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Village Hall Project – September Update


It may seem to have gone a bit quiet on the Village Hall Project since our last survey before the summer, but rest assured the team have been busy behind the scenes. Herewith an update where we are in the process and at what stage you will again be invited to participate to share your views.

Based on your feedback in the surveys, we understand that at the very least a significant refurbishment is required to address the feedback.. There is clear demand to ‘broaden use’,  attract more people of different age groups, improve facilities (parking!), aesthetic appeal, and how the hall is booked and marketed.  We have been consulting with various local potential user groups to see how a refurbished hall may deliver on their needs, and there is clear potential to bring in new groups of regular users who could help with regular revenue streams.

We have also been researching funding opportunities. We have  met with Village Halls Rep from Community First Oxfordshire and have a sense of what could be afforded (with of course significant local fundraising initiatives)

No decisions or assumptions are being made about the scale of the project at this early stage. An improved hall will need commitment from specific user groups and the community to use it. We recognise that, until we have some proposals on the table, we are unable to secure that commitment.

Lastly, with this in mind, we have been meeting with local architects who have expressed interest in working on this wonderful community project.  Upon appointment, we will work closely with this architect to develop a  concept based on a brief which meets current use and considers potential future use. An open meeting will be called to invite feedback.

Until then, please do register for updates from this website We will also notify facebook followers of updates as and when. Results from the latest survey among school students and parents of school children (which broadly reflect the original survey, the results of which can be found on this website) will also  be published.

The Village Hall Project Team.
Jon Alsop, Claire Ogden, Susan Myatt, Siobhann Mansel-Pleydell,  Adrian Tremlett & Liz Woolcock.
“First life, then spaces, then buildings”
Jan Gehl


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