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Latest news on waste and recycling collections from April 2017

Chadlington Parish Council has been asked by West Oxfordshire District Council to publicise the following information.

This information will be updated over the coming months and the latest details can can be found on the WODC website here.


Recycling service changes 2017

In response to a public consultation in November 2015 we have looked into changes to the recycling service we provide.

We received over 3,500 responses to the consultation which highlighted the following:

  • 70% of residents would prefer a wheelie bin for recycling, rather than boxes.
  • 88% of residents said they valued the garden waste service, with 65% indicating that they would be prepared to pay for it.

As a result:

  • From 1 April 2017 we are introducing a £30 charge for garden waste bins.
  • From October 2017 we will be rolling out wheelie bins for recycling. These will replace the current black boxes and will be collected fortnightly. You will still need have a black box to recycle your glass bottles and jars.

More details about these changes will be given nearer the time, but please see the frequently asked questions below:

Garden waste frequently asked questions


Why are you introducing a charge next year?

This is in direct response to Oxfordshire County Council no longer paying recycling credits to the District Council for garden waste recycling. We know our residents value this service and therefore wish to continue providing it for an annual charge.

Does my Council Tax not cover the cost of this service?

Only 6% of your Council Tax comes to the District Council which, for an average family, is 50p per week for waste collections. We rely on Oxfordshire County Council to pay us recycling credits so we can provide a service to residents. The credits paid for garden waste recycling stopped in April 2016, which is why we are introducing the charge.

Do you make money ‘selling’ my garden waste and other recycling?

No. We do not receive any money from companies for recycling your waste. We just collect your recyclable items and find a company who will recycle them. Any money raised is kept by that company.

Where can I take my garden waste if I don’t want to pay for a bin?

Garden waste can be taken to the household waste and recycling centre in Stanton Harcourt for free.

You can also compost garden waste at home, please visit the:

Do schools, churches or other community groups have to pay for a garden waste bin?

Yes. The charge applies to all garden waste collections from 1 April 2017.

Can I share the cost of a bin with my neighbour?

Yes. One person will need to register their name and payment for one licence but we are happy to collect a shared garden waste bin.

I use more than one bin, will there be any discounts?

The charge will be £30 per bin, per year. This covers the cost of providing the service.

I don’t want to pay for the service. Can you collect my bin?

Yes. After the service is introduced in April we will look at collecting any unwanted garden waste bins. More information will be provided next year.

I live in a flat with a shared garden waste bin, who will pay for it?

We will still collect garden waste bins from communal properties for £30 per year. The bin will need to be registered to one individual either your housing association or managing agent, or with your neighbours.

Recycling frequently asked questions

When will I get a wheelie bin for recycling?

The service will not start until October 2017 so we will deliver wheelie bins just before this time.

I don’t want a wheelie bin; can I keep my black boxes?

We are looking into options for householders who cannot have wheelie bins to make the service as easy as possible. If you don’t not have space for a wheelie bin, alternative containers will be provided (there is a chance you will keep your recycling boxes but this will not be confirmed until next year). You will still need to separate your glass into one recycling box.

Why do I need to separate glass?

Glass can easily break and mix with other items. This affects how they are recycled. A separate collection is better for the quality of recycling.

Why are we getting less recycling collections?

Recycling will be collected fortnightly. You will have a total of 295 litre recycling capacity which is the same as 5 or 6 recycling boxes. This will be made up of:

  • a 240 litre recycling wheelie bin which is the same size as the garden waste bin
  • a 55 litre recycling box for glass.

During the waste and recycling consultation at the end of 2015, 70% of residents stated that they only put out two or three boxes of recycling each week. This is the equivalent of 220 – 330 litres. The shape of a wheelie bin also means you can fit in more items than in the boxes.

What is happening with food waste and household rubbish collections?

You will continue to have weekly food waste collections and a fortnightly rubbish collection. But there may be a change to your bin day to make the collection rounds more efficient, reduce traffic and reduce carbon emissions. Any changes to scheduling will be made in October 2017 but we will let you know about this in advance next year.

Can I still put out excess recycling?

We’re still working on the final details of the new service but are considering collecting excess recycling that you cannot fit into your wheelie bin. More details will be confirmed nearer the time.

Are you collecting in the recycling boxes?

You will still need to keep one or two boxes for your glass recycling but we are looking into options for collecting unwanted boxes or alternative uses for them.

The wheelie bin will last much longer than the recycling boxes so we will not need to replace containers as often as we do at the moment.

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