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THIS SUNDAY. Eat cake & help guide the future of the village hall.

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible this Sunday in the Memorial Hall for ‘Your Hall Your Say’. Pop along any time between 2-5pm.
Well, apart from the fact that there will be FREE CAKE, we want to create a vibrant place at the heart of our community and would love to hear your views on the work conducted so far in understanding what we could do to achieve this.
Feedback on the day will have a direct impact on which direction the development of the village hall takes. It will eventually shape our planning and help us develop the brief with BGS architects.
An informal, relaxed ‘walk through’ style exhibition; meet the team, view displays, tell us what you think in person or on post-it notes or via the feedback form. Dogs and children welcome.
The team’s work  is based on the responses you gave us in the surveys, and also on the additional work that has been carried out in understanding local needs and looking at the building and business models of successful village halls or community hubs in Oxfordshire and beyond.
1. Relay what the team have learned about the key challenges, community needs and considerations and to ask people if we’ve missed anything
2. Share our work and thinking so far on different ways to approach the project
3. Share a vision for the project and invite you all to feed back on it.
Coming along? Brilliant! Please help drum up support by simply forwarding this post to everyone you know in Chad and surrounding villages who might have an interest in supporting the village hall or local community. We are relying on locals to helps us spread the word and get people down.
With thanks and best wishes,
The Village Hall Project Team

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