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11 July 2016 Chadlington Parish Council meeting – minutes now available

The approved minutes of Chadlington Parish Council meeting on 11 July 2016 are now available here


The draft minutes of Chadlington Parish Council meeting on 11 July 2016 are now available.

The draft minutes of 11 July 2016 can be downloaded here or can be read online below.



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DRAFT minutes of Chadlington Parish Council Meeting in Chadlington Memorial Hall on Monday 11 July 2016

(Start 7:32 pm, Finish 9:10 pm)


Councillors Howard Rowley (Chair), Tony Allan (Vice-Chair), Brian Hamblin, Liz Woolcock, Z Townsend, M Phillips. Cllr N Owen and five members of the public were also in attendance.


  1. Cllr R Rose was not present but no apologies had been received for his absence.

Declaration of Interests

  1. No interests in items on the agenda were declared.


  1. The minutes of the meeting of the Council on 9 May were queried by H Rowley. He felt that the minutes would read more clearly if it was explicit that he had taken over chairing the meeting after his election to succeed B Hamblin. This suggested amendment and the rest of the minutes were agreed. Agreed and signed.

Matters Arising

  1. GinThing donation – S Taplin had asked that any money be ring-fenced for the playground in CPC accounts and should be used for maintenance as there was not enough to purchase new equipment. B Hamblin said that there were some broken pieces of equipment now and he urged agreement for the Clerk to get a single quote from the last contractor used as it had been very good value. Once the quote had been obtained, Councillors could assess if they felt it was reasonable and would agree to waive the financial order requirement to seek three quotes. Agreed Clerk to get single quote for Councillors to consider.
  2. Grass cutting– Clerk advised that due to budget cuts, only two cuts being done this year. However, OCC will cut if it is felt to be dangerous. Clerk has reported Tite/Burford Road junction and parts of Chadlington to CC as dangerous. Burford Rd junction has finally been cut. B Hamblin stated that it might be two cuts now but that OCC had said that they would reduce to one cut a year, the statutory minimum, unless we join Oxfordshire Together and take on responsibility for cutting. He didn’t agree with this effort to browbeat councils into taking this kind of work on. Clerk also said that she was still waiting to be advised by OCC when the village cuts were actually due. H Rowley asked that OCC and WODC grasscutting schedules be added to the CPC Annual Maintenance Schedule file. Action Clerk to ensure CPC Maintenance Schedule has full grass-cutting information from OCC and WODC.
  3. R Long letter re blue plaque at Chadlington Manor query – Clerk advised that H Rowley had returned the letter to her. She had then telephoned Dr Long and advised him that CPC was not aware of any Blue Plaque to commemorate Henry Rawlinson’s birthplace. He is going to start and application to English Heritage, which is a lengthy process. He will keep CPC informed. Clerk wants to write to owners of Manor to advise them of his intentions and asked for their contact details. L Woolcock to provide. Action Clerk to write to Chadlington Manor owners regarding Blue Plaque application. L Woolcock to provide contact information.
  4. NeedNot Greed motion re OxLEP strategy consultation – T Allan confessed he had just found the missing CPC correspondence pouch which had held the OxLEP strategy. Clerk advised that she had circulated a link to web version of the strategy so Councillors could read if they wished to when it had become clear the pouch had got ‘lost’, and that the closing date for consultation responses had now passed.
  5. Proposed new tenancy clause requiring plot markers and cost of replacement if missing – Clerk advised that this issue had got missed at the last meeting but that she had already written to tenants advising that it was now a requirement for plot markers to be left in place and removal was a breach of tenancy. She had not mentioned any charges for replacement markers as they had been made by B Hamblin. Agreed Councillors agreed that a tenancy condition to this effect should be added to allotment tenancies.

Public Participation

  1. D Fletcher raised the issue of speeding, a matter he had already written to CPC about. He lives in Ashcroft Close and is concerned about his neighbours children. He has a severely disabled daughter himself and feels he needs a spotter to check it is safe before he transfers his daughter from her wheelchair to the car. D Payne has also written to CPC on this matter and he talked about possible ideas to try to slow speeding drivers down. He thought that it would be best to try to have a lower speed limit outside of the village – perhaps 40mph – and then drivers would be being instructed to slow down from national speed limit of 60mph to 40 mph before they then entered the village speed limit of 30mph. He suggested Chadlington- Spelsbury Road would be ideal to reduce to 40mph. He also mentioned the blindspots on Catsham Lane and at Brook End, and the choke points by the school and by the Cafe and all the approach roads into Chadlington. M Phillips advised that speed humps were not viable because of agricultural vehicles. D Fletcher said that such vehicles would not be impeded by humps as they were wide enough to go right over. Cllr N Owen suggested that OCC Highways officer Anthony Kirkwood could be asked to attend an evening meeting to discuss options with local residents, a meeting convened by CPC for the public and OCC Highways (A Kirkwood and James Wright). Tony Allan said chicanes such as Middle Barton had were not an option. M Phillips updated the meeting about his recent speed gun sessions with PC Rob Webb, when two drivers were given warnings, one driver doing 37mph. H Rowley said that both D Fletcher and D Payne had raised points that he was not aware of. He felt that he needed to learn more and whittle down the options. M Phillips asked what the options were. Clerk suggested that she sought a response from OCC Highways about options suggested and the costs. B Hamblin said that the response to speeding should be standardised as it was a common rural issue. H Rowley stated that he wished to consider it in a smart way and know the likely outcomes, likely damage and pinch points of all suggestions, and to assess their potential effectiveness. The issue of Vehicle Activated speed Signs was also raised by B Hamblin as another option, but getting mains electricity supply this time rather than solar panel powered, cost in region of £6000 per sign. M Phillips reminded people that they are free to report speeding incidents to the police using the 101 telephone number. N Owen advised that a Swinbrook resident had put up his own 20mph speed signs. Action Clerk to outline options and ask OCC to respond as to likely costs and effectiveness and bring back to a future meeting for consideration.

District & County Councillors Reports

  1. County Councillor report – No report received.
  2. District Councillor report – N Owen reported that WODC had a new leader, Cllr James Mills. There will be a new waste contract from 2017. Garden waste bins will be chargeable, £30 per annum if wanted. Residents will still have a weekly food waste collection all other recycling will be done fortnightly – one black box for glass recycling, and a wheelie bin will replace the plastics, tin and other recyclable materials etc. The WODC Local Plan on house building intentions has been rejected by the Planning Inspectorate as having insufficient new builds. WODC has compiled a list of possible sites, none of which are in Chadlington. Even if on a list, this doesn’t mean it will necessarily happen. On the possible local government re-organisation in Oxfordshire, WODC had commissioned Price Waterhouse Cooper for a £50,000 report on options for the 4 district councils to do everything but social services. This report would have to go the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. H Rowley advised that he had dealt with such companies and that he didn’t expect that the district councils would see much done for this £50,000 fee.


  1. Correspondence – See Annex 1 for full details.
    Dog-fouling notices – these seem to have been lost so the Clerk will try to get some more from WODC
    Curdle Hill farmhouse development – the Clerk advised that, as a result of concerns about possible footpath diversion raised by local residents, she had spoken to OCC Footpaths diversion officer and he advised he was not aware of any request to divert the footpaths. He advised that the Council would be informed of any such application.
    Vandalism – the Clerk advised the meeting that there had been a number of incidents late on the night of the Beer Festival which had been reported to the police. One victim had suggested that the organisers of the festival be asked to something about security but Councillors did not feel that this was reasonable as there is no proof the damage was related to the festival.

Land Issues

  1. Planning applications – Submitted: 16/01505/FUL Curdle Hill Farmhouse, Chipping Norton Road, Removal of existing dwelling and construction of a replacement dwelling; 16/02080/HHD Vale Bank, Erection of an oak framed garden room to side elevation replacing existing garden room;
    Approved: 16/00751/HHD, Barters Hill Farmhouse, East End, Installation of an Eco friendly out building for accommodation/office use within the current property boundary of Barters Hill Farmhouse
  2. Allotments – addition of requirement for CPC plot marker to tenancy. Already covered earlier in the meeting
  3. Footpaths – no news


  1. Income –- Precept & parish grant 1st instalment, £4,932.50
  2. Expenditure requests below – Approved and cheques signed
    The new hourly rate of £9.647 (an increase of £0.096 per hour from current £9.551) making Clerk’s salary increase from  £248.33 to £250.82 per calendar month and new Standing Order for £250.82
    ­Standing order (monthly) – Clerk’s salary £250.82 for July & August
    Cheque No.100132                 H Rowley, OALC training course, £78.00
    Cheque No.100133                 S Silman, May & June grass cuts £690.00
    Cheque No.100134                 B Hamblin, playground repair materials, £7.80
    Cheque No.100135                 HAGS SMP, two replacement swing seats £84.00
    Cheque No.100136                 VOID
    Cheque No.100137                 Pryse Bros Ltd, May 2016 weed control spray, £300.00
    Cheque No.100138                 F Stocker – stationery expenses £51.96 & backdated payrise of £7.47, totalling £59.43
    Z Townsend asked about the grass cutting in front of the Memorial Hall. Clerk advised that S Silman was now doing this once a month and just before the Beer Festival and Apple Day events.
  3. Bank reconciliation £20,527.77 at 31 May 2016 – Opening balance 1 April 2016 – £16280 + £4,932.50 receipts less £684.73.
  4. Monthly bank statements verification – April duplicate statement. Verified and initialled
  5. Clerk’s hours approval – April 29.75 hours, May 38.75, June 17 + 6 holiday hours. Approved & signed.

Other Issues

  1. Memorial Hall – L Woolcock provided an update. Local groups have been approached. The playgroup is not currently using the Hall. The Sports and Social Club have also been spoken to as they share some of the land area. The next step is to progress to provision of drawings so need to employ an architect which will be costly – several local architects are interested. A set of plans would then be displayed in the Hall for residents to consider. She also reported that the Committee had held another successful garden party, an annual fundraising event.
    H Rowley said he thought it would be helpful to have a narrative of context, how things have progressed and where we are . L Woolcock confirmed that they are at the options assessment stage and what is feasible. B Hamblin felt that, unless there are some donations of £1-2 million, they would need to have the playgroup on board. H Rowley asked if anything was needed from CPC, L Woolcock responded nothing required at this time
  2. Speeding – already covered under Public Participation
  3. Freedom of Information – draft Publication Scheme for CPC. Councillors did not feel there was much that could be added as CPC is such a small council without policies etc. T Allan agreed to have a first examination of the draft and advise Clerk. Agreed Clerk to post this draft on the website as it is and put on the agenda for January 2017

Information Exchange

  1. T Allan raised the issue of the expiry of the playing field lease as he is concerned about what the situation is. L Woolcock advised that if there was no sports field, there would not be a sports club or a Hall.
  2. Clerk advised that Sorrell Wilson had kindly offered a grit bin. Councillors accepted this donation and it would go behind the Hall to store some of the grit.
  3. Councillors acknowledge H Hoffman’s email expressing concern about parents in parked cars leaving their engines on whilst awaiting children off the school buses.
  4. Clerk also advised that she had learnt from M Abrey that St Nicholas’s church roof lead had been stolen the previous week, valued at £40,000 but the insurance cover is only for £7,500. M Abrey also advised the Clerk that he wants to raise the issue of cemetery space shortage with CPC later this year. CPC felt that the ball is in his court regarding the re-using graves after 70 years as the only viable option and the approval by his diocese to consider this.

Date of next meeting

  1. Date of the next meeting confirmed as Monday 12 September 2016 at 7:30 pm.





All agendas, papers & draft minutes of Chadlington Parish Council meetings can be found at www.chadlington.com. You can also sign up for email updates on this village website.




Annex 1

Correspondence details



Oxfordshire County Council

  • Highways Dept: M Timms emails to advise that Clerk’s report of blocked gullies by sewage works has been noted on 21 April and an order raised to clear within 28 days deadline; copied in on email to N Winser to advise that frontage outside Old Forge Brook End is not OCC responsibility to maintain
  • Countryside Service K Skinner emails regarding Clerk’s query about mineral deposits claim and land ownership by Clarkson of footpath area opposite Tite as she had understood it was Marquess of Headfort land.
  • Corporate Services P Clark emails: update re public service reorganisation development proposals for Oxon; invitation for CPC representatives to attend a meeting to discuss local authority reorganisation & OCC proposal to have a unitary authority for Oxon; reminder email re unitary authority for Oxon proposal
  • Planning Department M Scane email re Sarsden Quarry planning application consultation letter
  • Supported Transport emails re update on latest news of buses affected by end of subsidy, including X9 which will continue with an amended timetable and reduced hours from 21 July 2016
  • Cllr R Rose reply to Clerk reporting to OCC Highways the overgrown hedges opposite playground and overgrown grass at end of Mill End road at junction with Burford Rd
  • Library Services email advising of closure of entire mobile library service after 15 September 2016

West Oxfordshire District Council

  • Weekly Planning lists; planning applications information [see Item 8a];
  • Planning Dept A Thomson email request to be advised of any brownfield land within thevillage which could be recorded on a West Oxon brownfield register
  • Environment Dept G Lee email reply to Clerk’s request for supply of dog fouling notices, provision of 6 notices, and phone conversation re WODC support which includes collection of dog faeces from footpaths and pavements, and also tackling owners who do not comply
  • B Norton email letter re consultation on unitary structure proposal for Oxfordshire, seeking views. Further consultation to follow once plans drawn up following result of PWC study
  • Press Dept emails: re appeal for businesses and communities to apply for Oxfordshire LEADER fund, a £1.55m fund designed to help those looking to set up small firms and community schemes as well as existing businesses in rural areas; announcement of new Council Leader, James Mills, replacing Barry Norton; advising that all Oxfordshire District Councils have agreed with Cotswold and South Northamptonshire Councils to rule out cross-county boundary options as part of their devolution plans; superfast broadband work starting soon in 14 villages by Cotswolds Broadband to ensure all WODC will haveaccess to fast network; Oxfordshire’s district councils set out their proposals to secure more powers and funding for the people of the county.All five district councils – Cherwell, Oxford, South, Vale and West – have released videos with their Council Leaders explaining why District Unitaries would be best for their areas. The five councils have also launched a new website, oxfordshire.vision; Design Guide 2016 launched; new Cotswold Visitor guide being launched and seeking business entries; new recycling arrangements in 2017 and annual charge being introduced for green waste collection; notice of £110,000 given in grants to community projects
  • Electoral Services; K Butler emails; re EU Referendum Notice; electoral roll May 2016 update; reminder that OACL Good Councillor Guide and training on roles andresponsibilities is available on OALC website


Thames Valley Police

  • PCSO W Smith emails: reply re Clerk’s request for update on fingerprinting sign and whensign will be returned, and invitation for speaker to July CPC meeting to discuss crime and anti-social behaviour in Chadlington. Sign will be returned after Bank Holiday to Clerk and police crime statistics can be provided to be read out at Council meeting as staffing levels and policing prioritisation dictate no staff free to present them; supply of crime statistics for Chadlington and response to query over youth and motorbike incident some months ago as queried by CPC Chair; reply to Clerk querying crime statistics and why some things not appearing
  • Police and Crime Commissioner email re feedback survey for local residents on policing priorities for the next 5 years and the Thames Valley Police Crime Plan


  • F Maclean emails re arrangements for accessing old cheque book for internal audit
  • K Mitchell emails re: worn links on a playground equipment item; monthly inspection report for May
  • OALC emails: C Lalley reply to Clerk query re viewing access to CPC draft accounts when Clerk only works 6 hours per week but access is for 30 day period. Suggests flexibilitywhere possible re viewing requests; April, May & June 2016 members newsletter; request to complete NALC survey on Parishes 20125; training on Clerk’s Year for new Clerks; consultation on Culham Science Park being used a location for testing driverless vehicles
  • S Silman invoices for April May and June grass cutting and copy of current insurance policy cover
  • CPRE emails: April, May & June 2016 News; reminder to write to MP urging a stop on unnecessary greenfield development; email urging response to OXLEP strategy consultation; invitation to OXON CPRE AGM on 2 July 2016
  • C Newman email requesting support for petition to Parliament in memory of Jenny Fry
  • J Simkins emails re new notice posted by J Clarkson for land near Tite and towards Curdle Hill regarding right to deposits under Commons Act 2006 and querying if this will impact on footpaths; thanking Clerk for confirming no planned changes to footpaths as a resut of these applications; update to say that a local walker informed her that Mr Clarkson is soon to commence building works at the main house at Curdle Hill, having completed the cottage works and will probably want to divert the footpath away from the main house and cottage; re Thames Water advising her that there are now no plans to re-line the previously repaired sewer, although the inspecting engineers had originally said it would need to be re-lined
  • HSBC letter notifying of changes to terms and conditions of CPC bank account; monthly bank statement Sheet Number 56 for April 2016
  • A Dewar email expressing concern about use of glyphosate for forthcoming weed control spray as it is a known carcinogen and asking CPC to review whether it needs to control weeds at all or if it could use a non-harmful substance
  • N Lloyd email re editing village website and her upcoming absence on holiday
  • Sustrans R Fairhurst acknowledging thanks to CPC Chair for agreeing to re-fix the vandalised cycling route sign on the Stocks
  • Need Not Greed email reminding CPC that closing date for OxLEP strategy consultation is 27 May
  • J Greer emails expressing concern about recent pesticide spraying in field behind her house and asking if farmers could be asked to provide advance warning to the public near housing and footpaths when they are due to spray
  • Microsoft email re reduction in One Drive free storage from 15Gb to 5GB from 10 Aug 2016
  • OALC emails; re NALC Parsh Council survey; provision of new nationally negotiated salary scales for Parish Clerks; request to complete last minute NALC survey on devolution of powers & services by 26 May for inclusion in Local Government Chronicle sponsored article; invitations to AGM 4 July; urging CPC to send a representative to an OCC workshop of public service re-organisation
  • Wychwood Flora Group M Cochrane email to L Woolcock re muscari neglectum annual status report
  • Strutt and Parker J Lockwood emails re Clerk querying footpath ownership in Clarkson mineral deposit application. He will check Land Registry documents and advise of outcome, confirmed as Clarkson land
  • N Winser email thanking clerk for response confirming that there are no public responsibilities for frontage maintenance by Old Forge Brook End and it is down to households to determine this
  • HAGS-SMP J Frost-Lunn emails: reply to Clerk query re replacement swing seat cost without chains and agreeing to get seat dimensions from Sweden manufacturers as HAGS-SMP don’t have this information; confirmation of costs and order and advising of 3 week lead-in time due to impending shutdown of Swedish factory for holidays; delivery of two swing seats; invoice of £84.00
  • Cotswold Friends J Van Velsen email reply to Clerk re advice on Chadlington Good Neighbours Scheme, to say she will get in contact directly
  • Cotswolds Broadband email announcing building of 14 new plinths over the coming months to site ultrafast fibre cabinets, including one in Chipping Norton
  • NHS South Central & West Commissioning Support Unit email Townlands Stakehoder Reference Group chair vacancy advert
  • Untold Theatre email promoting a production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest for village halls
  • Fields In Trust letter promoting Centenary Fields Progamme for those whose lives were lost in conflict
  • Streetscape Products and Services email re playground services
  • Post Office Services letter re consultation about changes to mobile post office service that will affect Chadlington provision, reducing to 4 days a week (Mon-Thurs) and some reduction in hours; and email attaching e-version of letter as requested by Clerk
  • Bicester Tree Services email offering services
  • Oxfordshire Countryside Access Forum email letter re protecting rights of way when planning applications impact on them and work of OCAF
  • Community First Oxfordshire emails: re latest ‘at a glance’ update; reminder that subscription not yet renewed
  • Playsafety emails confirming Clerk’s request for a July annual RoSPA inspection of playground and offering annual pre-booked inspection
  • D Bunney email thanking Clerk for passing her role in Chadlington Good Neighbour Scheme to Cotswold Friends organisation
  • National Plant Monitoring Scheme email re publicising volunteer drive
  • A Tremlett email agreeing to review Curdle Hill Farmhouse planning application and advise CPC if they need to be aware of any potential or actual issues; response that nothing planned for footpaths apart from planting standard trees alongside both sides above farmhouse
  • Oxfordshire Community & Voluntary Action email offering training on auto-enrollment pensions for employers; offer to subscribe to Pulse newsletter
  • WOCAB email invitation to AGM 26th July
  • D Payne email and letter re concerns about speeding in Chadlington and offering suggestions tried in other villages in Gloucestershire and Oxon
  • Oxford Council D Ricketts email re OXON Sport & Physical Activity
  • LexisNexis email re new Arnold-Baker: Local Council Administration book for lawyers
  • Tite Inne D Pye email re asking for CPC support for application of discretionary business rates relief
  • D Fletcher emails: complaining about speeding in Chadlington and reporting two incidents of damage to his vehicle and expressing concern about safety of residents; replying to Clerk advising he is unable to attend 11 July meeting when speeding is on the agenda
  • PRS for Music email offering consultation re performing rights tariff for music in premises owned or managed by local authorities
  • Complete Weed Control W Pryse email re checking surviving weeds after first spray; invoice for May spray



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