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9 May 2016 Annual Parish Council meeting draft minutes now available


The draft minutes of Chadlington Annual Parish Council meeting (APCM) on 9 May 2016 are now available.

  • The 9 May 2016 APCM minutes can either be downloaded here or read online below.
  • The Annual Return for CPC’s draft accounts for 2015/2016 financial year has now been approved by CPC and has been sent off to our external auditors, BDO for approval. It can be downloaded here


The draft minutes of the 9 May 2016 Chadlington Annual Parish Meeting will be posted shortly.



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DRAFT Minutes of Annual Chadlington Parish Council meeting in Chadlington Memorial Hall on Monday 9 May 2016 (Start 8:10 pm, Finish 9:40 pm)


Councillors Brian Hamblin (Chair), Tony Allan (Vice-Chair), Liz Woolcock, Howard Rowley. Cllrs R Rose and N Owen and one member of the public were in attendance.

Election of Chair

  1. Z Townsend asked that, before the election of the new chair, a vote of thanks be given to B Hamblin for all the work he has done. Everyone agreed that he has done a great job and given a lot of time and effort.
  2. L Woolcock proposed H Rowley as Chair, seconded by T Allan. Agreed.
  3. Z Townsend proposed T Allan as Vice-Chair, seconded by L Woolcock.
  4. H Rowley thanked his peers for the nomination and support, and said that he wanted to continue the teamwork approach set up by B Hamblin.


  1. Memorial Hall representative – L Woolcock will continue as Parish Council representative but will not continue as secretary.


  1. Apologies were received from M Philips and accepted.

Declaration of Interests

  1. As newly elected Councillors, the Clerk said that new declaration of interest forms have to be completed. No interests in items on the agenda were declared
  2. All Councillors present completed their Acceptance of Office forms and the Clerk signed these. It was agreed that M Phillips form would need to be accepted at the July meeting.


  1. The minutes of the meeting of the Council on 14 March 2016 were agreed. Agreed and signed.

Matters Arising

  1. GinThing donation – The Clerk reported that S Taplin will ask the group who supported the GinThing event with him (they also organise the Beer Festival) what their views on how Chadlington Parish Council (CPC) spends the donation to the playground i.e. maintenance or new equipment
  2. H Rowley acknowledged the re-election of Councillors to CPC.
  3. Weed spraying – Clerk advised that the first spray for 2016 had been done that very morning. One resident had complained about the use of glyphosate and the need for spraying at all. Councillors determined that they were content to use glyphosate as the only effective remedy and to continue with the current approach to weed control in Chadlington.
  4. Grasscutting in front of Memorial Hall – Clerk advised that this no longer seems to be being done. She suggested that she investigate and get S Silman to renew cutting if necessary, which may be at a higher rate as he has increased his playground cutting charge this year. Agreed

Public Participation

  1. Nothing was raised.

District & County Councillors Reports

  1. County Councillor report – Cllr Rose gave his report to the Annual Parish Meeting earlier this evening
  2. District Councillor report – N Owen thanked B Hamblin for his support and friendship. WODC is in the top 10 of Councils, has no debts and is financially secure. Sharing back office functions across four authorities (Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Forest of Dean and WODC) will bring £25m savings by 2020. Leader of the Council, B Norton has stood down due to ill health, his successor being selected on 10 May. The housing Local Plan – submitted and proposed 525 new houses per annum until 2031 but this plan was rejected by the Planning Inspectorate which has suggested that 660 houses per annum need to be built. The Local Plan is being re-drafted so currently all major developments are on hold. Waste contract – due for renewal in 2017 and current provider, May Gurney has lost money on the contract. Proposal will be for recycling boxes to be replaced by a single wheelie bin, so there would be one for household waste and one for recycling.
  3. T Allan asked if the election had resulted in any change to WODC. N Owen replied there was no change.


  1. Correspondence – See Annex 1 for full details.
  2. Clerk raised the letter from Dr R Long which asked if there was a blue plaque at Chadlington Manor to honour the birthplace of Henry Rawlinson. Councillors were not aware of any such blue plaque. Clerk advised that Dr Long’s letter had not yet been returned to here after being circulated in the correspondence pouch. She asked for Councillors to check if they had got it and to return it to her if found.
  3. L Woolcock raised the Muscari neglectum 2016 report she has received from M Cochrane who wanted to know when the Stocks grass was cut by WODC. Clerk provided WODC contact details to pass on. L Woolcock suggested meeting with WODC representative and M Cochrane once the information is known. She also thought that a map of the muscari location would be good.

Land Issues

  1. Planning applications – Submitted: 16/00751/HHD, Barters Hill Farmhouse, East End, Installation of an Eco friendly out building for accommodation/office use within the current property boundary of Barters Hill Farmhouse. Clerk advised that this has subsequently been approved.
    Approved: 16/00484/HHD, The Paddock, College Farm, Erection of single storey extension;
  2. Allotments – Plots size review for Plot 6a,b and c, proposed new tenancy clause requiring plot markers and cost of replacement if missing. Agreed Proposed plot size changes were agreed. Action Clerk to notify the two tenants when she send out rent letters in July/August.
  3. Footpaths – no news


  1. Income – Clerk advised that although not on the agenda, the first instalment of the precept and parish grant had been received.
  2. Expenditure approvals below approved and cheques signed:
    Standing order (monthly) Clerk’s salary, £248.33 for May & June 2016
    C No. 100130              F Stocker, stationery expenses, £8.07
    C No. 100131              S Silman, grasscutting April, £180.00
  3. B Hamblin advised that one or two new swing seats were needed at the playground. He suggested buying two. Action Clerk to order two replacement swing seats.
  4. Approval of annual draft accounts for 2015/2016. 2015/2016 Draft accounts summary: Balance brought forward from 2014/2015 – £12,741.23, total income for 2015/2016 – £11,732.22 Total expenditure – £8,193.45. Balance carried forward from 2015/2016 – £16,280.00. Clerk advised that new rules require her to make clear that the draft accounts are subject to change until external audit completed. This has been put on the website version of draft accounts already. Approved The draft accounts were approved.
  5. Approval of annual bank reconciliation for 2015/2016 – Approved and signed B Hamblin approved and signed.
  6. Approval of Annual Return – Approved Statement of Governance & Statement of Accounts were both approved.
  7. Monthly bank statement verification – B Hamblin verified and signed.
  8. Clerk’s hours approval – March 2016, 14 hours. Approved.

Review of Council business for the coming year

  1. Review of Standing Orders – no change required.
  2. Review of Financial Regulations – no change required.
  3. Review of risk assessment & asset register – due Nov 2016.
  4. Review and confirmation of insurance cover arrangements – no change required. Clerk reminded Councillors that the current tie-in with Zurich Municipal is until January 2017.
  5. Review of the Council’s memberships of other bodies – Current membership is with OALC and CPRE – no change required.
  6. Review of allotment rent charges – 15% increase from 29 Sept 2016 as agreed at 30 Nov 2015 meeting. This will make the annual rent from 29 September 2016 £23 for a full plot, and £14 for a half plot.
  7. Review of Council’s contractors for grass cutting and weed control – no change required.
  8. Review of internal auditor arrangements for 2016/2017 accounts – no change required.
  9. Review of annual maintenance cycle schedule – – no change required.
  10. Review of running Chadlington hours and costs schedule -– no change required.
  11. H Rowley requested that the previous two documents were merged into one. Action Clerk to merge annual maintenance cycle schedule and running Chadlington hours and costs schedule into one document.

Other Issues

  1. Need not Greed Oxon suggested motion “The Council notes the correspondence from the Need not Greed Coalition and its concerns that the Local Enterprise Partnership’s original “Strategic Economic Plan” (SEP) was not consulted upon nor debated in any full local authority meeting. The Council acknowledges the current SEP ‘refresh’ and the implications it may have for future growth in the area, and resolves to respond to the consultation.” Councillors felt that they should re-read the OXLEP strategy that is currently out for consultation and then determine any future action. Clerk advised that the deadline for consultation responses is 27 May.
  2. Vandalism and anti-social behaviour – Councillors wanted to know the names of the alleged perpetrators which Clerk thought she had previously circulated in an email. She will re-send the email. Clerk advised that she had had along chat with PCSWO Wes Smith when he returned the fingerprinted vandalised cycle sign. He had mentioned that he had stopped the alleged ringleader when he was seen riding a motorcycle with a passenger and advised him he was acting illegally. B Hamblin wanted the police to respond as to why they had not arrested him then as he would have had no licence or tax etc. HR asked if this should be taken to a higher level. Clerk advised that there are no witnesses to any of the crimes experienced in Chadlington over the last two years as they have taken place at night or when no-one around. The only one that was witnessed was the bike incident, which did not take place in Chadlington. Agreed that little can be done without any witnesses. The recent posted flyers did raise awareness about vandalism and anti-social behaviour in the village. The incidents could be posted on the website. Action Clerk to re-circulate email to police with alleged perpetrator names. Clerk to ask for police response re the failure to arrest the illegal bike rider at the time.

Information Exchange

  1. Z Townsend said that she is entering her busy phase at work and will be ‘off-radar’ for 6-8 weeks.
  2. L Woolcock said that the issue of Clarkson mineral rights deposit claim posting is not about footpaths.
  3. L Woolcock felt that the issue of crop spraying advance notification raised by J Greer’s email was not practical for farmers. Planned sprays are frequently postponed due to difficult conditions, such as when windy, and the spray might not be done for one month.

Date of next meeting

  1. Date of the next meeting confirmed as Monday 11 July 2016 at 7:30 pm.



Annex 1


Correspondence details


Oxfordshire County Council

  • Highways M Timms emails: seeking clarification on location of blocked gully at Washpool and confirming timeframe for cleaning out gully (2 weeks) and grip (28 days); updating from site meeting N Winser re unmaintained track outside Old Forge and advising not OCC responsibility
  • Corporate Services P Clark emails re: public service reorganisation for Oxfordshire briefing; notification that OCC and the 4 district councils in Oxon are each commissioning a separate study on possible future re-organising the county local authority structures, OCC seeking views on proposed critieria
  • Cllr D Smith email notification of the end of all bus subsidies agreed at February 2016 full OCC meeting, subsidies will end on 20 July 2016
  • Environment & Economy Dept T Shickle email asking if CPC interested in taking on grass-cutting services for Chadlington currently undertaken by OCC
  • Sport & Activity Team T Sears email offering services to help fundraise for sporting and physical activity for facilities in Oxon
  • Cllr D Nimmo Smith email re bus services update and possible pilot to support residents without access to transport
  • Corporate Services Y Staniford email re date of CPC Annual Parish Meeting for Cllr R Rose
  • Cllr R Rose email response re CPC letter to OCC regarding grasscutting offer, clarifying that this a service that will not be undertaken rather than an attempt to shunt costs and hoping that CPC will review its decision not to take on the service itself



West Oxfordshire District Council

  • Weekly Planning lists and planning applications information [see Item 11a above for details]
  • Press release re changes to waste and recycling collection times over Easter; town centre improvements in Witney due to start; new EU funding available for businesses through OXON Leader scheme until 2020; information about local candidates available online at WODC and choosemypcc.org.uk websites
  • Legal Department K Butler emails re: notices of elections for parish, town and district councillors that need to be posted by 30 March 2016; Notice of election for Police and Crime Commissioner; forwarding email from Sir Barry Norton will not be standing for re-election in May due to health problems; notification of contested and uncontested elections (the latter including Chadlington) and Chadlington uncontested election notification notice; request to post Notice of Polls for Chadlington & Churchill ward elections for District Councillor and Police and Crime Commissioner
  • Electoral Services S Ellison email April 2016 update to electoral register
  • Planning Dept J Chartlett email re new Planning In-Tray arrangements and a guide
  • Leader of Council B Norton email and letter re WODC joint proposals with other 3 district councils in Oxon re local authority re-organisation to unitary
  • Finance Dept: L England email re first precept payment remittance advice; P Lelliott email reply to Clerk request for remittance breakdown into precept and parish grant as required by accounting rules for local authorities
  • Public Protection team P Measures email re new consultation process for licensing applications using Public Access portal as used by Planning
  • Corporate Services P Clark email re desire of OCC to work with town and parish councils over possible restructuring of Oxfordshire local authorities at district and county level and that he will be in further contact soon



  • NeedNotGreed emails re lobbying and urging Parish Council to pass a motion of dissatisfaction with the new Strategic Economic Plan produced by the Local Economic Partnership as there has been no consultation or debate in local authorities in Oxon.
  • Community First Oxfordshire emails: reminder re Neighbourhood Plan roadshow for councils on 16 March; Spring 216 newsletter
  • J Simkins email to advise that blocked sewage drain by The Tuers has now been cleared after it was found to be blocked by tree roots. Drain still needs to be re-lined to complete the job. She thanked the council for their support in dealing with Thames Water to address a five-year long issue.
  • OALC email re Section 137 funding for 2016/2017 and OALC training courses; March Members Update; email re new NALC briefings FO2-16 on Changes to audit arrangements, FO3-16 on Governance and Accountability and new practitioners guide for smaller authorities; reminder that grants are available for smaller local authorities to set up website if one not already available in order to be able to comply with Transparency Code requirements
  • K Mitchell email reply to Clerk re playground gate not being easily closed. Didn’t think it was a health and safety issue but will monitor
  • A Clear Sign email offering to clean parish council highway signs
  • E Harris-Bass email thanking Clerk for confirming landowner of adjacent field
  • Streetscape Products email re Funding Central website andWODC Community Facilities Grant up to £50,000 which could be used to plan or upgrade play facilities
  • CPRE Oxfordshire March 2016 news; email invitation to Chalgrove church restoration of medieval wall paintings
  • K Mitchell email re his monthly playground inspection report
  • C Heath email re thanking CPC for reimbursement of Plot 13 rent
  • Wychwood Flora Group M Cochrane email re planned annual assessment of grape hyacinths on Stocks green on 9 April at 10am
  • Cotswolds AONB email re Visitor Giving Scheme distributes funds raised by local companies for environmental projects and is now open to project bids, deadline 31 May 2016.
  • A Tremlett email reply re legal advice on wording of suggested new clause re plot markers being a requirement and suggestion to require paying for replacement if markers go missing.
  • S Haffenden email thanking Clerk for forwarding OCC Budget information from OALC
  • CPRE Countryside Voice Spring 2016 magazine; email re campaign to control rural housing development plans
  • I Senior emails re access to viewing of muscari neglectum rare plants in Chadlington
  • Complete Weed Control W Pryse email confirming first spray 9 May or that week, weather permitting
  • Aon Insurance email re 5% discount for long term deals for local authorities & promotional leaflet re services to local authorities
  • Town & Country Trees Limited letter offering arboricultural services
  • Dr R Long letter enquiring if there is an English Heritage blue plaque or not at Chadlington Manor for Henry Rawlinson, a nineteenth century figure who was apparently born at the manor. He would like to consider how to get one if not
  • Cotswold Friends J Van Velsen email asking if Chadlington would be interested in getting volunteer community transport services
  • Sustrans R Fairhurst email re disappearance of Kingham/Worcester cycling route sign on Stocks and offering to re-fix
  • Oxfordshire Local Economic Partnership email re consultation on Economic Strategic Plan, closing date Friday 20 May 2016 and request to post copies of A5 flyers
  • M Smith email to confirm that Chadlington.com website contact form seems to be working fine after report of fault
  • F Maclean emails re date for completing internal audit of CPC draft accounts and need to see cheque book and paying in book to finish audit off and return papers
  • N Winser phone call to discuss discovery by OCC that track outside Old Forge is not OCC responsibility to maintain
  • C Horsey email re changes needed to T Allan’s CPC contribution to May 2016 edition of Parish Magazine




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