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14 November 2016 Chadlington Parish Council meeting – draft minutes now available

The draft minutes of Chadlington Parish Council meetings on 14 November 2016 are now available.


The draft minutes of 14 November 2016 can be downloaded here or can be read online below.


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DRAFT Minutes of Chadlington Parish Council Meeting in Chadlington Memorial Hall on Monday 14 November  2016 (Start 7:33 pm, Finish 9:33 pm)


Councillors Howard Rowley (Chair),Tony Allan (Vice-Chair), Brian Hamblin, Liz Woolcock, Z Townsend and Monty Phillips (late), Fil Stocker (Clerk). Cllrs Neil Owen & Rodney Rose (late) and 4 members of the public were also in attendance.


  1. N Owen offered R Rose apologies but R Rose then arrived after having attended a house fire at Chilson.

Declaration of Interests

  1. No interests in items on the agenda were declared.

Previous Minutes

  1. The minutes of the previous meetings on 12 September 2016 and 10 October were approved and signed. Approved and signed

Matters Arising

  1. Sarsden quarry re-opening – Clerk advised that there was no OCC road traffic requirement.
  2. Poplar removal – Treetech had only just submitted their quote but had quoted for removal of the wrong tree. C Notman quote was accepted, subject to Clerk obtaining further satisfactory Action Clerk to verify with C Notman work plan for safe handling of tree removal so no risk to neighbouring house and power cable, road closure arrangements and to obtain copy of public liability insurance.
  3. Speeding data boxes – Clerk advised that OCC have been asked to install three boxes and the locations have been agreed. Date of installation not known. Action Clerk to check with OCC date of installation.
  4. Emergency Plan & Freedom of Information policy, publication and statement – Clerk reported that these had now been approved by CPC and posted on the website. Copies of Emergency Plan also sent to OCC and WODC.

District and County Councillors reports

  1. The Chair asked that Councillors reports were moved up the agenda.
  2. District Councillor report – Local Plan: Cllr N Owen provided some background to the rejection of WODC Local Plan by the Planning Inspectorate, essentially it did not include enough new houses. WODC is losing lots of appeals which is costly for the Council in legal fees. Last years planning legal defence budget for the year was £500,000 and currently it is running at over £1 million. Devolution issue: both WODC and OCC have issued statements and the preferred option is known as Option 6. This would mean OCC runs the entire county but individual areas would have a local feel as there would be elections for a handful of local representatives. B Hamblin wondered if these supposed efficiency savings would in fact deliver any of the promised savings. M Phillips asked how many more houses will be in the draft Local Plan. G Hill advised that there would be an extra 600 more houses built by 2031 than had originally been proposed.
  3. County Councillor report (presented after Public Participation item) – Cllr R Rose apologised for his late arrival which was due to a thatch roof fire in Chilson. He advised that papers going through now propose keeping the existing household waste and recycling centres (HWRC) but with reduced hours in the quieter periods, not weekends. They also want to start charging for certain items such as household DIY. Major OCC budget review started today and if all goes well, there will be no more cuts for 2017/2018.B Hamblin asked if Dean Pit had been rented out. Cllr Rose advised that it was in the process of being reinstated back to its original agricultural state.

Public Participation

  1. M Smith queried the new recycling arrangements which left glass being collected in boxes when they were the heaviest item. N Owen replied that it was more economic to keep the glass separate. M Smith wondered if there could be a glass recycling ­as part of the Hall development options. L Woolcock advised that there might be an issue with vandalism. T Allan suggested making information available as to where smaller items could be recycled like ??.
  2. N Lloyd raised the issue of power cuts experienced from the Stocks to Horseshoe Lane over the last few months and apparently rain is making it worse. SSE has been looking into it and identified the problem as being 200m from Chapel Row circuit box but have not yet solved it. It is causing massive inconvenience for the residents as the shorting circuits affect computers, clocks and timers etc and can last for several hours. It was intermittent but seems to be getting worse. Chapel Row and Mill End are also experiencing flickering lights. She wondered if CPC could help put pressure on SSE to fix the problem. N Owen suggested emailing Cllr Rose on the subject. Cllr Rose said he would be happy to contact SSE. N Lloyd agreed to liaise with Cllr Rose. T Allan said that people should contact SSE via the new reporting number of 105. It would help if people could liaise with Tony Lloyd and Mike Smith if they are having problems. The village website was updated today about the problem. B Hamblin offered to check out what SSE are doing if someone can alert him when they next visit.


  1. At this point of the meeting. H Rowley presented the Clerk with flowers and several gifts as she is leaving at the end of November. He thanked her for her work and support to the Councillors and wished her well for the future.
  2. Correspondence – See Annex 1 for full details. The Clerk highlighted the OCC response regarding accepting their responsibility for overgrown hedges at front of Stonelee Close houses on Chipping Norton road but stating that it was the homeowner of the Stocks property who is responsible for the overhanging vegetation opposite CQF. Action Clerk to chase up OCC regarding them notifying landowner of their hedge maintenance obligations.
    Clerk also advised that M Phillips had agreed to put up dog fouling notices provided by WODC and to re-locate temporary speeding signs which is meant to be done every three months to have any impact, according to OCC Highways.
  3. Website – N Lloyd advised that she was getting more people to post articles now. M Smith advised that the calendar software has been replaced and improved. T Allan asked for an update on the website hacking. M Smith corrected him advising that the website had not been hacked but an email to the editor which contained a virus had been unfortunately opened causing problems for that computer. Improved security measures have now been put in place. H Rowley asked if there was any revenue-earning potential, M Smith replied that he was reluctant to do that as there are negative implications. Could do sponsorship but anything other than local businesses in Chad could prove problematic as no clear boundaries on what would be acceptable and relevant and what would not.

Land Issues 

  1. Planning applications – Applications made: 16/03356/HHD 10 Chipping Norton Road, To demolish two storey rear extension and replace with new two storey rear extension. Single storey side extension with vehicular access to front; 16/03514/HHD Orchard Cottages, widening of vehicle access;
    Applications approved: 16/03095/HHD 12 Stonelee Close, erection of front porch.
  2. Allotments – Hedge maintenance at Eversley Close car park. Cottsway are saying it is not their responsibility but they have cut the hedge previously. Clerk advised that A Tremlett was contacting a homeowner to see if her property deeds clarified who is responsible for that side of the allotment boundary. T Allan advised that, to his knowledge and surprise, the padlock on the Eversley Close gate is still in place and blocking unauthorised access.


  1. Income –  Precept and parish grant 2nd instalment, £4,932.50; Allotment rent: K Heath, £23.00; G Duester, £23.00; C Heath, £23.00; L Blowfield, £23.00; K Cooper, £23.00; S Winser, £23.00.
  2. Expenditure approvals requested –
    Standing order (monthly) Clerk’s salary £250.82 for November & December 2016 (new Clerk)
    C No. 100145 Pryse Bros Ltd, weed control spraying, £300.00
    C No. 100146 S Silman, grass cutting Sept (part) & Oct, £300.00
    C No. 100147 Greenfields Garden Services Ltd, playground maintenance repairs, £690.00
    C No. 100148 Playsafety Ltd, 2016 RoSPA inspection, £109.20
    C No. 100149 Chadlington Methodist Church, room hire for CPC meeting, £8.00
    C No. 100150 F Stocker, payment for annual leave (25 hours not taken) and excess hours (13.5 hours), £371.41
  3. Bank reconciliation as at 30 September: Opening balance 1 April 2016, £16,280.00; income to 30 Sep 2016, £5,225.50; expenditure to 30 Sep 2016, £3,699.75. Closing balance £17,805.75.Approved and signed
  4. Bank statement verification – previously verified by H Rowley.
  5. Request for CPC annual contribution of £60-120 towards village website running costs. M Smith explained that he had been happy to cover the village website costs for the first ten years whilst it got going but now he faces increased costs such as the calendar software (£60 per annum) and hosting. Councillors were very supportive of the website and agreed to contribute £120 per annum toward the running costs. Agreed CPC to make annual payment of £120 to M Smith for website running costs,
  6. 2017/2018 Budget £15,120 and 2017/2018 Precept £15,165 (£14,732 + £433 estimated parish grant) – approved. WODC will send the precept request form out soon so this precept figure may change as a result. Approved 2017/2018 budget of £15,120 approved.
  7. Clerk’s hours approval: September 31 hours; October 29.5 hours &; November 26 hours. Approved and signed.
  8. Authorisation to close HSBC standing order for F Stocker, notification to HSBC of new Clerk’s details Approved and signed
  9. Appointment of Gill Hill as new Clerk and approval of new Standing Order salary payment from 1 December 2016 of £250.82. Approved and signed

Other Issues

  1. Memorial Hall update including ratification of architects firm selection. L Woolcock advised that the firm of Berman Guedes Stretton (BGS) has been selected by the Hall Development team from a shortlist of three firms. Approved Selection of BGS as architects.
    BGS will be able to offer advice on options and make suggestions, Neil Eaton is a director and will sit on the team. There will be a communication event in early 2017 for local residents to explain what has happened so far and to get agreement for the design principles and options. H Rowley CPC only wishes to support what is agreed by the village. B Hamblin said that if the Hall could be rented out for 40 hours per week, it would be much more financially viable and also if the playgroup committed to using it.
    M Phillips advised that he is doing a fundraiser for the Hall development on 17 March. M Smith stated that it was the intention to put more information about the development on the website.
  2. Vandalism at Sports Club – Z Townsend said that J Townsend had received two reports from local about the vandalism (the wooden side panels of the away team shelter were removed at the weekend). Two empty bottles of vodka and Becks were found so it would seem it was alcohol-fuelled vandalism. The incident was reported to the police and the shelter has now been repaired by Barry Mulhearn.
  3. Playground RoSPA report and comments – B Hamblin said that the 2016 RoSPA report had finally been received. Two items identified: 300mm of play bark recommended and new chains on swings and tightened nuts (already fixed, thanks to Keith Mitchell for doing that). Clerk advised that she was awaiting a quote from S Silman for getting the play bark. B Hamblin advised that he had also removed the mesh on the tunnel tube which has been exposed for 3 years now and not picked up in RoSPA inspection. M Smith asked if the climbing apparatus had been wrongly fitted. B Hamblin said it might look like it he didn’t think so as the grips can be fitted in several ways.

Information Exchange

  1. Clerk reminded Councillors that T Allan had suggested raising the issue of possible nominations for High Sheriff at this point in the meeting. L Woolcock advised that nominations can only be for people who have made significant contributions to the local community and not for anyone who has already received an award. Agreed not to make any nominations.
  2. H Rowley advised that he would be attending the next lunch club as the CPC representative in order to support the Royal Legion which is making a presentation to Jean Heath for 60 years as a local poppy sales collector

Date of next meeting

  1. Confirmed as Monday 9 January 2017 at 7:30 pm at the Memorial Hall.


Annex 1

Correspondence details

Oxfordshire County Council

  • Highways Dept: M Timms email advising that verges will be cut by end of Sept; P Wilson email confirming that OCC does indeed own most of the land in front of Stonelee Close houses onto Chipping Norton Road and so has passed to Arboriculture team to cut back the vegetation but due to very limited budget, the work will have to fit in with the other priorities of their team; P Wilson to advise that land opposite CQF not OCC-owned and so not responsible for vegetation control. The fence has been installed on the property side of the boundary hedge at some point after the properties were constructed, therefore the hedge remains the ownership of those properties on that section of land. Clerk asked if OCC can write to landowner to get vegetation cut; N Clark emails re advising of possible locations for speed data boxes, Clerk advised one location incorrect and provided right info; N. Clark re confirmation of locations and data will be provided by mid Nov;
  • Corporate Services P Clark emails re: OCC Cabinet voting to support a single unitary authority for Oxon; OCC update
  • Transport Co-ordinator email re Dept for Transport launching second round of Community Minibus Fund
  • Cllr R Rose email reply to Clerk complaining about failure of Highways to respond to multiple requests to cut hedge back on Chipping Norton Road between Church Road junction and playground and also tree by houses at end of village
  • Fire and Rescue Service email re consultation
  • Social Services Adult Team B Leigh email re consultation on vulnerable daytime services for adults consultation from 1 Nov to 20 December 2016
  • Oxfordshire Parish Transport Representives C Robins email re minutes of last meeting & attendance

West Oxfordshire District Council

  • Planning Dept emails: notification of planning application made and approved 16/03095/HHD 12 Stonelee Close , erection of front porch; 16/03514/HHD 8 Orchard Cottages, widening of vehicle access;
  • Communications Dept Press releases re: new community grants available, closing date 20 September 2016; new online social housing system launched; new waste and recycling calendars available online and to download; warning about fraudsters claiming to be from HMRC; new parking strategy consultation until 14 November
  • Finance Dept: W Hu email reply to request for information on tax base and number of households for precept calculation; P Lelliott email re provisional calculation of increase of £5300 in precept request for 2017/2018
  • Electoral Services Dept, S Ellison email re Notice of Election Witney Parliamentary by-election & poster; K Butler email reply to Clerk query, advising CPC 2016 election expenses should be under £100 and will be sent to CPC in October 2016
  • Environmental Services posted supply of dog waste nuisance signs
  • Finance Dept email and remittance note for 2nd instalment of precept and parish grant payment
  • Leader’s Office emails re: with letter from Cllr James Mills re unitary authority in Oxon; invitation to CPC to attend the annual parish and town councils meeting with WODC on 8 December 2016

Thames Valley Police

  • PC R Webb emails reply to Clerk advising that he will get details for speed data collection and let Clerk know ASAP; details are £150+VAT for 7 days speed data collection on a single route; asking me to be kept informed about data collected from OCC boxes and will arrange more speed gun sessions with M Phillips


  • L Leffman email to advise a receipt will be provided to CPC for £30.00 donation to WOBUG when she returns from holiday
  • BDO letter returning Annual Return 2015/2016 and enclosing invoice of £120.00 and notice paperwork for public display of Annual Return requirements
  • S Mansel-Playdell emails re draft architects brief; maximising recycling waste collection from Apple Day on 24 Sept & getting WODC to collect sorted waste
  • J Alsop emails re draft architects brief for approval
  • C Bradshaw email congratulating J Alsop on the draft architects brief
  • A Tremlett emails re draft architects brief and congratulating J Alsop and S Mansel-Playdell on their efforts; replying to Clerk to advise that responsibility for land on west side of allotment is not clear according to original tenancy documents between CPC and Kathleen Hannay Trust in 1952 but he is checking with a home owner with same boundary to see if clear on their deeds
  • OALC emails re: Neighbourhood Planning Bill and advising of consultation on regulations; Members Update for Sept & October; reminder that places available for Clerks to attend Minutes and Meetings Training in December
  • S Silman invoices of £210.00 for Aug and part Sept grass cuts, and £300 part Sept and Oct cuts
  • Pensions Regulator advising that CPC must provide a declaration of compliance by 1 January 2017
  • WOBUG M Burden email and receipt attached for donation of £30.00 to WOBUG X9 passenger flyer
  • Cottsway Housing Association A Price email reply to Clerk re overgrown hedge at rear of Eversley Close car park, advising that request has been passed on to the housing officer; L Sumner email asking for documentation to prove Cottsway responsible for hedge boundary in Eversley Close car park
  • K Heath email re interest in Plot 1 vacancy, if one person can have two plots. If not, and no-one else comes forward, she asks if she can tend the empty plot until let.
  • S Winser email to say she thought she had paid her rent but, if not, she will drop a cheque round. Clerk advised her cheque has been paid already and apologising for overlooking payment; reply re tipi query and advising Clerk that it is due to be taken down first week in October, subject to weather conditions; allotment rent cheque posted to Clerk
  • Playsafety: A Edwards emails reply to Clerk apologising for the delay in getting Chadlington annual RoSPA inspection report sent to CPC, advising that inspection had been missed off schedule in error and will now be undertaken by 22 Sept, report to follow same week; T Cheshire confirming inspection now done and report will be emailed to Clerk by 14 Oct; email with 2016 playground RoSPA inspection report; email with invoice for inspection report
  • Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group J Stackhouse email re Big Health Conversation consultation running until 30 Nov and advising that there will be a public consultation on health transformation proposals starting in January 2017
  • N Lloyd website editor emails; seeking practical information for residents re ragwort; advising of absence for 2 weeks for medical reasons; advising probably able to attend CPC meeting in Jan 2017 with M Smith to discuss website development
  • K Mitchell emails re: monthly playground inspection reports; advising he has replaced chain on infant swingseat and tightened eye bolts on the other swing as identified in RoSPA report
  • Glasdon brochure of local authority highways furniture
  • CPRE Oxfordshire email promoting new guide to D’arcy Dalton Way and general information; October 2016 newsletter
  • Age UK email asking for Dignity In Care Awards and ability to nominate care workers to be publicised
  • HSBC: phone call to try to set up savings account, but need to talk to Councillor so contacting H Rowley; monthly bank statements
  • C Heath and L Blowfield payment of allotment rent for 2016/2017
  • L Blowfield email and return of signed allotment tenancy agreement; email re if bonfires permitted and inability to cut high part of hedge on Church Road side
  • Citizens Advice West Oxfordshire advising of name change from West Oxfordshire CAB
  • S Silman invoice for grass cutting for £210.00 for Sept and part Oct cuts
  • Pryse Bros Ltd invoice for £300.00 2nd weed control cut
  • BT email re consultation on removal of 72 public payphones from various locations, Chadlington not included in list
  • Greenfields Garden Services email re invoice for recent maintenance repairs to playground equipment
  • M Smith emails seeking donation of £5-10 per month (£60-120 per annum to help defray running costs of maintaining village website
  • L Woolcock email of invoice for room hire for Methodist Church for CPC’s Oct 10 budget meeting
  • Wychwood Project email asking for support with Aviva Community Fund to employ a volunteer co-ordinator
  • K Heath email querying if she has paid her allotment rent for 2016/17 yet as not yet appeared on CPC agendas
  • Volunteer Link-Up letter seeking donation
  • Organisation Unlimited email seeking nominations for High Sheriff of Oxfordshire, deadline 11 January 2017
  • Scottish & Southern Electric Helen Vass email re offering help to local vulnerable residents in the event of a power outage in Chadlington and offering to come to village to talk to vulnerable people and provide leaflets
  • Wychwood Project email update and invitation to AGM on 7 December at Corn Exchange Witney







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