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Police issue warnings to speeding drivers in Chadlington

Speeding a major concern of local residents


As part of a joint effort to stop drivers speeding through Chadlington., Chadlington Parish Council (CPC) is working in partnership with Thames Valley Police to try to address the problem.


Two speed gun sessions were recently held on Chipping Norton Road at different times.


The police have advised that on 12 July session held between 8.05 and 9.00 a.m.

66 vehicles passed the assessment area and of these, two were given warnings for doing 35 mph. No tickets were issued at this time.


More speed gun sessions are due to be held –  at different times and locations – as the police and CPC are keen to get drivers to respect the 30 mile per hour limit or less –  for the safety of others drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.


Think Safety!!


There have been many complaints over recent months from local residents who are very concerned about the level of speeding through the village, often by local residents with children in their cars!


Speeding drivers are a risk to all but in particular, the disabled, the elderly and children and peoples’ beloved pets.


Thirty miles is the legal speed limit but, in some areas of the village where visibility is poor – due to parked cars or overgrown hedges and verges – even this speed can be dangerous and is unwise.


Twenty is plenty!


Chadlington Parish Council urges all local residents to drive carefully and within the speed limit, for the safety of all of us.




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