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Chadlington Parish Council of 9 November 2015 – draft minutes now available

The draft minutes of Chadlington Parish Council meeting on 9 November 2015 are now available and can either be downloaded here or be read online below.


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DRAFT Minutes of Chadlington Parish Council meeting in Chadlington Memorial Hall on Monday 9 November 2015.

(Start 7:30 pm. Finish 9:50pm)


Councillors Brian Hamblin (Chair), Tony Allan (Vice-Chair), Liz Woolcock, Monty Phillips (arrived late), Zoe Townsend, Howard Rowley, Fil Stocker (Clerk). Two member of the public were also in attendance.


  1. Apologies accepted from Cllr R Rose and Cllr N Owen.

Declaration of Interests

  1. Councillors were reminded of the need to update their register of interests. T Allan declared an interest in planning application for land south of Anvil Cottage, he is a neighbour.

Minutes of the previous meeting

  1. The minutes of the last meeting of the Council on 14 September 2015 were agreed Agreed and signed.

Matters arising & action points

  1. Speeding and possible WODC grant: Clerk advised that she had investigated if CPC could apply for a WODC community facilities grant for a new speed sign and this would not fulfil eligibility criteria.
  2. Pavement parking on Bull Hill: Clerk reported that she had posted CPC laminated flyers on two vehicles encroaching on pavement at the top of Bull Hill. As yet, the only sign of impact is one car is parked slightly further out.
  3. Blocked gullies: L Woolcock and B Hamblin met M Timms OCC Highways & Cllr Rose to review where gullies blocked Prior to the meeting, M Timms has assessed only a few were, at the meeting, agreed most were blocked and were cleaned within the week but not all done.
  4. Grass encroachment on pathway between Brook End and Green End: Clerk reported that she had emailed M Timms Highways Representative at OCC advising that not clearing grass back from pavement represented a breach of the Disability Discrimination Act as the Council was not ensuring equal access for wheelchair users. M Timms replied that they still didn’t have the money to do this unless it was a Health & Safety issue and he suggested that the Council tried to get volunteers to organise undertaking the works. N Lloyd will post notice on website seeking co-ordinator and volunteers to do it. L Woolcock raised issue of soil removal as there would be quite a lot. Agreed it could be left alongside path where cleared and she would see if she could get it disposed of.

Public participation  – Opportunity for the public to ask questions.

  1. None raised

District & County Councillors reports

  1. Cllr Rose had provided a county-wide e-report. No report from Cllr Owen.


  1. Correspondence – See Annex 1 for full details.
  2. Clerk highlighted following issues: Silt traps CPC had been advised that these would be cleared in October. She chased up in November and Cllr Rose contacted G Hunt in OCC Drainage team who advised the traps would be emptied at end of November. B Hamblin raised the matter of vegetation in stream at Brook End. Clerk advised that she had already contacted riparian landowner, the Woolcocks. L Woolcock said that C Betts used to strim it but he can’t do it anymore. She has spoken to M Woolcock and pointed out that the vegetation will naturally die down over winter anyway. Clerk to check with OCC if stream is OCC responsibility as there is a wall between field and stream. Action Clerk to check with OCC re stream responsibility. Hedgerow removal application WODC N Dalby emailed to advise S Strong’s application has now been approved by WODC as not designated important’ under WODC criteria. Footpath 5 A Tremlett email to advise that waymarking of Footpath 5 cannot be done by OCC until Lower Court Farm freeholder gives agreement.
  3. Website – Nicky Lloyd is updating website and now awaiting lessons from M Smith in how to improve web pages. Has met with representatives from CPC, Memorial Hall and Parish magazine to make sure links to relevant organisations and avoid unnecessary duplication. Wants to do an advance calendar to help people avoid events clashing. Many thanks were given to Nicky for all her work. H Rowley talked about if there has been a traffic light assessment of the website tasks i.e. priority/OK/not going to do plus the issue of on-going maintenance. N Lloyd said no but she knew what priorities were i.e. updating local businesses information and putting in things of local interest such as the environment. She could recycle articles such as David Morton’s bird watch. Clerk advised that footpaths and the new Chadlington circular walk could be publicised, especially when the Wychwood Project finally provide the publicity map for the circular walk. The Definitive Map of footpaths could be promoted as well.

Land Issues 

Planning applications

  1. Submitted: 15/03342/HHD 10 Chipping Norton Road, removal of single storey extension and erection of 2-storey side and rear extension – CPC had no objections but Clerk advised that permission for this has just been refused by WODC; 15/03444/HHD 1 Ashcroft Close, to change existing assisted pedestrian wheelchair access to disabled assisted vehicle access – no CPC objections; 15/03680/FUL Land South Of Anvil Cottage, Horseshoe Lane, construction of detached dwelling together with associated works – T Allan had previously declared his interest in this application. He advised that there had been a pre-planning meeting with local neighbours invited to meet the architect. G Norris didn’t attend but has submitted an objection. The questions raised covered the issue of building on land, which, if approved, would extend the curtilage of the village, as well as questions about the stability of the land, which has been used for landfill previously. There was a lengthy discussion and a range of conflicting opinions as to design, boundaries and village curtilage. To some, it would be an improvement to an eyesore area. M Phillips expressed concern as to the possible wishes of the landowner, whom he knew from Charlbury, to develop other properties. B Hamblin pointed out that the Council should only be discussion the application as submitted. He didn’t believe curtilage was being extended but more cut across a corner and felt that the village didn’t need to be stuck in a time warp of only wanting Cotswold stone used. L Woolcock said that WODC should be told that there are concerns about the design. H Rowley expressed his concern that CPC was not being consistent in its objections. He stated that there had been two carbuncles built outside the village, which had not got much CPC discussion or objections.  It was agreed that the Clerk would summarise the views and present to WODC. T Allan said that new development would significantly change the Cotswolds in the next 10 years, with examples like the huge development in Chipping Norton and this side of Charlbury. Some Councillors felt that their comments didn’t have any sway with WODC but Clerk informed the meeting that parish council objections can result in an application going in front of a planning committee rather than being delegated to an officer. Action Clerk to summarise CPC views and send to WODC;  15/03846/HHD Candlemas, West End, erection of single storey side extension and addition of parking space to front garden – no CPC objections; 15/03819/HHD Wheelwrights Green End, insertion of additional dormer window in East elevation – no CPC objections; 15/03734/FUL Bull Hill Bungalow, demolition of existing dwelling and outbuildings and erection of new dwelling and detached garage – there was a lengthy discussion. LW was concerned about the garages butting out once the hedge is removed at a difficult location. As the road is very narrow at this point and already a parking problem, there was also concern about possibility of scaffolding being on pavement. The house footprint will double. LW wanted to ensure that the pavement would not be encroached upon (as preciously happened with Bull Hill cottage development. Concern also expressed about the garages being too far forward in relation to other buildings, and this will impinge on light and space. B Hamblin felt some of these objections were incorrect or outside of CPC remit. The plans were looked at to check boundary lines etc. Agreed that summary of views to be sent to WODC.  Action Clerk to summarise CPC views and submit to WODC.
  2. Approved: 15/02677/HHD Hawthorne, Horseshoe Lane Alterations and erection of decking and balcony to outbuilding – application has already been approved by WODC; 15/03039/HHD 1 Horseshoe Lane Erection of new wooden garden shed – application already approved;


  1. Consultation responses to S Didcock request for locking of allotment Eversley Close gate to prevent access to non-tenants – T Allan explained that request was a result of vandalism and use of allotments as a thoroughfare from Eversley Close. Consultation responses gave a small majority in favour of lock of some sort. T Allan proposed purchase of a chain and a combination lock, which would address some of the expressed concerns and doesn’t inconvenience those opposed. Clerk advised that warning notices would need to be posted and allotment tenants informed. Agreed Clerk to purchase chain and combination lock and to then inform allotment tenants of combination and need to not disclose to non-tenants .Action Clerk to purchase combination lock and chain and advise tenants before lock installed. T Allan to provide wording for advice notices explaining why this has been done, which B Hamlin will laminate and post by Eversley Close gate and main Church Road gate.
  2. Flailing of hedge on Church Road – it had been agreed earlier in the year that this needed to be arranged in the autumn. L Woolcock said big tree branches needed removing before flailing could be done and some allotment holders may not be happy with the gaps exposed as a result of flailing. There was also risk of damage to the polytunnel behind hedge so care would need to be taken to avoid this. L Woolcock proposed that hedge-laying was undertaken instead. K Cooper may be willing to do work and Cotswold Wardens may know people who can lay hedge or Cotswold Gym. Agreed Clerk to get quotes for flailing and hedge laying. B Hamblin to lop tree and cut bigger branches down;
  3. Rent payments & 3 tenancy relinquishments – Clerk advised that there had been 3 tenancy relinquishments and all plots now re-let;
  4. A Ware request for permission to erect approximately 4ftx 4ft shed on plot 6c and M. Seaton request to erect 8ftx6ft greenhouse and 8ftx6ft shed on plot 6a. Agreed Approval given for both requests.
  5. Footpaths – Footpath 5 as mentioned under Communication


  1. Income – WODC Precept 2nd instalment £4,812.11; Allotment rents £224.00 (B Nobbs £20.00; S Didcock £20.00; G Glennie £20.00; T Brice £20.00; P Rice £12.00,C Arthur £12.00; G Duester £20.00; C Bloor £20.00; C Hanks £20.00, E Bloor £20.00, N Morgan £20.00; J Greer £20.00, C Heath £20.00; V & I Lee £20.00; K Cooper £20.00; M Seaton £12:00, A Ware £20.00
  2. Expenditure approvals requests agreed as below Approved and signed
    Standing order (monthly) Clerk’s salary £248.33 for November & December 2015
    C No.100111   S Silman, grasscutting £320.00
    C No 100112   B Hamblin, playground maintenance materials £180.28
    C No 100113   Prysebros Limited, Weed control spraying, £300.00
    C No 100114   P Rice, refund of allotment rent for 2015/2016, £12.00
  1. H Rowley asked for a vote of thanks to B Hamblin for his sterling work on the playground. L Woolcock pointed out that the last RoSPA report referred to two items that had already been removed before the inspection. Agreed B Hamblin thanked for his work on playground.
  2. Bank statements verification for June, July, August and September. Six month bank reconciliation for September 2015 – Opening balance 1 April 2015 was £12,741.23; receipts in period £4945.11; Payments in period £3,768.82. Closing balance at 30 Sept 2015 £13,917.52. Approved and signed
  3. Clerk’s hours – 34 hours worked Sept & Oct. Approved
  4. Draft Budget 2016/2017 – extraordinary CPC meeting date confirmed for 30 November 2015 at 6pm in Methodist Chapel.

Other Issues

  1. Youth facilities in Chadlington – update from Rebecca Abrey. Z Townsend advised that R Abrey had contacted her last week to say that she would have more information by January so she would like a slot on January agenda. Agreed. Action Clerk to add this item on January agenda.
  2. Memorial Hall survey update – L Woolcock advised that the survey results have now been given to the Memorial Hall Committee. There will be a Project Group to take forward work. M Phillips volunteered to go on this group. Action L Woolcock to send survey information to N Lloyd to place on village website.
  3. Neighbourhood Plan – B Hamblin advised that he had a lot of information about this. It basically requires consultation with the village on what it would like to see in the village on housing etc. He has been advised that it takes a lot of time and may not achieve very much. He is happy for someone to take it on but he does not believe it would be worth the effort required. Others supported this view. Agreed CPC does not wish to do a Neighbourhood Plan.
  4. Resilience Funds – possible application. H Rowley reminded everyone that this was £1m Community Fund from Scottish and Southern Electric to help communities deal with aftermath of a disaster like flooding. There is plenty of time as the next round’s closing date is April 2016. He had thought of things like folding & stackable tables and new kettles for Memorial Hall since this building would be the focus of village efforts. He wanted to circulate a list to other councillors to get their ideas. Action H Rowley to devise list and circulate for other suggestions
  5. Mill End drainage & sewerage problem – correspondence from Mark Taylor and resident J Simkins re blocked pipes. Thames Water CCTV survey map was of wrong part of Chadlington so Clerk chasing Thames Water up for confirmation CCTV survey of Mill End pipes done. H Rowley said he was surprised to hear about this issue as he was totally unaware of any history of raw sewage on the road. Thames Water still not replied to Clerk’s email querying why CCTV survey information provided related to another part of the village. Action Clerk to chase Thames Water for correct information about Mill End and CCT V survey results
  6. Oxfordshire Together – impact of cuts on services and possible role of Parish Council. B Hamblin commented that OCC seemed to want other councils to take on services that OCC don’t want to deliver any more because of money. There was agreement that the meeting being offered by Cllr R Rose to his parish council Chairs and Clerks to gauge feelings before the county-wide meeting was a good thing and should be supported. Agreed CPC should offer support and send representation to the pre-meeting offered by R Rose. Action Clerk to inform Cllr Rose that CPC wishes to attend his meeting

Parked issues’ review

  1. Community Assets – H Rowley proposed that Community Assets be removed permanently from ‘parked issues’ list as there is no desire to take any further action. Agreed Community Assets issue to be removed from CPC ‘parked issues’ list.
  2. Pensions legislation – Clerk advised that after seeing OALC Members advice on this matter, she had contacted OALC Employment Advisor for further advice to clarify CPC obligations under pension auto-enrollment for employees. She was awaiting a response.

Information Exchange

  1. T Allan was concerned about the dead badge in Horseshoe Lane not being removed by OCC now they have cut this task from their budget. Action Clerk to check with OCC about this role.
  2. H Rowley raised issue of roadside litter and said he found WODC very responsive to reports
  3. Clerk advised of a recent theft of wooden bikes from the school, which were later found vandalised on the cricket pitch. She had received a flyer from the police about it.
  4. Z Townsend asked about the HGV issue and what was happening currently. Clerk advised she had seen several ABN vehicles. It was agreed it would be good to get villagers reporting HGVs so CPC could try to assess if genuine visitors to village or using it as a rat run. Agreed N Lloyd to post on website requesting details of time and name of company is sent to Clerk.
  5. M Phillips said he had asked the workers by railway bridge what they were doing. They are buttressing the bridge and will be there some time.
  6. M Phillips also raised the issue of the installation of a very bright light linked to the burglar alarm in the house next to his, Old Forge Cottage.
  7. Date of extraordinary CPC meeting date confirmed as 30 November 2015 at 6pm in Methodist Chapel.
  8. Date of next full council meeting to be confirmed as Monday 11 January 2016 at 7:30pm at Memorial Hall


Annex 1

Correspondence details

Oxfordshire County Council

  • Highways emails: M Timms response re Clerk’s report of flooding on Horseshoe Lane that Thames Water have been notified to fix, and on CPC report of all village gullies being blocked, he has checked and found only 1-2 are and that 20 gullies, 2 silt traps & outlet on Bull Hill will be emptied later in 2015; reminder re ordering winter salt bags; response to Clerk reporting 2 fallen concrete signs, Thames Water will fix; response re Clerk’s request for overgrown verges to need attention as impeding wheelchairs and prams was that Chadlington verges are due for a cut last week in October, Clerk replied that a mowing will not solve the problem, grass needs scraping back off path as per Bull Hill and Orchard Cottages. He then replied stating that this is not a safety issue and therefore OCC has no budget for this and suggesting perhaps people in the village could do the work.
  • Chief Executives Office email re change of location for Localities meeting on 21 September between OCC and Parish and District Councils
  • Social Services Dept re intermediate care consultation
  • Education Dept letter regarding proposed school admissions and offers policy consultation ending 31 January 2016
  • Chief Policy Officer email re upcoming consultation from 20 October on proposed cuts to OCC budgets 2016/17 to 2019/2020
  • Corporate Services email re note of OCC, parish and town councils meeting –Oxfordshire Together – of 21 Sept 2015
  • Cllr Rose emails: re next meeting of Oxfordshire Together and asking for councils to advise if interested; apologies for not being able to attend CPC meeting on9 November; his report for all his parish councils on OCC news
  • Planning Department email re consultation on Local Validation List for planning

West Oxfordshire District Council

  • Weekly Planning lists
  • Planning Dept email re Community Infrastructure Levy draft charging schedule submission to Planning Inspectorate and the Statement of Modifications is available for comments
  • Planning Dept Landscape & Forestry Office N Dalby email re hedgerow application by S Strong and acknowledging CPC email that it doesn’t object, and confirmation that the hedgerows are not defined as ‘important’ under WODC criteria and so can be removed
  • Highways L Travers emails responding to Clerk chasing about replacement Mill End street sign, new sign now ready & due to be fitted week commencing 5 October. Fallen concrete signs (‘WO’ and ‘SV’) are responsibility of OCC so Clerk needs to notify OCC Highways
  • Publicity Dept emails: press release regarding support for Syrian refugees; WODC strongly opposing the proposed closure of some of Oxfordshire’s Household Waste Recycling Centres; reminder re consultation on how to improve congestion on A40 corridor, closing date 8 Nov; seeking people who wish to self-build to go on the new WODC online register for land
  • Waste Department email asking for help to publicise Christmas and New Year waste collections
  • Finance Department: remittance advice of 2nd precept payment of £4,812.11; and P Elliott email with detailed breakdown of precept and grant


  • Cottsway Housing Association S Chudry emails re Clerk’s reporting car repair and other litter by garages in Eversley Close
  • Ordinance Survey email invitation to community mapping data events
  • ORCC emails: reminder re closing date for responses to subsidised transport consultation is 14 Sept; invitation to 6 November event on housing and communities; invitation to OCC budget cuts meeting 9 November in Oxford; invite to annual conference 6 November 11am
  • A Tremlett email re access to footpath 5 by Lower Court Farm awaiting farm freeholder to agree change.
  • M Smith emails re Chadlington.com website and Clerk’s difficulties getting through Captcha tool to log in; advice on how to store all CPC agendas and minutes together for ease of access to web users
  • K Heath email thanking Clerk for advising request to erect 10ft by 6ft shed on Plot 2 was approved by CPC at 14 September meeting
  • A Ware visit to ask about going onto allotment waiting list
  • C Lear email asking is she could have Plot 13 allotment if it were vacant
  • S Mansel-Playdell email with some of long answer responses to Memorial Hall survey
  • N Lloyd email re items that came up at 14 Sept CPC meeting to post on village website
  • T Mansel-Playdell emails response re Clerk’s email advising that allotment in poor state, a breach of tenancy conditions asking if renewing tenancy. Confirmed initially tenancy being renewed and intention to tackle plot with rotovator in autumn but then reconsidered and will now relinquish tenancy due to lack of available time to garden
  • S Didcock email regarding recent trampling of his dug over plot, which has happened the last 3 years. He has asked that CPC consider locking the small gates just leaving the main gate open as well as suggesting that ‘No right of way’ signage be put on the small gates
  • CPRE email news updates
  • Allotment rent payments from N Morgan, B Nobbs, P Rice, S Didcock, G Glennie, T Brice, G Duester, C Bloor & E O’Shea, V & I Lee, K Cooper, C Heath, C Arthur. Relinquishment of tenancy advice from P Rice, T Mansel-Playdell & J King
  • Invoice for grass cutting of playground from S Silman for 23 Sept 2015 & 8 Oct 2015 cuts
  • HSBC Bank Statement for August and September 2015
  • N Lloyd emails: re articles for website and any need for amendments; request for Councillor suggestions on putting information about the village defibrillator on website
  • H Hoffman emails regarding: repeat damage to her wall by passing heavy goods vehicles going down Bull Hill and expressing her concerns and frustration at inappropriateness of HGVs coming through the village and speeding generally; regarding planning application for land south of Anvil Cottage on Horseshoe Lane and for help in locating the WODC Local Plan
  • Thames Water M Taylor emails regarding sewer blockages in the Mill End area of Chadlington, resulting in sewerage flooding from manholes. The causes of the blockages was identified as fat oil and grease, and paper and rag and he asked that information on how to prevent this to go in next parish magazine; provided map of sewage pipe and advised local CCTV survey carried out and no need to upgrade as no recent new developments to warrant this
  • J Simkins emails re sewage problems and other drainage matters at Mill End, her contact with Cllr R Rose and Thames Water on the issues caused by blocked drains, drains abuse i.e. fat etc by Mill End residents, previous Thames Water engineers saying the sewer pipe is too narrow for level of sewerage, asking if article can go in Parish Magazine on ‘Bin it, Don’t Block it’, sunken gully continuing issue; highlighting Thames Water seems to have surveyed wrong pipework and asking if CPC is going to discuss at its next meeting.
  • J Greer email re new neighbours and what support can be offered to help new residents unfamiliar with UK services and support
  • OALC September Members Update and pensions auto-enroll update advice note
  • K Heath email querying if her plot is half or full plot
  • Responses to CPC consultation to allotment tenants on whether to padlock allotment gate to Eversley Close to enable allotment tenants access only in order to deter recent vandalism incidents and other issues such as dog mess: N Morgan email opposes locking gate as against idea in principle and doesn’t think it would stop access; J Greer opposes as doesn’t think it would work and worried about people access private pathway; C Heath opposes as he uses for access but would be happy if he had access to lock; T Brice letter in favour of locking gate; S Didcock email in favour as he proposed idea due to 3 years of vandalism to plot; G Glennie neutral as only uses Church Rd gate anyway; K Heath is opposed as doesn’t believe it would work and is unfair on tenants at south end of allotment who use it for access themselves; C Bloor in favour if it solves problems; E O’Shea neutral but if lock felt to be helpful by gardeners she has no objections; K Cooper in favour of lock; B Nobbs opposes lock
  • West Oxon CAB email seeking donation from CPC to help run services
  • M Lane email re advertising piano lessons in Chadlington
  • K Mitchell email re playground monthly inspection report, and apologies for no August report as on holiday
  • M Seaton email re interest in allotment vacancies
  • C Arthur email re interested in allotment vacancy if next to his plot and still available
  • Playsafety email re RoSPA training courses dates for 2016
  • C Carswell emails re getting on defibrillator first responder course in 2015 and agreeing village website post for others would be a good idea
  • G Norris letter re copy of his objection to planning application for land south of Anvil Cottage
  • C Heath emails accepting Plot 13 allotment
  • Oxford Design Studio S Parker architect for planning application for land south of Anvil Cottage email re meeting with neighbours regarding design and notes of meeting and planned amendments to application



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