on Monday 13 July 2015.

(Start 7:40 pm. Finish 8:50pm)


Councillors Brian Hamblin (Chair), Liz Woolcock (Vice-Chair), Howard Rowley, Monty Phillips, Zoe Townsend, Tony Allan, Neil Owen (WODC), Fil Stocker (Clerk). One member of the public was also in attendance.


  1. Cllr Rodney Rose’s apologies were accepted.

Declaration of interests

  1. None

Minutes of the previous meeting

  1. The minutes of 11 May 2015 were agreed. Agreed and signed

Matters Arising

  1. Vice-Chair of CPC: L Woolcock wishes to stand down as Vice-Chair. Agreed T Allan to replace her as Vice-Chair.
  2. Temporary speeding sign selection and speed gun sessions: M Phillips has organised to have three locations around the village for speed gun sessions by the police later in July. These are Chapel Row on the bend by Watery Lane, Bull Hill and Chipping Norton Road. Temporary speeding signs have now been provided and will be erected initially on 23 July and moved monthly thereafter.
  3. WOCAB usage by Chadlington residents: This information (based on parish data only) had been received from WOCAB now and 60 residents had used their services in the previous year. Now the advice sessions are held in GP surgery with 3 staff with an average of 6 users per week so this is clearly a useful local service.

Public participation – Opportunity for the public to ask questions.

  1. No questions were asked.

District & County Councillors reports

  1. County Council report – none received in Cllr Rose’s absence.
  2. District Council report – N Owen reported that shared services between the 3 District Councils of WODC, Forest of Dean DC and Cotswolds DC continue to bring financial savings. There are a lot of planning applications coming in and new drive to get brownfield sites developed. Latest planning approvals include an application to build a Premier Inn in Chipping Norton, a solar farm in Charlbury. N Owen advised that he is involved in the allocation of available flats on Chipping Norton Road. B Hamblin asked if barns would be considered brownfield, N Owen thought not. T Allan mentioned that the vacant plot of land on Catsham Lane that had been used as an overflow car park from R Willis’s garage has now been cleared at the request of the landowner.


  1. Correspondence – See Annex 1 for full details.
    Clerk advised that she had chased Cllr Rose for a response regarding her earlier request to OCC Highways to empty the silt traps and an update on the water level survey that had been mooted last year. There was a short discussion about the cost and sense of the previous OCC idea of some holding area upstream, the view was that it was not a good idea. The Clerk advised that the reply she received from Cllr Rose stated that the silt traps are on a 3 year cleaning cycle and were only done last year but that they would do them again this October. OCC and WODC are in discussions about ideas to resolve the repeated silting up of the traps and risk of flooding.
    Email received from Hubert Beaumont Spelsbury parish seeking CPC support regarding stopping the new problem of HGV’s using Chadlington- Spelsbury route instead of via A-roads, especially ABN vehicles.
  2. Website – The Clerk advised that Nicky Lloyd had offered to act as volunteer website calendar and events collator. She had now met with Mike Smith and would be taking up her role immediately. She asked that Councillors let her know of any groups or events in the village. Nicky had asked if the CPC meeting minutes could be used to remind people to contact her via the ‘Contact Us’ form on the website but the Clerk does not feel that this would be appropriate Action Clerk to provide Councillors with N Lloyd contact details.

Land Issues 

  1. Planning applications – 15/01326/HHD The Old Forge, Brook End, single storey (rear) extension to bungalow with internal reconfiguration & new glass veranda. Repair and renovation of existing outbuilding to provide ancillary storage & accommodation – application approved; 15/01985/HHD, Field Barn College Farm, demolition of two dilapidated sheds, replacement of hard standing base and construction of new wooden garden building supplied by Crane Garden Buildings – no objections.
  2. Allotments – Clerk reported that Plot 2 tenants had relinquished their tenancy and the only person on the waiting list, K Heath, had been offered and accepted the plot, returned her signed tenancy agreement and paid her annual rent in advance. Annual rent letters would be going out soon and tenants would be reminded of their obligations regarding cutting their part of any hedgerow, not to throw waste of any sort under hedges and managing their plots. Clerk advised that Cottsway Housing Association housing officer had told her that they did not own that piece of land in Eversley Close backing onto the allotments and therefore were not responsible for tree or hedge cutting. At the Clerk’s insistence, she agreed to check further. The trees and hedging has however now been cut so it is presumed that Cottsway must have accepted responsibility. Z Townsend reported that oily rags are being left on the pavement/road. Action Clerk to report to Cottsway.
  3. Footpaths – Clerk reported that H Hoffman had reported ragwort in the verges on Bull Hill. This is an ‘injurious weed’ as defined in the 1959 Weeds Act and, as Clerk was chasing up OCC Highways regarding the failure to cut the verges the previous week, as they had promised, she had added this information in her email to OCC. L Woolcock said it was easy enough to pull up and she agreed to do so. Clerk reported that she had contacted M Wigley to advise him that his field contained various injurious weeds. She was planning to walk around the village to photograph overgrown hedges anyway as OCC Highways had asked her to specify where overhanging hedges and vegetation were causing problems to drivers or pedestrians. As there are injurious weeds in most of the fields, especially bad in the one behind Orchard Cottages, she will get photographic evidence and intends to advise other landowners accordingly.


  1. Income – Too late to go on this agenda but there has been K Heath allotment rent 2015/16, £20.00.
  2. Expenditure approval requests agreed as below. Approved and signed

Standing order (monthly) Clerk’s salary for July & August,  £248.33

C No. 100100    S Silman, grasscutting May, £220.00

C No. 100101    Kopyrite, Memorial Hall survey printing costs, £130.00

C No. 100102    Prysebros Ltd, weed control spraying, £300.00

C No. 100103    S Silman, grasscutting June, £160.00

C No. 100104    F Stocker, stationery expenses, £22.98

C No. 100105    B Hamblin, playground maintenance materials, £44.33

B Hamblin reminded Council that he believed that repairs and maintenance for the playground would cost at least £1000 per annum.

  1. Bank reconciliation and bank statements. Net bank balance and closing cash book balance as at 31 May 2015 was £16,233.52 – Approved and signed
  2. Clerk’s hours – These were 29.75 in May and 31.5 hours in June, excess hours currently 14.5. Approved and signed
  3. Transparency code compliance – Clerk advised that the required information for financial audit compliance had been posted on chadlington.com website by 1 July deadline. This would be updated annually. Clerk advised that she intended to put the transparency code information on the CPC page rather than just leaving it as a post. She asked if Councillors could let her know if they had any suggestions for improving information on the Council page on the website. Action Councillors to check CPC page on website and alert Clerk to any suggested changes needed.

Other Issues

  1. Memorial Hall survey update – L Woolcock advised that the results of the survey had not yet been analysed and was due by 14 September so she would report back at the next possible meeting. Garden party fundraising event had made over £500.

Information Exchange

  1. Lorry route through Chadlington – See previous discussion under Communication. H Rowley reported that Mill Lane had a problem with big tipper trucks, mainly gravel lorries, that had been using that route for some time and damaging the verges at times and his email had been forwarded to Cllr Rose. B Hamblin asked if they could be agricultural loads and visiting local farmers. Cllr Rose had already replied that he would be taking up with ABN so CPC to await update from him. B Hamblin advised that the topping stones by Catsham Lane were missing and he wondered if there was a connection with lorry usage and damage to wall.
  2. Youth facility for Chadlington – Z Townsend was sure that everyone was aware that there had been the sad case of the teenage suicide down by the Tite recently. Becky Abrey had visited Zoe seeking CPC support for the development of a youth facility in the village, a project she had been working on for some time. There was strong support for this from Councillors and it was suggested that B Abrey be asked to speak about the project idea to a future meeting of the Council. Action Clerk to invite R Abrey to a future CPC meeting to speak.
  3. Vice-Chair – B Hamblin apologised for forgetting to thank L Woolcock for all her work as Vice-Chair. Thanks were duly given.
  4. Pavement Parking – T Allan said he had come across a very good sign used in another village to put on cars illegally parked on pavements. Action T Allan to drop sign into Clerk so she can create a template.
  5. Edges of fields footpaths – Clerk wondered if it would be possible to put some words in the next CPC piece for the parish magazine to thank landowners who have cut footpaths bordering fields as it is so much easier for walkers. L Woolcock advised that many people were unaware that landowners are not permitted to do such cuts until a certain time of the year.
  6. Maintenance schedule – H Rowley suggested that a schedule of maintenance activities and responsibilities be drawn up so all Councillors know. Clerk advised that she was only aware of some activities such as grid and silt trap emptying now. Action Clerk to draft maintenance schedule from existing knowledge.

Date of next meeting

  1. Confirmed as 14 September 2015 at 7:30 pm at Chadlington Memorial Hall.


Annex 1

Correspondence details

Oxfordshire County Council

  • Highways emails reply to Clerk raising grid blockages and silt traps needing emptying on FixMyStreet but not yet responded to by OCC;
  • Highways M Timms emails: reply to Clerk query that gully cleaning schedule is every 3 years and Chadlington was done last year; reply re completion of grasscutting of verges etc is due to be done the week commencing 6 July
  • Countryside Service K Skinner emails re meeting with Andy Sylvester in April about Footpath 5 and footpath route modification with A Tremlett
  • Countryside Service A Sylvester emails and call re update from April meeting and costs of modification orders and need to get landowner agreement
  • Countryside Service D Weeks email acknowledging new improved stiles installed by D Payne on footpath 154/5/30
  • Library Service J Southwell emails re 2014 mobile library consultation, subsequent new routes & timetable changes, effective from 6 July 2015 and annual reviews will now take place. New Chadlington Mobile Library day will be alternate Tuesdays at Rawlinson Close Tues 11:50 – 12:10. See https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/content/mobile-libraries for date details; request for Mobile Library staff to use CPC public facilities in Chadlington for welfare stops
  • Cllr R Rose emails: reply to Clerk’s request for e-version of R Rose annual report at Annual Parish Meeting on 11 May 2015; reply to Clerk’s email seeking clarification of apparent closure of Dix Pit according to ORCC newsletter. Cllr Rose advised it is landfill site that is closing not HWRC, ‘at this time’; reply re Clerk querying what is latest on Brook End water level survey & Brook End silt traps needing emptying, has asked officers to look into it.
  • Cllr D Nimmo-Smith email re consultation on subsidised bus services and Dial-A-Ride

West Oxfordshire District Council

  • Weekly Planning lists
  • Planning Dept C Morley emails, reply to Clerk’s email asking when Diplock Cottage windows need to be reinstated having breached WODC planning regulations. The query has been forwarded to WODC planning enforcement team; replies to L Phillips queries re Old Forge application and for more outbuilding details; replies to Clerk re queries re ensuring outbuilding is not used for accommodation without full planning application and asking for committee approval to enable L Phillips to attend if so desired
  • Planning Dept Enforcement Investigations team G Mynehan email reply re Diplock Cottage, correct windows due to be fitted late summer
  • Planning Dept J Chartlett emails regarding missing documents from planning application for Old Forge Brook End & online storage for all planning applications could mean CPC no longer needs to keep hard copies of all planning applications
  • Planning Dept G Smith email letter re planning application for
  • Press Office emails announcing: new funding for 11-25 years to get active in sport and one announced new activity is summer women’s cricket sessions with qualified coaches running 6-7pm from 11 June -30 July at Charlbury Cricket Club; new Cabinet members for WODC; request for applications for Independent Remuneration Panel which reviews WODC Councillor allowances; announcement of successful applications for current round of Community Facilities Grants and that next round will be open to applications until 15 September 2015 to be considered at November WODC Cabinet meeting; savings made to WODC 2014/15 budget
  • Cllr N Owen voicemail message to advise that it is the landfill area at Dix Pit that is closing not HWRC, as ORCC newsletter stated.
  • Highways L Travers emails to Clerk re request for replacement for Mill Close street sign. Advised that as private road, WODC not responsible for street sign but can do if costs can be paid. Clerk forwarded reply to Councillor H Rowley who requested sign.
  • Community Development A Harvey email re community data needs of parish councils and request to complete online survey
  • Legal Department emails re electoral register updates for May, June & July 2015


  • CPRE emails re monthly newsletters and Campaigns Update; invitation to 18 July AGM
  • S Cox email thanking Clerk for forwarding War Memorial event email
  • M Smith email advising Clerk she can now edit website pages
  • OALC emails re April, May & June Members Update; reply re VAT reclaiming position in readiness for Transparency Code requirements from 1 July 2015; forwarding of offer from ORCC requesting parish council completing online survey regarding any community data needs they may have; invitation to AGM 6 July; J Gosset reply to Clerk query that she believes CPC can reclaim VAT for playground expenditure as non-business activity
  • Thames Valley Police emails – PCSO C Harrison email advising that PCSO Kirstyn Tyrer is Chadlington PCSO once more and she would forward to her my email request about long-awaited speeding gun session, PCSO K Tyrer email informing Clerk that she is on desk duty and request forwarded to other staff, PC R Webb email advising what information on roads and times of day he needs in order to set up speed gun sessions
  • Oxfordshire Wildlife and Community Gardens W Foster emails reply that they are interested in providing a quote for gardening services but currently too busy to meet
  • Wychwood Flora Group B Betteridge email of 2015 survey report on muscari neglectum in Chadlington
  • Enstone Parish Clerk email requesting information on CPC weed control contractor as Enstone looking to get quotes
  • Complete Weed Control email confirming spraying will take place 15 May subject to weather and thanking for passing details to Enstone PC
  • L Partridge email reply to Clerks request for advice regarding Old Forge planning application vagueness on outbuilding and on WODC Planning Dept response re asbestos removal approach in Barley Hill Farm planning application
  • L Phillips emails to Planning Dept, copied to CPC, regarding various concerns about Old Forge Brook End planning application (missing information on outbuilding accommodation)
  • Cotswolds AONB M Connelly email asking for landscape management survey to be completed
  • T Merry emails re speaking at Annual Parish Meeting on 11 May and apologies for getting the day wrong so not turning up as arranged. Also will be in touch regarding future meeting over summer about replacement recycling facilities
  • J Greer emails: acknowledging CPC reply advising that it does not intend to take photos of speeding drivers as she had suggested but will seek help from police with speed gun sessions in the village and additional speed signs; regarding car repair works in Eversley Close car park and oil marks left on road && waste dumping
  • S Glen email thanking Clerk for providing a useful summary of WODC Local Plan 2031 Draft
  • P Duester email reply confirming that the Sports Club has ordered the tractor and will pay the VAT. This means there is no further involvement for CPC in this Football Foundation grant
  • L Partridge email advice regarding Barley Hill Farm planning application and whether WODC handling of asbestos removal is correct
  • RoSPA Play Safety email reminder that annual RoSPA inspection of Chadlington Playground will take place in July
  • Oxfordshire Fieldpaths Society J Parke email inviting Councillors to join Chadlington circular walk on 31 May to put up plaques on 2 gates donated by the Society
  • K Mitchell email monthly playground inspection report for May
  • West Oxfordshire CAB emails: invitation to AGM Wednesday 8th July 2015 7.30pm (for 8.00pm); T Archer email reply to Clerk request for WOCAB services usage by Chad residents in last 12 months She stated “in 2013/14 that 62 of our clients were from the Chadlington and Churchill ward. In 2014/15 this has risen to 68. For those 68 clients we have dealt with 245 issues. The main issues were benefits, debt, housing, charitable support (including food bank) and employment.  Unfortunately we are unable to separate the parishes and can only report on a ward level”.
  • Buckinghamshire Law Plus email offering legal services to Parish Council
  • S Strong email reply to Clerk re footpath vegetation spraying on footpath from back of playing fields across to allotment corner and width of footpath running along edge of filed. He advised he will be spraying footpath when weather conditions permit and that the footpath along edge of field complies with requirements for it to be at least 1.5 metres width. He raised his concerns about people walking and sometimes playing on his land that adjoins the side of the allotments but which is not a public footpath, asking for Councillors to consider if they can help discourage this.
  • South Central Ambulance Services S Morris email seeking community first responders for Charlbury and surrounding areas
  • HMRC reply to Clerk’s letter seeking advice on whether CPC could reclaim VAT on new tractor for Sports Club, and HMRC stated that as CPC would not be the owner of the tractor, it would be unable to reclaim the VAT.
  • West Oxfordshire Citizens Advice Bureau email requesting promotion of national Pension Wise service in Oxfordshire & face-to-face Pension Wise appointments being offered in a variety of locations across the region.
  • Get Mapping email re Parish Online training and service subscription costs
  • ORCC emails; re OCC consultation on subsidised bus and Dial-A-Ride services proposals and request to publicise consultation and public meetings; reply to Clerk who queried why no consultation meetings were being held in Chipping Norton. Apologised for it not being selected.
  • Memorial Hall Committee S Haffenden email to advise that Chair is happy to permit access to mobile library staff to use Hall toilet facilities on their Tuesday visits to Chadlington.
  • TWM Traffic Control Systems email promoting their range of vehicle activated speed signs
  • N Lloyd email re her taking on administration of website calendar and village events and asking that Councillors send info on local groups and that Clerk notes in the minutes that residents can contact her with info using the website ‘contact us’ link
  • Ordinance Survey emails re CPC signing up for PSMA online service



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