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Annual Parish Council Meeting Agenda Monday 8 May 2017

Notice is hereby given that the Annual Parish Council Meeting of Chadlington Parish Council will be held at the Memorial Hall, Chadlington on Monday 08 May 2017 at 7.30pm.


Members of the public & press are welcome to attend. Members of the public may make representations to the Council under Item 7, in accordance with the Council’s Standing Orders. [Contact a Councillor or the Clerk at least 2 weeks before the next Council meeting if you wish to have an item placed on the agenda]

Annual Parish Council Meeting Agenda


  1. Election of Chair and Vice Chair
  2. Nominations
    1. Memorial Hall Representative
    2. Diplock Charity Representative
  3. Apologies: to receive and approve apologies.
  4. Declaration of Interests
    1. Register of Interests – Councillors are reminded of the need to update their register of interests.
    2. To declare any pecuniary & other interests in items on the agenda & their nature.
  5. Minutes: to approve minutes of the last meeting of the Council on 13 March 2017
  6. Matters arising & action points: Eversley Close and hedge boundary ownership; steps opposite CQF.


  1. Public participation – Opportunity for the public to ask questions.


  1. District & County Councillors Reports


  1. Council Tax Increase


  1. Speeding Project
  2. Results of survey and meeting with Tony Kirkwood
  3. Large fast tractors
  4. Village Hall Project Report


  1. Playground

Rospa Inspection

  1. Communication
    1. Correspondence – See Annex 1 for full details
    2. Website – M Smith & N Lloyd update
    3. Possibility of incident reports made on website be linked to Community Police Officer
    4. OALC – Social Media Training for local councils – Nicky to attend?


  1. Land Issues
    1. Planning applications – Applications made:

17/01079/OUT The Gables, West End Outline planning application for the construction of three dwellings with access tobe approved and all matters reserved.

17/00569/FUL Barley Hill Farm, Chipping Norton Road, Chadlington, Demolition of agricultural building to allow for the conversion and subterranean extension of agricultural buildings to form one dwelling.

Applications approved:

14/0291/P/FP 1 Harveys Corner Dischargeof conditions4 and 6 of planning permission


  1. OCC Planning application MW.0031/17 by Great Tew Farms Partnership The Estate Office,Great Tew, Chipping Norton, OX7 4AH for planning permission for the variation of condition 3 and removal of conditions 25 and 27 of Planning Permission 16/01684/CM(MW.9971/16)to allow the continued annual export of 72,000 tonnes of crushed stone until 31st December 2020 at Castle Barn Quarry, Fairgreen Farm, Sarsden, Chipping Norton.


  1. Grape hyacinths and grass cutting at The Stocks


  1. Finance (to be completed)
    1. Income – None
    2. Expenditure approvals requested –
      Standing order (monthly) Clerk’s salary £250.82 for May and July 2017

C No…………..Chris Notman £348.00  Grinding stump in Playground

C No……….Stuart Silman £240 Cut grass play area and village hall 21/3 & 18/4


  1. Approval of Annual Draft Accounts for 2016/2017
  2. Approval of annual bank reconciliation 2016/2017 as at 31 March 2017: Opening balance 1 April 2016: £16,280.00; income to 31 March 2017: £10,227.00; expenditure to 31 March 2017: £                                  Closing balance £18,201.61
  3. Approval of Annual Return – Statement of Governance & Statement of Accounts
  4. Monthly bank statement verification
  5. HSBC Village Hall Project Account as at 08 April 2017: Opening balance 13 February 2017: £0.00; income to 08 April 2017: £842.00; expenditure to 31 March 2017 £0.00 Closing balance £842.00
  6. VAT
  7. Clerk’s hours approval – Mar – Apr:


  1. New Councillor


  1. Other Issues


  1. Information Exchange


  1. Date of next meeting to be confirmed as Monday 10 July 2017 at 7:30 pm




……………………………………………………………..Gill Hill, Clerk to Chadlington Parish Council, 8 May 2017




All agendas, papers & draft minutes of Chadlington Parish Council meetings can be found at www.chadlington.com. You can also sign up for email updates on this village website.


If you have any events or information you wish to go on the Chadlington village website www.chadlington.com, please use the ‘Contact us’ form on the website.


Annex 1


Correspondence details



Oxfordshire County Council


  • Drains & Road Repairs in Chadlington Fix My Street
  • Oxfordshire’s Health & Care Services – The Big Consultation.



West Oxfordshire District Council

  • Local Plan Examination Hearings stage 3 (July 2017)
  • BT Fibre Broadband Events in West Oxfordshire 17th and 25th May




  • K Mitchell email monthly playground inspection reports
  • Possible National Park Status for Cotswolds

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