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Agenda – 12th May Parish Council Meeting

Notice is hereby given that a meeting of Chadlington Parish Council will be held on Monday 12th May 2014 at the Memorial Hall, Chadlington after the Annual Parish Meeting at 7:30pm

Members of the public & press are welcome to attend. Members of the public may make representations to the Council under Item 5 but only regarding items on the agenda, in accordance with the Council’s Standing Orders. [Contact a Councillor or the Clerk ideally at least 2 weeks before the next Council meeting if you wish to have an item placed on the agenda]


1. Elections of Chair & Vice-Chair

2. Apologies: to receive and approve apologies.

3. Declaration of Interests
a. Register of Interests – Councillors are reminded of the need to update their register of interests.
b. To declare any pecuniary & other interests in items on the agenda & their nature.

4. Minutes: to approve minutes of the last meeting of the Council held on 10 March 2014.

5. Matters arising & action points: defibrillator; website diary; weed control spraying; Oxfordshire County Council rights of way management plan consultation and CPC response; Quarry Rd signage; blocked footpath behind playing field;

6. Nominations
a. Memorial Hall representative
b. Diplock Charity representative

7. Public participation – Opportunity for the public to ask questions.

8. District & County Councillors reports – to be provided earlier at 2014 Annual Parish Meeting

9. Communication
a. Correspondence – Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) Highways M Timms email response re future of rail access lorry park on Catsham Lane advising it is nothing to do with OCC; OCC M Bostock email re Stocks green run-off & Wayne Barker looking into OCC permission for WODC drain usage: OCC Highways notification of Temporary Road Closures. Chadlington – Catsham Lane and Horshoe Lane 28 April 2014 up to 2 May to facilitate carriageway edge strengthening works. Shipton under Wychwood – A361 Station Road between Milton Road junction and theLondon Lane junction in Ascott under Wychwood from 30 March 2014 for up to 3 nights; OCC Highways T Darch notification of outcome of bus service review – X9 Friday and Saturday evening journeys withdrawn; OCC Highways W Barker email response to Clerk regarding gravel above water level, advising that it has been agreed that Brook End silt traps will be cleared again, hopefully within a month; OCC Highways emails acknowledging Clerk’sreport of grass overgrowing pavement by Orchard Cottages & Bull Hill but no funds currently available;OCC Cllr R Rose email advising that he has no funds for box marking and signage for Abbeyfield; OCC Countryside Access P Harris emails on offer of extension for responses to rights of way management consultation & confirmation of receipt of CPC response to consultation; OCC Cllr R Rose reply re CPC query regarding outstanding 2nd water level survey progress. Survey was delayed due to winter weather, OCC have applied to Defra for a grant towards carrying out a full catchment survey to locate upstream storage areas, which hopefully would get approval for in the next 6 year programme & no plans to empty silt traps as yet but they are being monitored; OCC Chief Executive’s Office Paul Langcaster regarding Clerk’s request for council publicity information to be in electronic as well as hard copy format to enable web posting; OCC Footpaths email acknowledging report of fallen trees blocking Footpath 358/1 at Spelsbury End; OCC History Centre email confirmation that CPC documents & meeting minutes held from 1894- 1998 only; OCC Footpaths Officer confirming receipt of Clerk’s report of trees blocking footpath 358/1/30 and that route now cleared; WODC Planning Dept emails re weekly lists, planning application papers for 8 The Stocks, the Tite Inn, 3 Mill Close, Highfield Church Road, and LDF newsletter on new planning guidance and independent assessment of house build need in the area; WODC K Jack email confirming OCC have approved feeding Stocks green run off into OCC drains & that WODC have funds in their land drainage budget for the work so next stage is drawing up plans and getting quotes; WODC Building Control A Jones emailsadvising that Savill’s, as managing agent for landowner, will be getting a builder in to assess for necessary repairs to tow areas of the crumbling wall roughly opposite Chadlington Farmhouse & he will look at proposals for repairs; WODC S Stokes email invitation to CPC and residents a few places left on next tour of the Agrivert food waste recycling facility on April 9th; WODC Press Office emails re Community Facilities Grants press release about 2 rounds in 2014, launch of ‘Inclusion’ scheme for sports clubs which are welcoming & inclusive to disabled people, offer to send updates to village website editor, announcement of £500,000 award to the four-authority Partnership comprising Cheltenham Borough, Cotswold, Forest of Dean and West Oxfordshire district councils as Transformation Challenge Award winners, location of WODC defibrillator donations so far including Chadlington, & launch of Repair and Renew Grant for properties damaged internally by flooding between 1 Dec 2013 – 31 March 2014; WODC Democratic Services K Butler email re comfirmation dates for 2016 parish council elections; WODC B Wragge emails regarding defibrillator application process for WODC-50%-funded defibrillator; WODC Customer Services Dept I Fawcett email advising CPC Clerk complaint re litter resulting from waste collections has been forwarded to Contract Monitoring Officer to take up with waste collection contractor; Thames Valley Police Inspector Ollie Holland email regarding policing being stepped up in Chadlington to tackle vandalism issue; Oxfordshire Association of Local Councils emails regarding new NALC financial briefings, draft financial regulations for local authorities for consideration, a new government consultation on new audit proposals for local councils, including a proposal thay councils with turnover of less than £25,000 like Chadlington, would no longer have to have a routine external audit from 2017 plus March members update; Dept for Communities and Local Government email regarding Community Right to Bid option to protect local community assets such as playing fields, buildings, village shops and pubs in future; Oxfordshire Rural Communities Council emails re neighbourhood planning training offer & support & April’s Policy Bulletin; Oxfordshire Playing Fields Association email invitation to National County Playing Fields Association Conference on 4 June; Zurich Insurance email regarding discount available for quote for Memorial Hall annual insurance if wanted; Oxfordshire Rural Community Council email about Oxfordshire Woodfuel Programme offer of advice on biomass boilers, as well as ‘logs for labour’ scheme; Sustrans emails regarding launch event for new Cotswold Line cycle route on Stocks Green on 26 April afternoon, agreement on local publicity for event & formal invitation; Rural Services Network email invitation for Parish Councillor representative to join ‘rural sounding board’ for four online surveys annually and also to join three specific Opinion Panels on different topics which particularly impact on rural communities (Fuel Poverty, Rural Transport,Rural Broadband); Council for the Protection of Rural England Oxfordshire email asking councillors to write to WODC to not accept the ‘unrealistic housing figures being proposed by the Oxfordshire Strategic Housing Market Assessment’; Oxfordshire Sports Partnership J Shaw email requesting poster display for GO Active, Get Healthy campaign on village notice board; Chadlington Quality Foods LRowles email update regarding decision of shareholders to hold-off decision on whether to contribute to a second defibrillator until training provided for users and support for contributing to a 2nd defibrillator can be assessed; Chadlington Summer Fayre B Thring email regarding willingness to fund up to £900 for a defibrillator, & agreeing to postponing 2nd defibrillator decision alongside CQF until suitable site identified, he will liaise with Tite Inn about possibly locating one there, suggested electrician for 1st machine installation; Savill’s O Langdale email regarding repairs to boundary wall on Chapel Road opposite Chadlington Farmhouse; Chadlington Village website email query from a nearby village to Banbury about where Chadlington playground equipment was purchased from; K Mitchell email of monthly playground inspection reports for March & April; F Maclean emails confirming acceptance of 2014 internal audit work for CPC & handover meeting arranged for 4 April; CWC advice that first weed spraying will take place in the week commencing 19 May; J Greer email offering to circulate allotment association update to those without email if seen; C Ogden email response to B Hamblin regarding ideas for tackling vandalism and possible support from Friends of Chadlington School and teaching staff; A Tremlett various emails on fitting of defibrillator in Abbeyfield front porch, OCC rights of way management plan consultation & his draft response on behalf of CPC, advice on allotment annual rent invoice letters, rights of way modification order applications, whether CPC should consider renting another venue for its meetings to enable the Memorial Hall to generate greater income from more frequent users & query regarding CPC archived materials; M Chapman emails chasing up on his previous inquiry as to whether CPC was organising a litter pick this year; P Lewis email re desire to amend Standing Orders to remove restriction on not discussing matters raised by the public about items not listed on agenda; N Morgan email re S Ambrose standing down from trying to develop allotment association; S Strong email to advise he is not responsible for fallen tree across footpath behind playing field but he has passed onto Mrs Wallace-Jones and P Heath will clear tree.

10. Land Issues
a. Planning applications – 14/0291/P/FP 1 Harvey’s Corner, erection of rear conservatory. 14/0318/P/FP Tite, extension to pub garden and amenity areas including new childrens playground, & erection of new storage shed – previous submission withdrawn due to scaling error, new plans submitted so re-listed. Permission granted. 14/0322/P/FP 3 Mill Close, conversion of part of garage to kitchen and link to existing dwelling. Permission grangted. 13/1766/P/FP 8 The Stocks, erection of detached garage with ancillary accommodation above – application refused as “The proposed garage, due to the siting,scale and mass will unacceptably dominate the original dwelling house, resulting in a cramped and contrived plot… and would adversely affect the character of the surrounding area”. 14/0422/P/FP Highfield, Church Road, Conversion of existing loft to include insertion of dormer window in north roof slope.
b. Footpath & modification order applications – update report

11. Finance
a. Income (since last meeting) – None.
b. Expenditure approvals requested
Clerk’s Monthly salary of £242.97 for May & June on a standing order.
Cheque No. 100067 S Silman grass cutting April – 3 cuts (13th & 31st) & May (14th) £330
c. Allotment rent – annual review
d. Approval of Audit Commission annual audit return. Draft accounts summary: Balance brought forward from 2012/2013 – £13,154.37. Total income for 2013/2014 – £8,147.37. Total expenditure – £7,933.17. Balance carried forward from 2013/2014 – £13,368.57.

12. Review of Council business for the coming year
a. Review of Standing Orders – proposed changes to Standing Orders are to enable public to raise items not on agenda & to delete clause limiting number of times a member of the public can speak
b. Review of Financial Regulations – consideration of new NALC model regulations
c. Review of risk assessment & asset register
d. Review and confirmation of insurance cover arrangements
e. Review of the Council’s and/or employees’ memberships of other bodies
f. Review of internal auditor arrangements for 2014/15 accounts

13. Other Issues
a. Memorial Hall condition, formation of new project team & CPC usage
b. Speeding hot spots – M Phillips report
c. Need for litter pick

14. Information Exchange

15. Date of next ordinary Parish Council meeting: 7 July 2014 at 7:30pm

Fil Stocker, Clerk to Chadlington Parish Council,

5 May 2014

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