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Village Hall Project – Your Hall, Your Say

In case you missed the latest submission in the Parish Mag, here it is in full, with pictures. A huge thank you to all those who came along to the ‘Your Hall, Your Say’ community event on Sunday 5th March.  We had a magnificent turn out and, dare we say it, very nearly ran out cake.

Over 120 villagers (and some furry friends in the mix) came through the door over the course of the afternoon, all buzzing with ideas and feedback. You’ll recall our aims were to relay what we’ve learned about the key challenges, community needs and considerations, share our work and thinking so far on different ways to approach the project, and invite your feedback at every level. And we got your feedback in spades-full.

Massive thanks to those who gave us ideas on post-it notes, filled in feedback forms on the day, online, and after the event.

The community response was overwhelmingly positive, with some concerns in the mix. We have been processing your comments and feedback over the last few weeks and everything is being taken on board, from the practical (“covered buggy/bicycle storage”) to the sage (“retain the memory of the fallen”) to the downright zany (“a zip-wire to get me to school from the hall”).









The  next big step is to undertake a detailed and fully costed feasibility study of our options and critically, to get moving with some fundraising to pay for it.  We’ve had some brilliant ideas from the community and we’ll be in touch with those who’ve said they’d like to be involved.  On that note, can we also say a huge thank you to Neil “Monty” Phillips, the Wine Tipster, for donating all profits from his latest event on the 10th March to the Memorial Hall project.

Thank you again for your continued support and guidance – positive or negative, it is all invaluable in guiding next steps and ensuring the project delivers on what people in our village need and want from their hall.

The Memorial Hall Project Team. 

p.s. Many people did say in their feedback forms that they may be able to contribute some time to helping out in some capacity. But some of you forgot to write down contact details! If you might be one of those people, please drop a line to chadmemorialhall@gmail.com

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