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Chadlington Parish Council meeting of 14 September 2015 – draft minutes now available

The draft minutes of Chadlington Parish Council meeting on 14 September 2015 are now available and can either be downloaded here or be read online below.

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DRAFT Minutes of Chadlington Parish Council meeting in Chadlington Memorial Hall on Monday 14 September 2015.

(Start 7:30 pm. Finish 9:50pm)


Councillors Brian Hamblin (Chair), Tony Allan (Vice-Chair), Liz Woolcock, Monty Phillips (arrived late), Zoe Townsend (arrived late), Neil Owen (WODC), Rodney Rose (OCC), Fil Stocker (Clerk). Two member of the public were also in attendance.


  1. Apologies from Howard Rowley were accepted.

Declaration of interests

  1. None

Minutes of the previous meeting

  1. The minutes of 13 July 2015 were agreed. Agreed and signed

Matters Arising

  1. Speeding (deferred until M Phillips arrived) – M Phillips reported that he had attended two speeding sessions with PC Rob Webb and the speed gun. The first session had covered Chapel Row and Bull Hill, and had brought the highest level, 52% of vehicles (mixed age drivers) were speeding which PC Webb said was higher than almost all other villages. The second session had not had the same level of traffic. PC Webb has been in touch with OCC Highways regarding the cost of a solar-powered Vehicle Activated Speeding (VAS) sign that cost £6000-7000. B Hamblin reminded Councillors that he had previously circulated information about a lighter-weight solar VAS sign for £1500. M Phillips said he felt that CPC needed to consider taking action such as installing speed humps or chicanes. B Hamblin pointed out that speed humps can be noisy so should not be near houses. L Woolcock said that agricultural vehicles need to have access and chicanes would not be practical. M Phillips asked if speed humps should be considered. T Allan said chicane idea would have to be dropped because of agricultural vehicles and Betts lorries. B Hamblin sought the views of the public. One person felt that speed humps were more trouble than they were worth because of complaints. A query was raised about the battery-operated VAS. B Hamblin explained that the free one CPC had obtained on a trial basis proved problematic. Action Clerk to ascertain if WODC Community Grants could be obtained for speeding controls. B Hamblin to re-circulate previous email about cheaper VAS for future discussion and to get the police to do regular sessions in Chadlington with speed gun.
  2. HGV routing through Chadlington – T Allan said he had seen several HGV vehicles in village since R Rose had spoken with ABN. Clerk advised she had seen several ABN and several others that of course could have legitimate business in the village.
  3. Eversley Close waste materials left – Clerk advised that she had sent photos of rubbish left by garages to Neighbourhood Housing Manager at Cottsway and she was sending someone round to look at issue. L Woolcock asked about tree cutting update and Clerk advised that she had asked Cottsway to check their boundaries to see if they were responsible for vegetation backing onto allotment and the trees seem to have been cut back now.
  4. Youth facility – Z Townsend reported that Rebecca Abrey has asked to come to the November meeting. Action Clerk to put issue on November agenda
  5. Pavement parking and flyer – T Allan had concerns as did H Rowley regarding the Parish Council being seen as too officious of it posted flyers on cars. L Woolcock and B Hamblin said that they had had specific complaint from a wheelchair user who was unable to get past cars on Bull Hill parked on pavement. Agreed it was appropriate to target specific vehicles once article had gone Parish magazine advising people of Council’s intentions re flyers. Action Clerk to print and post flyers on offending cars on Bull Hill.

Public participation – Opportunity for the public to ask questions.

  1. No questions were raised

District & County Councillors reports

  1. N Owen District Councillor – Cllr Barry Norton is being knighted. There is an upcoming cabinet meeting and the subsidised transport consultation is open [closing date midnight 14 Sept 2015]. The Community Project grants (up to £50,000) are still available. West Oxfordshire District Council in good shape. He raised the appearance of Vivienne Westwood in a white tank at the Prime Minister’s Dean house. Cllr L Leffman is agitating on household waste recycling and he is awaiting the outcome of this effort.
  2. R Rose County Councillor – Already made cuts of £206 million, another £88m to come with an additional £60m to come, making a total of £350m. Awaiting outcome of Chancellors next budget and OCC budget has to be set by February so need to plan now. Consultation on subsidised transport now and one on children’s centres out soon proposing reducing from 50 to 8 but more outreach. Under the microscope are Household Waste Recycling Centres, libraries. B Hamblin asked whether joint purchasing by groups of councils was done, and he queried why all the police forces etc had to have their own uniforms as would be cheaper for joint purchasing a single uniform. R Rose reassured him that OCC has been joint purchasing for fire services for 5 years, and is partnership with other councils to save resources. R Rose raised the issue of blocked gullies and that the current cycle of emptying is every 3years but it has been suggested to reduce this to every 4 years. B Hamblin has checked every gully and estimates 60%—70% are blocked whereas OCC Area Highways representative. Matt Timms has said it is only 1-2. Action B Hamblin & R Rose to meet Matt Timms to inspect village gullies. L Woolcock raised the issue of fires in waste as a consequence of no HWRC and quoted the example of a PC disposed in household waste and caught fire when crushed. R Rose said that Eric Pickles the then Secretary of State for local government had refused to permit the introduction of token charges for waste sites.


  1. Correspondence – See Annex1 for full details. Clerk provided update on request to WODC for replacement Mill End street sign. This is now in depot and awaiting installation, hopefully by next week. Complete Weed Control carried out second spraying on 11 September. CPC had received a letter of appreciation from D & S Bishop for the well-maintained playground. T Allan had suggested it be posted publicly Action Clerk to conceal address and post letter on CPC Noticeboard.
  2. Website – N Lloyd updated the meeting. She apologised for being delayed in getting to grips with website calendar editor but was getting there. She is keen to get other people to help build the data and to have regular links with village groups.

Land Issues 

  1. Planning applications – 15/02470/HD Barley Hill Cottage Mill End New extension and internal modifications to existing detached house plus new detached garage and detached home studio – application submitted and approved; 15/02677/HHD Hawthorne, Horseshoe Lane Alterations and erection of decking and balcony to outbuilding – application submitted;15/03039/HHD 1 Horseshoe Lane Erection of new wooden garden shed – application submitted. T Allan declared an interest as he is a neighbour. No CPC objections; 15/01985/HHD Field Barn, College Farm, Demolition of two dilapidated sheds, replacement of hard standing base and construction of new wooden garden building – application approved.
  2. Allotments – K Heath request to erect (dimensions 10ft x6ft ) shed on Plot 2. Approved Shed erection; Plot 13 availability request from C Lear who works Plot 12 with her husband, C Heath the tenant. Plot 13 is not being tended it seems and C Lear has asked if she can have the plot if it is indeed vacant. Clerk has emailed the tenant about the state of the plot and its usage several times but has received no response yet. Councillors were keen that all allotments should be well managed and used and failure to do so should result in loss of tenancy ultimately. Clerk explained she would have to issue formal breach of tenancy letter first. Re possible vacancy, Clerk stated it was customary to advertise all allotment vacancies more widely to ensure that all residents had an opportunity to get an allotment. Agreed and Action Clerk to issue breach of tenancy warning letter to Plot 13 tenant. If it should subsequently become vacant, Clerk to advertise vacancy widely and, if no other expressions of interest are forthcoming, C Lear can be allocated Plot 13.
  3. Footpaths – CPC policy on reporting issues to landlord/OCC. Clerk felt it would be very helpful to her if she had a policy line from Councillors on what she should do regarding overgrown footpaths ( both in fields and on pavements etc) in order to be consistent with landowners and complaints from residents. She also stated that pavement from Green End to Brook End has grass verges overgrowing footpath and requested permission to report to OCC. Agreed Clerk to always ask for Councillor view on what action to take on each individual matter as it arises before she takes any action. Action Clerk to notify OCC re grass encroaching on pavement from Green End to Brook End.


  1. Income –Allotment rent 2015/16: K Heath £20.00; C Hanks £20.00; J Greer £20.00
  2. Expenditure approvals requests agreed as below Approved and signed
    Standing order (monthly) Clerk’s salary £248.33 for September &October
    C No. 100106    B Hamblin, playground repair materials, £28.67
    C No. 100107 S Silman, grasscutting July, £240
    C No. 100108    F Stocker, A5 printing paper,  £3.50
    C No. 100109 Playsafety Limited, 2015 RoSPA playground inspection, £103.20
    C No. 100110 Kathleen Hannay Will Trust, allotment annual rent £200.00
  3. Annual Return 2014/2015 BDO audit report & inspection arrangements for 2015/2016 accounts – Clerk advised that BDO audit had found no issues with CPC accounts for 2014/2015.Change in arrangements for 2015/16 as public will now have 30 days to inspect accounts rather than 14 days.
  1. Bank reconciliation approval – Closing balance at 31 July 2015, £14,877.55. Approved and signed
  2. Bank statements verification – deferred until November meeting for H Rowley action.
  3. Clerk’s hours approval – 1.4-15- 31.8.15, Total hours worked = 143, excess hours=13. Approved and signed

Other Issues

  1. Memorial Hall survey update – S Mansel-Playdell provided a presentation on an initial quick analyses of raw data from returned questionnaires. She had had a meeting with Memorial Hall Committee and the Parish Council to discuss. 137 responses on papers, 75 responded online and most replies were from over 55 year olds and hardly any young people. She went through a number of the questions and responses covering what people liked and didn’t like, why they didn’t use the hall and what they would want to see provided in the future, in order of priority. People seem to beconfused and think it is down to the Hall Committee to run events rather than the reality of local residents have to set up and run events and the Hall Committee’s job is to ensure the hall is heated, cleaned and maintained and they do fundraising to this end as charges don’t cover running costs.
    More detailed analyses to be undertaken by Siobhann, cross-referencing by age groups etc and looking at long answers. A series of recommendation will need to come from this and will have to go back to villagers, in order to comply with ORCC requirements. N Lloyd suggested there was a story in the Parish Magazine explaining what the role of the Committee is and that events are down to villagers themselves. Siobhann was thanked for all the hard work put in so far, as well as thanking the Memorial Hall Committee for their input. Action L Woolcock to review long answers she has been sent by Siobhann and this will be reported back at a future meeting.
  2. RoSPA Inspection report 2015 – B Hamblin said the report was near enough a clean bill of health for the playground. A few small issues had been raised, one of which he cannot identify. He will look again. He offered thanks to K Mitchell for his work in concreting in new parts.
  3. Resilience funds opportunity – deferred until November meeting

Information Exchange

  1. Clerk reported that she had found out that CPC must have a Freedom of Information Publication Scheme that details what information can be obtained upon request, if there are any charges (i.e. for photocopying or postage etc). There is a Model Publication Scheme that has been developed for parish councils. Action Clerk to draft FOI Publication Scheme for a future meeting.

Date of next meeting

  1. The next meeting is confirmed as Monday 9 November 2015 at 7:30 pm.
  2. Agreed to hold a special 2016/2017 budget setting meeting one to two weeks after 9 November meeting. Action Clerk to circulate possible dates.














All agendas, papers & draft minutes of Chadlington Parish Council meetings

can be found at www.chadlington.com.

You can also sign up for email updates on this village website.






Annex 1


Correspondence details


Oxfordshire County Council

  • Highways Dept: M Timms emails re various reports from Clerk regarding overgrown vegetation by fences and over footpaths, obscuring of Rawlinson Close street sign; updating to say grasscutting schedule is running 2 weeks behind so Chadlington due to be completed by end of July now, plus request for photo of location of ragwort on Bull Hill; advising that Wayne Barker, Drainage Engineer, will be coming to look at sunken grid by Tuers which was reported to him again last week; S Bowen phone calls and emails regarding Clerk request for gully location map and problems emailing pdf of this from software due to size of file & A Fitzgerald Highway Systems manager emails re size of grid map she provided and B Hamblin report on village grids being blocked and needing emptying now not next year; J Wright & S Phillips emails re inquiry from potential resident of Chadlington regarding lots of HGVs coming through village, some of which are Highways Maintenance and wanting to know if this is normal or on diversion route;
  • Cllr R Rose emails re: apologies for inability to attend July CPC meeting and updating Clerk re her request for update on Brook End water level survey and for silt trap to be emptied, stating that OCC Drainage Engineer has met with WODC to discuss options using agricultural land upstream and downstream. Silt traps assessed as not yet full enough to empty but will be cleared in October; response to H Beaumont re HGV’s now using Chadlington & Spelsbury as cut through, especially ABN lorries. He has now raised with ABN as to why change of route from Chipping Norton and they have re-routed vehicles back onto A-roads.
  • Planning Policy Dept email re Mineral & Waste Local Plan consultation from 19 Aug-30 Sept.
  • Social Service Dept L Butler email re invitation to Councillors to attend stakeholder events for future delivery of early intervention services which will be put for public consultation subsequently.
  • Emergency Planning C McKay email re inviting parish councils to bid for funds for resilience items as underspend in Scottish & Southern Electric budget for this issue.
  • Wychwood Project S Williams email to advise that Chadlington circular walk information will not be available until October
  • Consultation re reduction of household waste recycling centres from seven to 3 or 4. Closing date 5 October
  • Leader Invitation to parish and district councils to meet on 21 September to discuss opportunities for better joint working
  • Consultation re Oxfordshire Minerals and Waste Local Plan: Part 1 – Core Strategy. Closing date 30 September 2015


West Oxfordshire District Council

  • Weekly Planning lists
  • Planning Dept: email and hard copy of planning applications for Barley Hill Cottage 15/02470/HD; and Hawthorne, Horseshoe Lane 15/02677/HHD; and 1 Horseshoe Lane 15/03039/HHD; email notification that WODC has submitted its draft Local Plan to the Planning Inspectorate; email re appeal (15/00020/APPEAL) on WODC refusal for planning for Barley Hill Farm 15/00156/FUL
  • Highways Dept L Travers emails: reply to Clerk requesting action taken re partially-obscured Rawlinson Close sign. He will contact homeowner; re Mill End sign replacement request and if WODC or OCC responsibility
  • Licensing Dept re Gambling Act 2005 Policy statement review and consultation running from 20 July to 13 September
  • Publicity Dept re shared services consultation that should have been circulated previously to Parish Councils. Closing date for consultation is 15 September 2015.
  • Planning Dept C Hargreaves email re Community Infrastructure Levy consultation and minor changes made as a consequence and now submitted to Planning Inspector
  • Press Dept re new Community Grants of up to £50,000 for local facilities now open to applications; Chipping Norton lido has been upgraded and eco-friendly technology installed


  • HSBC Bank Statements June & July 2015
  • M Smith email reply re Clerk requesting hyperlinks be a more visible colour on website
  • TWM Traffic signs re July 2015 price list for solar VAS
  • K Heath emails re viewing vacant allotment and request for 10ft x 6ft replacement shed for Plot 2
  • Plantlife email re bee survey and wild flowers for road verges campaign
  • H Beaumont email re new issue of lorries, especially ABN, using Chadlington, Taston & Spelsbury as a shortcut. Seeking CPC, OCC and WODC Councillor support to get such traffic re-routed onto A-roads.
  • ORCC emails: R Mullins reply to Clerk agreeing that late submissions possible for social data research requests CPC might have; Community Planning Workshop report; OCC consultation on subsidised buses and Dial-A-Ride
  • H Hoffman email reporting ragwort growing on Bull Hill verges
  • Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre email Summer 2015 Newsletter
  • OALC J Gosset emails reply to Clerk query re weed control and remit of Clerk, use of minutes or agenda to promote village website calendar; new annual website password, July and August Members Update; notification of new office address
  • ICE Energy email re offer to speak to CPC regarding renewable heating systems
  • N Lloyd emails re updating village website calendar
  • Thames Water email request to publish in Parish Newsletter re private pumping stations
  • BDO letter and return of CPC 2014/2015 annual return, no concerns identified in audit
  • Save The Children email seeking publication in parish magazine re fundraising event at Wychwood Golf Club on 22 October
  • Complete Weed Control email to advise repeat for 1st weed control spray done week of 21 July. Second full spray now due 11 September week
  • Claire Lear emails re Plot 13 looking untended and wondering if it were to be vacant, if she would be able to have tenancy.
  • Rural Services Network emails request to complete online survey, subsequently completed by Clerk
  • Thames Valley Police emails re speed gun sessions in July & September
  • Cotswold Wardens Dave Scott email reply re Chadlington Circular Walk and Wychwood Project publicity information
  • CPRE members magazine and email updates
  • S Silman invoices for grasscutting services
  • Chase Benefice invitation to CPC Councillors for licensing of Rev Marian Needham at St Nicholas’s on Sept 17th
  • Play Safety email with 2015 RoSPA report for Chadlington playground
  • Rotherfield Peppard Parish Council asking all Oxon Parish Clerks for suggestions as to suitable internal auditors
  • Cllr L Leffman emails re request for CPC to convene another waste and recycling meeting for Councils affected by Dean Pit HWRC closure; and acceptance of offer for CPC Clerk to provide her mailing list for previous meeting in Chadlington
  • D & S Bishop letter to thanks CPC for well-maintained playground
  • Savills invoice for annual allotment rent of £200.00 due Kathleen Hannay Will Trust
  • Cottsway Housing Association S Chudry email re Clerk chasing up re failure to get response from Housing Officer regarding second leaving of oily material behind Eversley Close




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