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Agenda for Chadlington Parish Council meeting on 11 January 2016 now available

The next Chadlington Parish Council meeting is at 7:30 pm on 11 January 2016 at the Memorial Hall, Chadlington.

The agenda can be downloaded here or can be read in full below.



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Notice is hereby given that a meeting of Chadlington Parish Council will be held at the Memorial Hall, Chadlington on Monday 11 January 2016 at 7.30pm.

Members of the public & press are welcome to attend. Members of the public may make representations to the Council under Item 5, in accordance with the Council’s Standing Orders. [Contact a Councillor or the Clerk at least 2 weeks before the next Council meeting if you wish to have an item placed on the agenda]




  1. Apologies: to receive and approve apologies.
  2. Declaration of Interests
    1. Register of Interests – Councillors are reminded of the need to update their register of interests.
    2. To declare any pecuniary & other interests in items on the agenda & their nature.
  3. Minutes: to approve minutes of the last meeting of the Council on xx
  1. Matters arising & action points: Grass encroachment on pathway between Brook End and Green End; CPC pensions auto-enrollment position; silt traps; allotment hedge on Church Road side; Mill End drainage
  1. Public participation – Opportunity for the public to ask questions.
  1. District & County Councillors reports
  2. Communication
    1. Correspondence – See Annex 1 for full details
    2. Website
  1. Land Issues
    1. Planning applications – 15/03680/FUL Land South Of Anvil Cottage, Horseshoe Lane, construction of detached dwelling together with associated works; 15/04236/HHD Baymeade Cottage Horseshoe Lane, conversion of garage to form playroom;
      Applications approved: 15/03846/HHD Candlemas, West End, Erection of single storey side extension and addition of parking space to front garden; 15/03995/FUL Curdle Hill Cottage, refurbishment of Curdle Hill Cottage, including single storey extension and partial conversion of adjoining barn
      Applications refused:  15/03342/HHD 10 Chipping Norton Road, removal of existing extension and erection of 2-storey side and rear extension, application refused. Appeal: APP/D3125/W/15/3097912 for 15/00156/FUL Barley Hill Farm, Chipping Norton Road, appeal dismissed by Planning Inspectorate.
      Application withdrawn: 15/03444/HHD 1 Ashcroft Close, To change existing assisted pedestrian wheelchair access to disabled assisted vehicle
    2. Allotments – new markers, padlocking Eversley Close gate, 2 new vacancies (1 full, 1 half plot)
  1. Finance
    1. Income – None received
    2. Expenditure approvals requested –
      Standing order (monthly) Clerk’s salary £248.33 for January and February 2016
      C No. 100116              B Hamblin, playground maintenance, £25.38
      C No. 100117              F Stocker, stationery expenses and allotment padlock
      C No. 100118              Zurich Municipal, annual insurance 2016-2017
      C No. 100119              HAGS two swing seats replacement, £380
    3. Bank statement verification
    4. 2016/2017 Budget £9,570 and 2016/2017 Precept £9,865 (£9,432+£433 parish grant) –approval
    5. Clerk’s hours approval – Nov & Dec – 40.25 hours & 18 hours leave taken = 58.25 hours
    6. Risk Review & Asset Register annual review report for 2015 – H Rowley
    7. Setting up savings account
    8. New external audit arrangements from 2017/2018 – opt-in to sector-led procured auditor or opt-out
  1. Other Issues
    1. Youth facilities in Chadlington – update from Rebecca Abrey
    2. Memorial Hall update
    3. Resilience Funds
  1. Information Exchange
  1. Date of next meeting to be confirmed as Monday 14 March 2016 at 7:30 pm






…………………………………………………………………………..Fil Stocker, Clerk to Chadlington Parish Council,

4 January 2016

















All agendas, papers & draft minutes of Chadlington Parish Council meetings can be found at www.chadlington.com. You can also sign up for email updates on this village website.






If you have any events or information you wish to go on the Chadlington village website www.chadlington.com, please use the ‘Contact us’ form on the website.


Annex 1


Correspondence details


Oxfordshire County Council

  • Highways Dept : M Timms email response on whether gullies have been cleared when Clerk has asked about when silt traps at Brook End will be emptied as they were due to be cleaned at end of October; G Hunt email confirming silt traps will be emptied in November
  • Corporate Services email re Subsidised buses and Dial-a-Ride – publication of the consultation findings and accompanying cabinet paper can be found at http://mycouncil.oxfordshire.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=115&MId=4344(the subsidised bus proposals are listed under item No 6). These documents will be considered by the County Council’s decision-making Cabinet on 10th November.
  • Cllr D Nimmo Smith email re Cabinet decision to end subsidies to buses and Dial-A-ride
  • Cllr R Rose emails: clarifying that he is asking Charlbury & Wychwood parish councils if the Chair and Clerk wish to meet with him to answer any questions on the “Oxfordshire Together” agenda, which is loosely asking parishes if they wish to continue with any services being stopped by Oxfordshire County Council. An officer from OCC would also be present if there was sufficient interest in holding such a meeting. It is also possible that some groups of parishes may wish to band together in some areas; asking OCC Drainage to action clearance of Brook End silt traps as should have been emptied in October
  • Better Broadband for Oxfordshire email requesting publicity on latest roll-out to go in the next parish magazine


West Oxfordshire District Council

  • Weekly Planning lists
  • Planning Dept emails: M Kemp email re initial problems viewing planning application 15/03680/FUL Land south of Anvil Cottage online and if Councillors have made any recommendations or wish to raise concerns; A Berrow email re Planning appeal APP/D3125/W/15/3097912 decision for 15/00156/FUL which dismissed the appeal; J Bamsey to advise WODC is now consulting on a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) modification, closing date 20 December 2015; A Thomson email re CIL modification consultations
  • Publicity Dept press releases emails re: Local Plan examinations dates; residents survey on waste and recycling collections, closing date 12 noon 7 Dec 2015; email invitation to workshop on review of refuse and recycling contract and possible changes to service; Planning Inspectorate has asked WODC to review their draft Local Plan to increase new homes numbers
  • Communications email re 2010 Vision Guide about the shared services beween WODC and three other district councils.
  • Cllr R Courts email invitation to annual meeting of parish and town councils and WODC on 1 Dec
  • M Smith email re presentation given at 1 Dec WODC Town and Parish liaison meeting
  • Finance Dept W Hu email re precept setting letter and form which needs to be with WODC by 8 January; telephone discussion with P Lelliott advising of problem CPC will have meeting precept submission deadline& asking for 3 day extension or provisional submission after 30 Nov meeting or else CPC will have to hold an extra-ordinary meeting in Dec to approve budget and precept
  • Legal Dept K Butler: email clarifying that CPC will be invoiced for 2016 election expenses in advance of 2017/2018 financial year and budget setting timetable; email re Councillor Nigel Colston new Cllr on Cotswold Conservation Board and advising about allocation of £1.998m for the delivery of a new Cotswold LEADER Programme covering significant parts of rural Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. Leader funding is focussed on job creation, sustainable economic growth and community development.
  • Leisure Services M Holland email to advise of Tesco’s community scheme funding stream
  • Waste and recycling Dept L Morley email re Christmas and New Year waste collections publicity
  • Electoral Services S Ellison email re Electoral Register 2016 information
  • R Wheeler Conservation Officer email re design consultation, closing date 22 January 2016


  • C Heath emails to confirm acceptance of allotment Plot 13, then to advise unable to take up
  • L Partridge email re planning application for land south of Anvil Cottage Horseshoe Lane
  • K Heath email to change vote on locking of gate from against to in favour if lock can be opened by allotment tenants
  • OALC email: October, November and December 2015 Members Update; B Osborne email advising CPC contact Pensions Regulator regarding Clerk position; External Audit procurement information and decision by end of January 2016 required by CPC
  • ORCC emails re: OCC Cabinet Members pack for 10 November Cabinet meeting to decide on future of subsidised buses and Dial A Ride services; email notification that Cabinet decided to withdraw all subsidies to bus and Dial A Ride services and advising that CPC could lobby its County Councillor to review this before final budget decision in February 2016; notification that ORCC has changed its name to Community First Oxfordshire
  • Trust for Oxfordshire’s Environment R Therivel email re logs for labour programme and seeking publicity on website and parish magazine
  • J Simkins emails thanking Clerk & CPC for chasing up with Thames Water re sewage problem at Mill End
  • Thames Water Customer Services emails on behalf of Mark Taylor saying CCTV of Mill End has been done and it is customer abuse problem, correct CCTV survey map now provided & confirmation that records going back to 2009 indicate only customer abuse problem and no record of sewage issue.
  • N Morgan email re HGV sightings, Pullman Travel bus on 11 Nov at 11:10pm; AJ Fothergill 4 Dec by school at 8:55am;
  • CPRE email re Campaigns update re more funding to make homes more energy efficient; Winter 2015 Newsletter; annual subscription renewal request £36.00
  • H Sherbrooke email re offer of home cinema equipment to CPC
  • D Hotham email copies of correspondence with Cllr N Owen regarding waste recycling survey and need to maintain free recycling as no local recycling centre, and requesting a reply
  • R Abrey email apologies for not attending 9 November meeting
  • Pensions Regulator emails re: reply regarding CPC obligations as an employer on auto-enrollment and request for information about CPC; confirming receipt of required CPC information
  • Zurich Insurance letter to advise account handler will shortly be in touch to discuss renewal cover;policy papers and renewal cover for £593.57
  • C Hanks email advising that he has removed the new metal plot markers as he feels they are potentially dangerous to allotment tenants. He would like CPC to respond on this issue.
  • Oxfordshire High Sheriff email nominations request for new High Sheriff
  • K Mitchell email monthly playground inspection report
  • B Nobbs email reply to Clerk re poor state of allotment. She said she wishes to keep allotment, currently has cataract problems but plans to work with her son when weather improves and do heavy work to improve plot
  • Lord Lieutenant of Oxfordshire letter asking to be notified if CPC plan to organise any celebrations for Queen’s90th birthday 11-12 June 2016
  • R Fairhurst email asking to be kept up to date with any changes to X9 route in light of removal of bus subsidies
  • J Greer emails re: against decision to padlock allotment gate at Eversley Close entrance as feels dog owners will let dogs on allotment and not be able to get in to clear up dog mess, and asking CPC to keep decision under review; unhappy with positioning of new plot markers and suggesting it would have been better to have informed tenants first; advising that there is a gap between gate and hedge at Eversley Close allotment entrance
  • N Prickett email re interested in submitting quote for grasscutting in Chadlington
  • BGG Garden and Treecare D Harris email re interested in submitting quote for grasscutting in Chadlington
  • I Ogilvie email re speeding in East End and the loss of 3 cats and some near misses for him from speeding cars
  • C Arthur email re relinquishing allotment tenancy as moving away from Chadlington
  • Katherine House Hospice email re donation
  • A Ware email request for 6×5 ft shed plus 6×5 perspex shed for Allotment Plot 6c.

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