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Apple problem? We can help with that..

Got a few too many apples in your garden? Can’t eat your way through them? Suffering “apple guilt” from the sheer volume of rotting apples under your tree?

We can help with that.

Chadlington Apple Day is on Saturday 30th September from midday at the Memorial Hall. For those not quite in the know about Chadlington Apple Day you can find out more by clicking here

Apple Day exists as a national calendar event to celebrate the vast array of British apples. It also exists in Chadlington to help raise funds for Chadlington Playgroup. We hold our Apple Day early in the season to make the most of early apples that don’t keep.

And the thing that fuels Chadlington Apple Day is, you guessed it, apples. And we need a lot of them…Barrel loads in fact….


So, if you have an apple tree in your garden, and ripe windfalls going to waste, and you would like to see them enjoyed for a good cause, then please do let the Apple Day team know. We are happy to come and collect bagged apples and welcome any help bringing them down on the day. 

Please call Siobhann on 07912 511 652 to arrange collection or let the team know about possible deliveries.







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