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Big Lorry Watch

Have you seen big heavy goods vehicles driving on Chadlington’s small roads recently?

Parish councillors discussed local residents’ concerns about the large lorries that have been seen driving through the village at their meeting in November. The Parish Clerk has bought this issue to the attention of the County Councillor who represents the village previously and the County Council will contact haulage companies to request that their drivers keep to the major roads in future, if he has more information on what lorries have been seen where locally.

Which is where YOU come in. Please note down the company names of any big lorries you see, with the time of day, road location and if possible the registration number and send them to the Parish Clerk on chadlingtonparishcouncil@gmail.com

If we can gather enough evidence it should be possible to reduce the level and frequency of this local nuisance. Thank you.

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