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10 October 2016 Chadlington Parish Council – minutes now available

The minutes of Chadlington Parish Council budget meeting on 10 October 2016 are now available.

The approved minutes of 10 October 2016 can be downloaded here or can be read online below.


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Minutes of Chadlington Parish Council Meeting in Chadlington Memorial Hall on Monday 10 October 2016 (Start 6.10 pm, Finish 7:20 pm)


Councillors Tony Allan (Vice-Chair), Brian Hamblin, Liz Woolcock, Z Townsend and M Phillips.


  1. H Rowley’s apologies were accepted. T Allan agreed to chair the meeting in his absence.

Declaration of Interests

  1. No interests in items on the agenda were declared.

Previous Minutes

  1. The minutes of the previous meeting on 12 September 2016 will be approved at 14 November meeting.

Public Participation

  1. No members of the public were present


  1. Communication details will be provided for 14 November 2016 meeting.


  1. Income – Allotment rent, C Heath, £23.00; L Blowfield, £23.00
  2. Expenditure requests below: Approved and cheques signed
    C No. 100143 BDO LLP external audit fee, £120.00
    C No. 100144 S Silman, grass cuts (Aug & part Sept), £210.00

Draft CPC budget for 2017/2018 & 2017/2018 precept requirements.

  1. Current year’s budget is on track with no significant variations.
  2. Councillors discussed expenditure and draft budgets for 2017/2018 on staffing, audit, playground, allotment rents, election expenses and Memorial Hall development. The Hall development will be the significant factor in future and costs are unknown at this point apart from architect fees for initial stage
  3. Staffing budget allows for April salary increase and a small amount for excess hours if needed.
  4. Clerk advised that she had omitted to include the internal audit fees of £100 so she will correct budget accordingly. Next year there will be new sector-led external audit arrangements but these fees are not yet known.
  5. Playground has almost £5000 earmarked, including £1771 from Gin Thing donation.
  6. Allotment rents to tenants were increased by 15% this year to help build funds for hedge maintenance and Councillors agreed there would be no rent increase next year.
  7. Clerk advised that WODC would be invoicing CPC for this year’s parish council election expenses in November and which should be no more than £100.
  8. Memorial Hall Development Group has now agreed which architect’s firm to appoint for initial scoping stage. B Hamblin advised that any fees are usually a percentage of build costs e.g. a £600,000 build would be £38,000 in architects’ fees, 6-6.5%. The Hall is rented out for 50 hours per week this would bring in £5,000 per annum towards such a loan. Any build will require CPC to take out a loan and servicing that loan would need to be factored into budget and precepts in future years, CPC would need £10,000- £15,000 per year to service such a loan. T Allan expressed his concern that CPC seems to be taking responsibility for funding the building but it is not a CPC responsibility. Other Councillors disagreed and said that the Hall is part of the community family. Z Townsend suggested a percentage increase in the precept to pay for Hall commitments. L Woolcock said that it would be impossible to do any calculations until the architects have submitted full plans and costing. After some discussion, it was agreed that CPC could only factor into next year’s budget the likely architects fees estimated to be £5,000 and therefore the draft expenditure budget for the Hall presented this evening would need to be increased by £5,000. CPC would need to look at any other costs of developing the Hall and how to service any financial commitment in the future. Agreed and approved To add £5,000 for architects fees to Hall budget and amend audit fees figure and precept calculation accordingly. Action Clerk to amend the budget as agreed above and submit the revised budget and the precept requirements to November meeting.

Information Exchange

  1. None

Date of next meeting

  1. The next full meeting of CPC was confirmed for 14 November 2016 at 7:30 pm at Memorial Hall


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