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Parish Council minutes – 10 March 2014 now available

The minutes of the 10 March 2014 meeting of Chadlington Parish Council were approved at 12 May 2014 CPC meeting.

They can either be downloaded here or read online below.


Minutes of Chadlington Parish Council meeting in Chadlington Methodist Church on Monday 10 March 2014.

(Start 7:37 pm. Finish 9:40 pm)


Councillors B Hamblin (Chair), Liz Woolcock (Vice-Chair), T Allan, H Rowley, Z Townsend, M Phillips, F Stocker (Clerk). Cllr Neil Owen and three members of the public attended.


  1. Received from H Rowley, T Allan, M Phillips, R Rose

Declaration of interests

  1. None declared

Minutes of the previous meeting

  1. The minutes of the 13 January meeting were agreed. Agreed and signed.

Matters arising

  1. A361 chevron installation now complete and highways signs cleaned.
  2. Bus stop sign & hardstanding in East End now complete.
  3. Defibrillator – CPC has been informed by the Dick Tracey of the ambulance service that it will receive a donation of a defibrillator and cabinet box from the mystery benefactor & only has to cover installation and annual electrical running costs. Abbeyfield has today informed CPC that it is happy for the box to be installed in their front porch & that they are willing to fund the first year’s electrical costs (estimated to be £30-35) and Claire Metcalfe, Chadlington manager, will review at the end of the year.
  4. Charlbury Green Hub possible speaker for annual parish council meeting in May – The Green Hub can provide a speaker but, as there is such a lot of information to share, it was felt that having a slot at an event like Apple Day or Summer Fayre would be a better way for more people to hear about their range of activities. It was agreed not to have a speaker at annual parish council meeting. Action Clerk to advise Charlbury Green Hub of alternatives.
  5. Weed control spraying for Chadlington. See under Finance.
  6. Allotment association – CPC had been informed that S Ambrose is standing down from his role in leading on developing an association. Action Clerk to email allotment tenants with known email addresses to see if any others may be interested in taking the role on.
  7. Quarry Road signage – WODC has ordered new signs. Delay with manufacturers due to flooding but due end of March.
  8. CPC Emergency Plan – this has now been submitted to OCC.
  9. Footpaths 5 & 9 & Lower Court Lane – A Tremlett has been working with L Woolcock on rights of way modification applications. There is a 10 year backlog at OCC for circular paths so if not circular, delay could be longer. Adrian had a very useful meeting with P Harris re rights of way management plan consultation and no longer feels he needs to submit a formal response on behalf of CPC, as had previously been agreed. He would like to get forms from 10 people who have driven down Green End road (has several people already) and used footpath at the back of S Taplin’s cottage (has 6 people already). D Cox advised that he had sent a letter to OCC 30-40 years ago regarding footpath walking that may be useful to the applications so he will ask his son to find this letter & give a copy to Adrian. Green End road is an issue of whether it is a public highway for driving or a restricted byway with restricted rights of way. Adrian feels that not much more can be done without sufficient signatories and he feels that Lower Court Farm needs to be more active. Agreed A Tremlett and L Woolcock to continue their work applying for modification order but

Public participation –Opportunity for the public to ask questions.

  1. It was reported that a fallen tree was blocking the footpath at the back of playing fields. Action Clerk to report to S Strong who manages the land. Water supply D Cox felt that Thames Water should compensate Chadlington for all the years it has been using its water when it took over water supply to the village from the old partridge cover estate supply. B Hamblin advised that water supply issue was not in CPC’s remit and Cllr Owen suggested D Cox got his son to write a letter and Cllr Owen offered to forward it to Thames Water. Facilities for older children: M Smith said his neighbour had expressed concern over the idea of possibly siting a skate park on Stocks green, as had been mentioned in the previous CPC meeting minutes. He pointed out that the green was in fact owned by West Oxfordshire District Council not CPC. M Smith felt that any such facility would need to be situated where it is well-lit and overlooked, as well as flat, tarmacked etc. Health and safety and insurance would need considering He suggested the sports club/village hall car park could be a possible location and grants could be looked at for the costs of tarmacking but he stressed that CPC should make sure that any such facility was wanted and would used by enough people to justify any expense incurred. M Smith volunteered to be involved in any future discussions on this subject. D Cox pointed out that the Council is responsible for how the Sports Club use the playing field. Village website: M Smith expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of updating of the diary and said he could not undertake all the website work alone. It was explained that Cllr M Phillips had been abroad and has been very busy.

District & County Councillors reports

  1. County Cllr R Rose not present, written report provided which covered flooding, the budget, the draft waste management plan.
    District Cllr N Owen reported that West Oxfordshire District Council had set its budget and the Community Charge [Council Tax] is not going up. Most of the Icelandic banking funds have now been returned to WODC with some interest. Funding is going to be reserved for Rural Broadband support [see http://www.westoxon.gov.uk/news/dec/extending-high-speed-broadband-coverage/]. Despite rumours, Cllr Owen confirmed Dean Pit will remain closed and Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) is currently consulting about waste management. He attended a Flood Forum event hosted by OCC that was interesting and there is another meeting in 2 weeks time.


  1. Correspondence – Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) Highways D Bellchamber email regarding confirmation of installation of bus stop sign by St Nicolas’s church by end of February 2014 (The bus stop flag will indicate that buses stop opposite (which they will do wherever the driver considers safe at that time); OCC Highways J Wright emails re speed limit signage nr Upper Court Farm cottages, confirmation that repeater speed signs not permissible in areas with street lighting but OCC temporary speeding notices are available, chevron installation and directional sign cleaning on A361, query regarding OCC role in crumbling wall on pavement opposite Chadlington Farmhouse, and advice regarding CPC request for road marking and warning street signage near Abbeyfield to facilitate emergency vehicular access, reduce speeding and risk to Abbeyfield residents; OCC Highways M Timms reply regarding privately owned crumbling wall is an WODC responsibility and provision of contact name, and provision of drainage engineer lead at OCC regarding Stocks Green water run-off problem OCC Highways notification of Temporary Traffic Regulation Notices across Oxfordshire & response to CPC Clerks suggestion re improving OCC website to publicise road closures due to flooding etc; OCC Finance W Hu email confirmation of receipt of CPC precept e-request; OCC Press Dept C Davies email re new police counter opening in Chipping Norton Guildhall, new hours Mon to Friday: 8.45am to 1pm and 2pm to 4.30pm (4pm on Friday); OCC Countryside Access P Harris re consultation on draft Rights of Way Management Plan from 24 January to 18 April Action Clerk to remind A Tremlett of closing date; OCC Cllr R Rose email invitation to Members Flood Forum on 1 March; OCC Business Continuity I Travers-Smith email regarding flooding and responsiveness survey; OCC email confirmation of CPC Clerk registering for OCC’s online consultation portal; OCC Planning Dept email re  West Oxfordshire District Council (WODC) K Jack engineer email re The Stocks run off, OCC surveyor approval needed for use of gully, & seeking budget to do drainage works; WODC Engineering Dept L Travers email confirming receipt of photos of Quarry Rd street sign and confirmation of order for replacement sign like Stonelee Close sign, installation due end of March 2014;WODC Press Office S Simpson email re CPC request to be sent electronic copies of consultations etc so they can be posted on village website; WODC I Fawcett email confirming vandalism report made by Clerk has been forwarded to WODC Antisocial Behaviour Team, ASB team R Nicholson phone call confirming CPC report was passed to Kirstyn Tyrer PCSO for Chadlington to deal with; WODC I Wilkie email regarding WODC offers on defibrillators advising that Bill Wragge is lead officer; WODC Building Control A Jones emails regarding need to repair Chapel Road wall opposite Chadlington Farmhouse. Update Clerk advisedshe’d hadconfirmation that Savill’s, managing agent for the landowner (Kathleen Hannay Trust) have asked a builder to assess necessary repairs ; WODC S Stokes email re poster for Climate Week Swap Shop on 5th March in Witney; WODC A Jones responding to CPC reporting of crumbling wall by Chadlington Farmhouse and confirmation he is writing to Savill’s as land agent for owner, requesting repairs are carried out; Stagecoach Bus Company Carole Stevens email notifying when bus drivers would be alerted to new bus stop sign by St Nicholas’s church; Oxfordshire Association of Local Councils training in Chairmanship offer, advice that council tax referendum principles won’t apply to local councils in 2014/15, alert to pending change in requirement for 2 Councillor signatories for payments, advice note regarding proposed new regulations for local councils on audit changes, filming council meetings, reporting delegated decision-making, February members bulletin, and advice regarding amending standing orders relating to public participation and 2013 version of Model Standing Orders and a revised Legal Topic Note on council meetings from NALC; RoSPA email confirmation of playground inspection in July at early bird rate; Oxfordshire Fieldpaths Society D Scott email re T Merry as Chadlington Footpaths Parish Warden, email from T Merry explaining his role & offer to advise CPC on this role;  A Tremlett various emails relating to footpaths, changes to definitive map, defibrillator article in Oxford Mail, Oxfordshire Fieldpaths Society Parish Warden for Chadlington, draft OCC rights of way management plan consultation and acting as CPC consultant for response & forwarding OCC Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service Risk Based Fire Safety Re-Inspection Programme consultation information; Oxford Mail Alex Wynick request to be added to any mailing list for CPC; N Peto email re traffic off A361 speeding past Grey Walls and Green End & requesting item be added to March agenda: M Smith email re suggestion to invite Charlbury Green Hub speaker for Annual Parish Meeting & various emails regarding CPC postings on website; S Ambrose email re suggestion of rent collection on behalf of Clerk to coincide with an allotment holders  association AGM; M Chapman emails re invite to next Council meeting to do Home Paddock Q & A and request to know content of questions from CPC, & email asking if CPC plans to organise an annual litter pick in 2014; Volunteer Link Up annual report & request for donation; Charlbury Green Hub M Hand Ferguson, J Sly & C Elliott emails regarding possibility of speaking about sustainable energy activities to Chadlington annual parish meeting on 12 May or at a separate dedicated event; Oxfordshire Rural Community Council February newsletter & subscription renewal request; Cotswolds Conservation Board email invitation to Annual Forum on Friday 7 March, from 9.30am, at the Manor House Hotel, Moreton-in-Marsh; Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner email invitation to hear Thames Valley Police & Crime Commissioner speak at a Public Meeting on 3 March in Witney, and PCSO K Tyrer phone call re recent spate of vandalism in Chadlington, confirmation of Clerk sign up to Thames Valley Alerts; Friends of Chadlington School Chair C Ogden email re Friends position re their fundraising being for the school but expressing support for helping the Memorial Hall; Cotswolds Conservation Board email re their energy and climate change projects (see http://www.cotswoldsaonb.org.uk/userfiles/file/climate-change/climate-change-flyer-final.pdf); Cotswold Landscaping email advising that they have discovered they don’t have the necessary public liability insurance to spray in Chadlington and are withdrawing from bid to undertake this work in 2014; Complete Weed Control email confirmation of acceptance of 2014 contract and provision of required evidence of qualifications, process and public liability insurance cover to do weed spraying; Oxfordshire Rural Community Council February 2014 members bulletin, and £50.00 annual subscription renewal request; J Greer email regarding article in Parish magazine regarding ‘new’ footpaths, and concerns that they may border her allotment or house; Sport England request for monitoring and evaluation report in relation to 2012/13 grant for Sports Club changing room refurbishment & agreement for P Duester to provide all such reports; Chadlington Sports Club P Duester emails confirming he will provide reports for Sport England grant compliance & that he has now submitted the outstanding monitoring & evaluation report; P Lewis emails regarding CPC Standing Orders and desire to change so that the public to be able to raise any item even if not on agenda; Age UK & Volunteer LinkUp email re the new Community Information Network Partnership meetings to support isolated elderly people – invitation to CPC to send a representative to Chipping Norton event on 24 March; Cotswold Tourism email draft tourism consultation; Zurich Municipal Insurance electronic provision of Liability Certificate for CPC 2014-15 insurance cover.

Land Issues 

  1. Planning applications – None received. The previous CPC meeting in January had raised the issue of poor car park condition. Apparently, this will be addressed, subject to approval of plans, when the excavation works are done.
  2. Parish Path Wardens – The Clerk reported that since we lost T Gilbert as our Cotswold Warden, it has been agreed that roles will be shared between Cotswold Wardens and Parish Path Wardens. Chadlington will be covered by the Parish Path Warden for Charlbury, Dr T Merry, who will take up any footpath issues. He has offered to speak at a CPC event if wanted. A Tremlett will arrange to meet him when he returns from abroad.
  3. OCC Rights of Way Management Plan consultation – already discussed under Matters Arising Item 47. Waste management consultation & possible Dean Pit nomination – not discussed.
  4. Facilities for older children – Further to the discussion under Public Participation earlier in the meeting, it was agreed that there was a lack of suitable sites in the village apart from around the Sports Club/Memorial Hall.


  1. Income – None received
  2. Expenditure approvals Agreed & approved The following were approved:
    Clerk’s Monthly salary of £242.97 for March & April on a standing order.
    C No. 100064 Zurich Municipal annual insurance from 21 January 2014 – £568.14
    C No. 100065 B Hamblin – replacement playground ‘Shut the gate’ notice -£8.98
    C No. 100066 Oxfordshire Association of Local Councils (OALC) – annual membership subscription 2014-2015 – £157.01
  3. Abolition of 2 Councillor signatories for payments statutory proposals – Agreed to maintain the current requirement for 2 cheque signatures rather than move to electronic payments.
  4. Weed control spraying contract 2014 – Complete Weed Control (CWC) insurance & capability paperwork had been received. CPC had previously chosen Cotswold Landscaping as CPC contractor due to being a local company but they had pulled out stating they didn’t have the correct insurance. CWC had quoted the same rate and were able to supply satisfactory evidence of trained staff and insurance. Agreed and approved Complete Weed Control are awarded the contract for 2014, which involves 2 sprays (May & Sept probably) at £300 per spray incl. VAT. Action Clerk to inform CWC.
  5. Risk Review & Asset Register update – a few minor items still to be completed by year end, including Chair’s approval of Clerk’s monthly hours & VAT analysis by Clerk by year end. B Hamblin signed off Clerk’s timesheet
  6. End of year financial position – estimated closing balance £13,368.57 (pending final bank statement for March 2014) of which £9000 is earmarked reserves for playground wall & Memorial Hall repairs. This leaves approximately £4369 potentially available to allocate. See discussion under Other Issues. As B Hamblin had got a surveyor to assess the Memorial Hall, his report which estimated significant costs (approx £100,000 to bring the hall up to today’s expectations) will be forwarded to the Hall Committee for consideration at their AGM on 14 March. Agreed Apart from OALC 2014 subscription already approved, no further expenditure to be made on any subscriptions and donations until the funding needs of the Memorial Hall becomes clearer.
  7. Abbeyfield road marking & warning signage approximate cost £1200-1300 – The Clerk advised that the Abbeyfield manager has raised concerns over nearby parking blocking access for emergency vehicles like ambulances trying to get into Abbeyfield drive, and also the risk to residents when trying to cross the road especially on a Saturday. OCC Highways were asked if they could put in road markings and signage but they have estimated costs of £1200-1300 and this would not be considered a priority currently. However, OCC have suggested that CPC could fund half-day road marking (approximately £700) to get box marking done alongside other white line needs such as playground. Agreed As Item 60 decision above states, funding not to be considered until Hall funding position clearer. Action L Woolcock to raise matter with Diplock Charity.
  8. Annual funding subscriptions & donation requests – Current subscriptions: OALC £157.01, ORCC £50 (due now), OPFA £40. Possible donations already identified: Chadlington Memorial Hall, Cotswolds AONB, West Oxfordshire CAB, Volunteer Link-Up. [NB Any approved expenditure not specified on this agenda will have to be formally approved and accounted for in the 2014/15 CPC accounts]. Agreed As Item 60 decision above states, funding not to be considered until Hall funding position clearer (apart from OALC subscription already approved)

Other Issues

  1. Memorial Hall – B Hamblin had got a surveyor to assess the Memorial Hall, his report identified issues such as insulation, window catches, raising the roof and improving the amenities, including car parking. Estimated significant costs (approx £100,000 to bring the hall up to today’s expectations). BH will forward hard copies to the Hall Committee for consideration at their AGM on 14 March. BH also made contact with Lower Oddington, who have a similar aged and design of hall but have made significant improvements to facilities and this has resulted in higher rental income. Chairs – L Woolcock to raise at AGM the issue of better leg rubbers to prevent damage to flooring.
  2. Speeding signage – OCC Highways have advised that repeater speed signs within areas that have street lighting are not permitted legally. The only option would be erecting temporary warning signs and taking them down and moving them/removing them every month to maintain effectiveness. Agreed Deferred until M Phillips presents his speeding report. B Hamblin reported that the speed sign had been taken back to the manufacturers as there was a problem with the battery. He hopes it will return soon.
  3. Drainage at Stocks green – Clerk advised that OCC have now approved the use of their highways drainage for run-off. Now WODC will devise plans, get quotes and get work done thereafter as there is funding available. B Hamblin will liaise with Kevin Jack at WODC regarding design and current flaws.
  4. Vandalism – continues to be a problem. The police are stepping up patrols. B Hamblin has spoken to Inspector Ollie Holland who will update him on police intentions. For information, non-emergency calls to the police should be made on the 101 telephone number. If incidents are not reported, they do not figure in the police crime statistics. Photographs can be taken of incidents as they are happening and these can be used as evidence
  5. ‘Lorry park’ on Catsham Lane – T Allan had expressed concern as to what would happen to this space once the remedial works to the rail bank were complete. The Clerk contacted OCC Highways dept and was advised that this was outside of their remit apart from making sure the road itself was safe. It was presumed that the field would be restored after works completed.
  6. Amending Standing Order – new Model Standing Orders have been published by NALC. Councillors do not wish to be perceived as stifling discussion by only permitting agenda items to be raised in the public participation session. The Clerk stressed that no financial decisions can be made if an item has not previously been posted on the agenda. Agreed & approved Clerk to draft new standing order to permit issues to be raised and clarifying position of councillors in making a response. Standing Orders will be reviewed at annual parish council meeting in May anyway.

Information Exchange

  1. Broadband – B Hamblin & L Woolcock met with new Infinity roll-out team representative (see http://www.betterbroadbandoxfordshire.org.uk/home. He advised of 3-stage plans for high-speed broadband in Chadlington. 1st: fibre-optic cable will be directly run into our exchange to enable people who are prepared to pay a premium to get up to 30 MB download speed, via copper cable from exchange to house; 2nd: from exchange to poles in fibre & powered control box adjacent to the pole which will speed up transmission rate; 3rd: pole & control box to house in fibre, bringing even faster speeds.
  2. Temporary road closure – A361 will be closed for 3 days (19:00-05:00) from 30 March between Shipton-under Wychwood Milton Road junction and the London Lane junction in Ascott-under-Wychwood) . Action Clerk to email information to M Smith for website posting.
  3. Date of next ordinary meeting confirmation – Monday 12 May 2014 after the Annual Parish Meeting at 7:30pm.


Minutes approved by CPC 12 May 2014





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