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12 September 2016 Chadlington Parish Council meeting – minutes now available

The minutes of Chadlington Parish Council meetings on 12 September and 10 October 2016 are now available.

The approved minutes of 12 September 2016 can be downloaded here or can be read online below.



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Minutes of Chadlington Parish Council Meeting in Chadlington Memorial Hall on Monday 12 September 2016 (Start 7:36 pm, Finish 9:20 pm)


Councillors Howard Rowley (Chair), Tony Allan (Vice-Chair), Brian Hamblin, Liz Woolcock (late), Z Townsend and M Phillips. Cllr Rodney Rose and five members of the public were also in attendance.


  1. Cllr N Owen’s apologies were accepted.

Declaration of Interests

  1. No interests in items on the agenda were declared.

Previous Minutes

  1. The minutes of the meeting of the Council on 11 July 2016 were queried by H Rowley. He presumed item 121 was incorrect and that B Hamblin had not said a donation of £1-2 million would be needed for upgrading hall if the playgroup was not on board. It was agreed that the figure should read £100-200,000 instead Agreed and signed.

Matters Arising

  1. OCC grass cutting: Clerk reported that grass verges were due to be cut by end of August but subsequently, she has been informed by OCC Highways Area Steward that it will now be completed by end of Sept – presumably because it is taking longer than anticipated to cut the very overgrown verges.
  2. Grit bins: Clerk reported that OCC kindly delivered the two new grit bins behind the Memorial Hall and filled them from the existing grit bags, removing the excess and the bags. She expressed thanks to Cllr Rose for his support in tackling this issue.

District & County Councillors Reports

  1. No District Councillor report –.
  2. County Councillor report – Cllr Rose reported that D Cameron’s resignation will have local implications. He gave some more details about the new Comet service OCC are running.12-seater OCC buses which have been sitting idle from 10-3pm are available for anyone in WODC or could be available for groups. He wants to avoid any possible conflict with the Villager bus service. Speeding issue in Chadlington – he suggested that CPC get speed data before making any decisions (this costs £110 + VAT, per week). What are the possible solutions? Chicanes: Costs £7,500 each to build and erect but need to be designed first and this would cost an additional £5,000 for external design. Speed cushions (bumps no longer permitted by OCC): three sets cost £12,500 plus £1,500 thereafter if you want to get more installed at the same time. The known impact is that speed is reduced by 3-4 miles per hour, and one unwanted consequence is that it can make drivers speed up as they rush to get through. Vehicle Activated Sign(VAS): mains connected £2,500 plus maintenance. 40mph limit and signs outside of village: tend to have the opposite effect to that intended i.e. drivers ignore the 40 mph sign then ignore the 30 mph sign too. The police role is to enforce so CPC could try to get a police speed van occasionally. Any speeding controls CPC might wish to get has to then be approved by OCC and then CPC would go out to consultation. Cllr Rose recommended getting speed data and then consult on the findings and possible solutions Action Clerk to get quote from OCC Anthony Kirkwood and police and establish what the lead in time would be as Councillors are keen to try to get some resolution on this serious issue.
    B Hamblin asked how many parish councils have joined Oxfordshire Together. R Rose advised just over 50%and admitted the scheme had been launched with insufficient staffing. OCC have decided that they will now conduct two grass cuts a year instead of the original proposal of one cut. Cllr Rose stated that the potential unitary reorganisation of Oxfordshire local government was before OCC Scrutiny Committee tomorrow and they were likely to push for one unitary in Oxon.

Public Participation

  1. A Tremlett advised that Friends of the Earth has done a report on traffic calming measures years ago. He suggested CPC got a private traffic consultant


  1. Correspondence – See Annex 1 for full details.
  2. Pot holes up from the Tite have now been filled.
  3. T Allan queried if there had been any more information regarding the notification about the quarry at Great Tew Estate and the re-opening of Sarsden quarry. He would be interested to see if there would be any more HGVs on Chadlington roads and he felt that approved routing should be a condition of planning permission. Action Clerk to check with OCC Planning Dept if there is any traffic road requirement.
  4. Clerk advised that BDO external audit on CPC 2015/2016 accounts has now been completed and returned as approved, with a fee of £120.00. Changes to the regulations meant that it was delayed being signed off by BDO. She felt the new regulations have made the timeframe for Parish Councils far too tight and unreasonable to fit in submission of completed Annual Return to BDO deadline, then availability to public and long wait to get signed off. Action Clerk to feedback on this to BDO.
  5. B Hamblin advised that he now has the playground wobble board.
  6. Clerk advised that Enstone Parish Council are currently too busy and unable to prioritise convening a meeting of other parish councils to discuss options linked to Oxfordshire Together and OCC budget cuts.
  7. com website – N Lloyd advised that she had been hacked via the website and her PC had been corrupted, losing much data. The solution is to have no published email address on the website, and require people to use the ‘Contact Us’ button instead as the website can detect if it is human contact or automated web trawl.

Land Issues

  1. Planning applications – Applied for : 16/02453/FUL, Barley Hill Farm Chipping Norton Road, Change of use of former agricultural building to form a dwelling and erection of a semi-subterranean extension. Application now withdrawn
    Applications approved: 16/01505/FUL Curdle Hill Farmhouse Chipping Norton Road, Removal of existing dwelling and construction of a replacement dwelling. H Rowley advised that the Parish Council had not been informed about the series of explosions to demolish the farmhouse last Thursday, although WODC had authorised the demolition 8 weeks beforehand. After finding out about the intended demolition, he’d rung WODC and tried to talk to the Planning Officer Officer who was not available (but she was not working that day so he spoke to an administrator instead). He then visited the site and found the security to be poor with the guard unaware of the existence of the footpath below the farmhouse where no warning sign was displayed (another footpath above the farmhouse). Building Control had approved the demolition arrangements (Building Control were also in attendance on the day and they were satisfied it had been carried out in the correct manner (fire equipment, security.) H Rowley stated that he had a principle concern that a few people wasted a lot of time in checking these arrangements. B Hamblin commented on the ridiculousness of exploding a house;
    16/02080/HHD Vale Bank Chapel Road, Erection of an oak framed garden room to side elevation replacing existing garden room; 16/01796/HHD, The Manse Chapel Row, Proposed two storey and single storey rear extension to existing dwelling
  2. Allotments update – Clerk advised that Plot 1 will become vacant on 29 September and she will be advertising the vacancy on the website and the CPC Noticeboard. All bar five tenants have now paid the rent for the coming allotment year (from 29 Sept).


  1. Income – Allotment rents – J Greer, £23.00; A Ware, £14.00; M Seaton, £14.00; S Didcock, £23.00; N Morgan, £23.00;G Glennie, £23.00, S Winser, £23.00; E O’Shea, £23.00; T Brice, £23.00; I Lee, £23.00
  2. Expenditure requests below – Approved and cheques signed
    Standing order (monthly) Clerk’s salary £250.82 for September and October 2016

C No. 100139 – G Cooper, playground wall repairs, £25.00
C No. 100140 – S Silman, grass cutting, £210.00
C No. 100141 – WOBUG (West Oxfordshire Bus Users Group), users leaflet, £30.00 donation
C No. 100142 Kathleen Hannay Will Trust, annual allotment rent, £200.00

  1. Approval for cheque write off, C No. 100114 P Cash, allotment rent refund, £12.00. Clerk explained that this was for an allotment rent refund issued because the tenant had relinquished the tenancy just after paying rent in advance and the plot was let immediately to new tenant. The cheque has never been cashed and the ex-tenant has moved abroad. Agreed Cheque to P Cash written off.
  2. Bank reconciliation: £18,809.39 as at 31 July 2016. Opening balance 1 April 2016 £16280 + 4,932.50 receipts less £2,403.11 expenditure. (Bank statement verification done by Chair 30 Aug 2016). Approved  Bank reconciliation approved and signed.
  3. Clerk’s hours & replacement for Clerk (hours approval – July & August – 21.75 hours July, 21.25 hours & 6 hours leave taken = 27.25 hours August). Clerks hours approved and signed. Clerk advised that she would be handing in her notice. As she still has over four weeks holiday leave which she had originally planned to take in December, she said that her intention was to stop work at the end of November, The Council could either pay her for any unused holiday leave and excess hours or she would take the leave in December. This latter option which would effectively mean the Council had no Clerk for December and there would be no handover to the new Clerk – assuming a replacement can be recruited that quickly. Councillors agreed to pay the Clerk for any unused holiday hours or excess hours and that it would be best to have a smooth transition period, with some form of handover to take place in November if possible. Clerk has provided the Chair and Vice-Chair with job specification and advert so they will need to agree what they need to do to advertise the vacancy ie locally only, or through OALC Members newsletter.
  4. VAT reclaim request – 1 April 2013 – 31 March 2016, total of £905.96 eligible. Clerk explained that the rules require the date of the actual invoice rather than the date of payment. Since she had been using the latter date, the accounts for these years would need to be gone through to make a note of the relevant invoicing dates before a claim could be made. She hoped to be able to make some progress before her departure, if she has sufficient time. If not, her successor will have to complete the task.
  5. Playground tree options (removal or pollarding): B Hamblin reported that, although he had pruned the poplar by the gate a while ago, it has grown back very vigorously. As the power cable runs through the branches now, it needs to be tackled. He had also got a quote from Niall Burman whom he has used on a personal level before and found him satisfactory. This quote is for £850.00 for two days work for removal of tree which was what was recommended. T Allan said he had spoken to a tree expert on the matter and concurred that removal was the right option. Action Clerk to seek two more quotes for tree removal, Chris Notman and Tree Tech were suggested.

Other Issues

  1. Speeding update – covered earlier under Item 134 County Councillors report.
  2. CPC Emergency Plan revision 2016 – H Rowley had updated this. Approved The Plan was agreed and approved by Councillors. Action Clerk to insert relevant contact details where known and then post on website and submit copy to OCC& WODC.
  3. Freedom of Information policy, publication scheme and statement. Approved CPC FOI scheme was approved. Action Clerk to add to website
  4. Cllr M Phillips Declaration of Acceptance of Office – Unfortunately M Phillips forgot to bring the paper which needs to be signed by the Clerk at a CPC meeting. Action M Phillips to give form to Clerk and she will ensure it is brought to the next meeting on 10 October
  5. Memorial Hall update – In the absence of L Woolcock, H Rowley spoke on this matter. He reported that the update in the Parish Magazine was timely and helpful for local residents. The Hall Development Team has worked hard to produce a draft Architect’s brief, which was developed on behalf of the Memorial Hall Committee and CPC as co-trustees of the Hall. It was discussed by CPC and the Development Team the previous week. This brief is a significant development and will enable the tendering process to begin. Siobhann and Jon have compiled good background research information, including Finstock hall information. Approved Architect’s brief was approved. Action Hall Development Group to send to the three shortlisted architects.
    T Allan asked for some clarity about the individual responsibility of CPC councillors and the Hall Development Committee. A Tremlett advised that that there was no personal liability.
    H Rowley has also drawn up some over-arching governance principles for the project and key roles and responsibilities. CPC will be the project sponsor represent the community and safeguard the development in the interest of the community. Clerk queried what co-signatory involved as it was essential to get financial lines sorted out at the beginning regarding things like VAT reclaiming if that was being factored in, whether there was going to be a separate bank account if co-signing. CPC would not be involved in the nitty gritty details but would pay the bills as required. The Hall Development Group comprises C Bradshaw, A Tremlett as adviser, J Alsop and S Mansel-Playdell. On the Steering Group will be CPC representation and Memorial Hall representative if they wish to send one. They were invited but did not attend the inaugural meeting of the Steering Group last week. The Development Group plan to meet every third Monday. S Mansel-Playdell said that the Memorial Hall Committee Treasurer needs to be involved from the early stages and support can be given to enable them to undertake any new responsibilities. The Steering Group will meet monthly in the small Hall meeting room and one week before each CPC meeting to enable matters to be brought to public CPC meetings. The Clerk advised that all payments need to be listed on the agenda which is drafted 2 weeks before each CPC meeting and posted one week before. So occasional payment requests can be managed outside of those meetings if urgent, general requests for payment for Hall Development would need to fit with that CPC agenda cycle. . Service providers will need to understand that CPC meetings are held only bi-monthly so terms of payment need to be made clear early to any contractors.
    J Alsop had checked CPC Financial Regulations and all planned activity seemed to be in accordance with these so far but he recognised that there could be other issues not yet explored that may raise new questions. He stated that they were aiming to apply to WODC for its Community Facilities Grant funding by April 2017 opening. HR felt that a professional financial participant in the project development would be an important consideration. Agreed More detailed processes need to be further developed and brought back to a future CPC meeting.

Information Exchange

  1. B Hamblin queried if the 2016 RoSPA playground inspection report had been received yet. Clerk advised that it had not despite being told it was due in their office two weeks ago. Action Clerk to chase Playsafety for RoSPA report.
  2. B Hamblin reported that he had met Cllr L Leffman of WODC by chance and she had told him that Enstone Airfield was being considered as potential Household Waste and Recycling Centre. Possible payment and options of having commercial operator are being considered.
  3. T Allan raised the issue of the overhanging hedge on the bend in Chipping Norton Road on the opposite side of the road to H Paulin had offered to cut it last year. L Woolcock expressed concern that there would be no public liability insurance cover as farmers were only insured for their own land and she did not feel that would be wise. Agreed to get quotes. Action L Woolcock to provide contacts and Clerk to get quotes.
  4. L Woolcock raised the issue of ragwort in the village. People do try to keep the village ragwort- free but she was surprised to see it in a field that has horses kept in it. One local resident kindly cleared the Stocks green and took the ragwort to L Woolcock to burn. (Gloves must be worn when pulling up ragwort and it must be burned and cannot be placed in green waste as this does not destroy it). Clerk advised that she had written to Marquis of Headfort regarding ragwort and other injurious weeds in his fields behind Orchard Cottages but he had not yet replied. She also stated that M Timms, Chadlington’s Area Representative in OCC Highways Dept had told her that OCC would remove ragwort if its locations were provided to OCC. L Woolcock wondered if OCC would agree to remove any collected ragwort and destroy it. Action Clerk to ask if OCC would remove pulled and bagged ragwort if notified.

Date of next meeting

  1. Date of the next meeting confirmed as Monday 10 October 2016 at 6:00 pm at the Methodist Chapel meeting room. NB THIS IS A BUDGET MEETING ONLY.
  2. Date of next full meeting of the Council will be 14 November 2016 at 7:30 pm


Annex 1

Correspondence details

Oxfordshire County Council

  • Director P Clark email re summary of workshops with parish and town councils about future unitary structure and issues
  • Cllr R Rose PA email re Clerk’s complaint that OCC Highways have failed to respond to requests for repairs to potholes and dangerously overgrown verges
  • Highways Dept email acknowledging; belated logging of complaints re potholes and where verges are dangerously overgrown; report of dropped kerbstone by CQF; offer of 2 additional salt bins for behind Memorial Hall and filling with existing salt, excess to be removed, confirmation that these bins will not be filled annually by OCC; Chapel Row gully is listed for cleaning out by 18 Sept
  • Highways Dept M Timms email replies: to complaint re no response to potholes and overgrown verge. Now only getting one grass cut a year and there is a 10-week programme started 20 June. Potholes up from Tite now repaired; confirming lifted kerbstone by CQF will be re-fixed
  • Highways Dept R Savage letter enclosing posters for new not-for-profit Comet bookable bus service for those without suitable access to public transport and offering trial usage fund available for parish councils
  • Highways P Wilson email offer to supply two new grit bins and fill from bags behind Memorial Hall, and will remove excess. These bins will not be filled by OCC in future as they will not count as part of OCC highways asset. Initial suggested date of action 17 August, now proposed week commencing 30 August; confirmation that salt bins now provided and excess and old bags removed
  • Highways A Kirkwood emails re Clerk requesting detailed information on options and costings for vehicle speed control around Chadlington and offering a meeting to discuss as well as suggesting CPC could employ traffic consultant to get full options appraisal
  • Joint OCC/District Council statement that all the Oxfordshire councils have agreed to work together to discuss areas of common ground, assess potential options and establish whether they can agree a way forward building on the work they have all done to date. They have agreed to postpone publication of both the Grant Thornton and PWC studies, and pause plans for consultation until these plans have been jointly developed.
  • Corporate Services P Clark email re local government re-organisation in Oxfordshire and hopes to have a joint plan to submit to government later in 2016; emailed copy of options report
  • Planning Dept emails: to confirm Great Tew Estate granted planning permission to develop quarry extension in order to remove the need for passing bays prior to the commencement of development at Castle Barn Quarry, Sarsden; Emergency Planning Unit email to ask for completion of survey on Emergency Planning as part of MSc dissertation
  • Law & Governance Dept email request to publicise an event for prospective County Councillors ahead of May 2017 elections

West Oxfordshire District Council

  • Press Dept emails re: latest news on changes to recycling and waste collection from April 2017; WODC funding £800 for start-up costs for new co-operative to look at ways to alleviate cuts to rural bus services; Ubico win waste & recycling contract from October 2017; notification that WODC lost appeal against building 260 homes off Burford Road, Witney
  • Planning Dept emails re Parish Council sustainability survey update; consultation on new housing needs evidence as part of revising Local Plan previously rejected by Planning Inspectorate; planning application updates
  • Joint OCC/District Council statement that all the Oxfordshire councils have agreed to work together to discuss areas of common ground, assess potential options and establish whether they can agree a way forward building on the work they have all done to date. They have agreed to postpone publication of both the Grant Thornton and PWC studies, and pause plans for consultation until these plans have been jointly developed.
  • J Mills email re local government reorganisation in Oxon as above
  • Tourism Dept emails re latest WODC tourism newsletter; request for facts about, and old photos of, Chadlington for social media tourism campaign
  • Legal Dept K Butler email re Revenue and Benefits Service consultation on Council Tax Support Scheme
  • L Travers emails re replacement of broken Manor Court street sign, confirming it will be on the next order

Thames Valley Police

  • PCSO W Smith emails re Clerk email advising of car crimes on Friday 5 August ,and if they had been reported, also querying about Beer Festival evening knife incident outside the Cafe and if that had been reported. He said someone from outside the village had been arrested over going on the rampage last night but he was not aware of the knife incident and asked for more details; advised no knife crimes reported from June and no damaged cars reported on 5 Aug; confirming crime was reported as attempted armed robbery a week after occurrence.


  • Tite Inn D Pyner email re discretionary business rates relief application option and CPC support
  • OALC emails re: information for Chairmanship training for H Rowley; new Members passwords for OALC and NALC website; new training dates for 2016; August members update
  • Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group email re consultation on health and social care, closing date 12 August
  • K Mitchell email re monthly playground inspection report
  • H Hoffman email re speeding and complaint about drivers dropping children off at bus stop leaving their engines running, thus polluting the atmosphere and making it unpleasant for passing pedestrians
  • Post Office Counters letters to confirm introduction of reduced service of mobile post service to Chadlington and correction to location, confirmed as Memorial Hall.
  • G Cooper invoice of £25.00 for remedial works to playground wall
  • BDO email reply to Clerk query and confirmation that external audit of Annual Return for CPC accounts 2015/2016 is currently awaiting director sign-off before return to CPC
  • T Day letter re speeding and suggestion that national automatic speed controls are introduced
  • Community First Oxfordshire email ‘At a glance’ news; request for name of representative wishing to attend 3 Town/Parish transport meetings a year
  • HAGS-SMP statement re playground equipment
  • Cotswolds Conservation Board letter re Annual Review 2015/2016 & Cotswold Lion
  • Greenfields C Snell emails; confirming he will visit playground to assess remedial works, submit quote & provide copy of public liability insurance, and contact B Hamblin to meet on site; provision of public liability insurance cover until 30 June 2017; provisional date for works is week of 19 Sept, subject to material delivery
  • Enstone Parish Council emails seeking expressions of interest in meeting up with other parish councils in the autumn to discuss impact of the OCC budget cuts on things like grass cutting; and advising that this idea is being put on hold as other priorities require attention first
  • Cllr L Leffman emails seeking £30 contribution from CPC towards leaflet printing of new X9 bus timetable to encourage continued usage, as the new provider, Pulhams, will be reviewing in December 2016; thanking CPC for their support in printing leaflet for residents; advising cheque to be payable to WOBUG (West Oxfordshire Bus Users Group); confirming receipt of CPC donation and offering receipt if needed
  • CPRE email re Oxfordshire news July/August 2016; and Countryside Voice magazine Summer 2016 edition
  • A Tremlett email re damage to car caused by child vandalism by The Beeches and requesting police email address to report it; forwarded response from PCSO Wes Smith stating police would be vigilant
  • HSBC Bank statement June and July 2016
  • A Bailey emails re Clerk’s letter regarding DR R Long’s enquiry as to whether Henry Rawlinson’s birth at Chadlington Manor has been marked with a blue plaque. Apparently there is a brown plaque [the colour previously used by English Heritage]. She will contact Dr Long to advise.
  • R Long email to advise he will arrange with Baileys visit to view plaque at some point
  • M Seaton email to confirm acceptance of new plot sizes, and need to sign new tenancy agreement and pass on plot marker to A Ware.
  • Allotment rents received from J Greer, A Ware, M Seaton, G Glennie, S Didcock, N Morgan,
  • Chadlington Sports Club P Duester reply to Clerk query regarding acreage of playing fields as required to complete WODC village survey. Information not known but Clerk advised that she had found a way to get the information using Google tool
  • Memorial Hall Committee S Haffenden email supporting the provision by OCC of new salt bins and removal of bags and excess salt behind Hall
  • J Alsop emails regarding proposed draft architect’s brief invitation to tender letter and agreement to amend wording as needed by CPC and Hall Committee; revised wording to reflect Hall Committee would be the client for all development work, not CPC
  • C Robins email re Passenger Transport Meetings and if CPC wishes to attend future meetings. CPC has already notified OCC that it doesn’t wish to send a representative
  • N Lloyd email to advise her Chadlington website editor email has been hacked and provided a new email address for correspondence between CPC and website
  • Complete Weed Control email supplying requested current certificates of spraying accreditation and public liability insurance cover
  • J Alsop email re Memorial Hall Development and draft architects brief advising he has amended to incorporate H Rowley & F Stocker’s points
  • S Mansel-Playdell email re Memorial Hall Development and draft architects brief, seeking a response from CPC on latest position of whether CPC should be the client rather than Hall Committee
  • L Blowfield email inquiring about allotment vacancies and agreeing to provide her contact details for waiting list when she has moved to Chadlington



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