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Glorious Bagpipes sound out over Chadlington

Anyone outside in Chadlington on Saturday would have been surprised to hear bagpipes being played somewhere nearby. The Editor put out a request for information about the source on the Chadlington Community Notice Board Facebook page and received the following amazing story from a local resident.

The bagpipe player was Alex, a 14 year old boy, who started playing bagpipes in a band in Liverpool when he was 10.  His grandfather played in a band when he was in the Army and used to talk to Alex about the two World Wars.  This had a big influence on Alex and he wanted to do something to pay his respects to the veterans.  That is why he played at the funeral of a Chindit from the Second World War in Bristol on Saturday.  He was with Captain Elaine Overend of St Mary’s Parachute Cadets Liverpool, who not only does a lot of work with the youngsters of Liverpool but also looks after the welfare of surviving WW2 veterans.

As it happens Elaine met an uncle of the local resident, who is a veteran of the Second World War and lives at Abbeyfield.  He was with 2Para, landed in Holland in September 1944 and after heavy fighting was taken prisoner of war aged 19.  He will soon be 92 and Elaine does so much for him, including making a detour from Bristol yesterday so Alex could play the bagpipes for him!

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