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DRAFT Minutes of the Chadlington Parish Council Meeting held at Chadlington Memorial  Hall on Monday 10 July 2017 at 7.30pm. (Start 7.40 pm Finish 9.27 pm.)

Present: Councillors Howard Rowley (Chair), Zoe Townsend and Monty Phillips.  Gill Hill (Clerk). Cllrs.Neil Owen and Liz Leffman and 2 members of the public.



72.Apologies were received from Cllrs Tony Allan and Brian Hamblin.

Declaration of Interests

73.There were none.


74. The minutes of the last meeting of the Council held on 08 May 2017 were approved and signed.

Matters arising & action points

75.1.   Eversley Close and hedge boundary ownership to be mentioned in the Parish Magazine and on the website.

75.2.   Parking at Harvey’s Corner. OCC to be contacted for a white line to be painted outside the Cafe de la Post to discourage parking on the corner.             ACTION: Clerk to arrange

75.3    Overgrown hedges in village. A polite letter to be sent to residents reminding them of their responsibilities to keep their hedges overhanging the pavement in trim.

ACTION: Clerk to arrange

Public participation

76.There was concern that the gate on the bridleway alongside Langston House and going

to Dean had been locked with a padlock and chain.  An anonymous note had been left

and the padlock and chain removed.                  ACTION: Cllr. Monty Phillips to handle

District & County Councillors Reports

77.1    District Cllr.Neil Owen reported he had attended a meeting as a representative from

WODC at OCC regarding the provision of new schools that will arise from all the new

houses being built in West Oxfordshire which was a matter of concern.   He mentioned

the formation of Publica in order to cover the legal aspects of the joint partnerships with

other district councils. Also the re-examination of the Local Plan had commenced and

would conclude on 20 July 2017.

77.2.   County Cllr. Liz Leffman was welcomed by the Chair and congratulated on her

success in the recent elections. Cllr. Leffman who is on the Performance Scrutiny

Committee said there was a lot to do and offered help especially with potholes both large

and small in the area. She was aware that the road from Spelsbury needed attention and

she would ask the Officer to come and inspect it.  She had also requested that the road

to be used for the forthcoming cycle race be checked.

77.3.   The Chair offered best wishes and thanks to former County Cllr Rodney Rose for all he

done for Chadlington and wished him well for the future.

New Councillor to be co-opted

78.       A new councillor is needed for co-option on the Parish Council.

ACTION: Clerk to remind Councillors by email

Speeding Project – Community Speed Watch Team

79.      Cllr Monty Phillips reported that four volunteers had come forward to join the team. One

came from the Parish Council meeting, two from the website and one from the Oxford

Mail.  A training meeting would take place at 6pm on 24 July at the Memorial Hall with

focus on East End and the Chipping Norton Road.  Schools to be contacted for the police

to address parents and teachers.  A suggestion was made to construct some zany signs

to catch the attention of speeding drivers.  Otherwise proper investment may be required.

Memorial Hall Project Report

80.     Cllr. Howard Rowley reported that the Memorial Hall Committee was looking to invite the

Sports Club to join in with the Memorial Hall but only if the members were willing so to do.

It was felt there were two options:

Option 1:  Adapt/develop the existing hall.

Option 2:  A completely new build.

However either option would require volunteers to run it.

There had been a meeting to discuss the possibility of a feasibility study using BGS

Architects.  This was attended by Cllrs. Howard Rowley and Tony Allan.  The cost of the

feasibility study needed the approval of the Parish Council which was not forthcoming. It

was suggested that a meeting be convened between the full Parish Council and the

Memorial Hall Development Group as soon as possible to ensure that public money was

not spent needlessly on a feasibility study.

ACTION: Cllr Howard Rowley to arrange meeting.

Quote for the day: ‘Due to the apathy of today; tomorrow is cancelled’


81.     The RoSPA Inspection was due to take place in July. No report received yet.


82.     Allotments 1 and 2 to be reassessed. ACTION: Cllr Tony Allan and Clerk to handle

Land Issues

83.1                Planning applications – Applications made:

17/01405/HHD Pear Tree Cottage, Green End.. Erection of a single storey rear extension with glazed link to existing dwelling.

Concern about sustainability improvement to housing stock in Chadlington

17/01818/FUL Blaythorne Farm House, Cross’s Lane. Construction of micro-brewery building and associated hard standings.

It would provide local employment opportunities.

There is a need to understand frequency and duration of actual production scheduling to ascertain noise, smell, pollution and disturbance to residential properties in Brook End and Green End

83.2                Applications approved:

OCC Planning application MW.0031/17 by Great Tew Farms Partnership The Estate Office, Great Tew, Chipping Norton, OX7 4AH for planning permission for the variation of condition 3 and removal of conditions 25 and 27 of Planning Permission 16/01684/CM(MW.9971/16)to allow the continued annual export of 72,000 tonnes of crushed stone until 31st December 2020 at Castle Barn Quarry, Fairgreen Farm, Sarsden, Chipping Norton.  Approved

  • Applications refused:

17/01079/OUT The Gables, West End  Outline planning application for the construction of three dwellings with access to be approved and all matters reserved. Refused


  • Income – Precept £7,606.50

84.2                Expenditure approvals requested:

Standing order (monthly) Clerk’s salary £250.82 for July and August 2017

C No 100163 Stuart Silman £210.00 Cut grass play area 4 & 5/5/17 & VH 31/5/17

C No 100164 Stuart Silman £180.00 Cut & strim grass at play area 10 & 20/6/17

C No 100165 Prysebros Limited £300.00 Spray all kerbs & back wall lines within village

C No 100166 Community First Oxfordshire £55.00 Annual subscription

C No 100167 Frances MacLean Internal Audit Fee 2015-2016

Village Memorial Hall Project Account

C No 100001 Chadlington Parish Council £111.99 reimbursement for Event expenses

C No 100002 Claire Bradshaw £20.00  Expenses for Event in March

  • Approval of Year End Accounts 2016-17 – Approved and signed

84.4                Approval of monthly bank reconciliation 2017/2018 Opening balance 01 April 2017   £17,505.61; income to 31 May 2017: £7,606.50; expenditure to 31 May 2017  £2,306.63. Closing Balance £22,805.48 – Approved

  • Monthly bank statement verifications – Approved and signed

84.5               HSBC Village Hall Project Account as at 08 Jun 2017: Opening balance 31 Mar

2017: £842.00; income to 08 Jun 2017: £0.00; expenditure to 31 March 2017

£0.00 Closing balance £842.00 Approved

  • VAT – £1226.76 reclaimed from HMRC for VAT May 2014 –March 2017
  • Clerk’s hours approval  – May -June: Approved and signed

Items omitted from previous meeting

85.1               Approval of annual bank reconciliation 2016/2017 as at 31 March  2017: Opening

balance 1 April 2016: £16,280.00; income to 31 March 2017: £10,227.00;

expenditure to 31 March 2017: £9001.39. Closing balance £17,505.61 – Approved

85,2               Monthly bank statement verification  Approved and signed

  • HSBC Memorial Hall Project Account as at 08 April 2017: Opening balance 13

February 2017: £0.00; income to 08 April 2017: £842.00; expenditure to 31 March

  • 00 Closing balance £842.00 – Approved
    • VAT – see 84 (e)

85.5                Clerk’s hours approval – Mar – Apr: Approved

Review of Council Business for 2017/2018

  • Standing Orders reviewed by Council
  • Financial Regulations reviewed by Council
  • Risk Assessment & Asset Register- reviewed in January 2017
  • Insurance cover arrangements reviewed and to go out to tender for 2018
  • Council’s memberships of other bodies reviewed

86.6                Reviewed: allotment rent charges, currently £23 for a full plot & £14 for half plot

annually, agreed in Nov 2015 to take place in Sep 2016 to remain the same.

  • Council’s contractors for grass cutting and weed control reviewed –to remain the


  • Internal auditor arrangements for 2016/2017 accounts to remain the same with

increase of fee agreed to be £150.00

  •  Annual maintenance cycle schedule reviewed.  Cllr Brian Hamblin to review

Annual Maintenance (spreadsheet) and amend accordingly.

86.10             Chadlington hours and costs schedule reviewed and agreed.



87.     There was none

Other Issues

88.     None

Information Exchange

89.     None

Date of next meeting

90.    Confirmed as Monday 11 September 2017 at 7:30 pm in Chadlington Memorial Hall




…………………………………Gill Hill, Clerk to Chadlington Parish Council,  10 July 2017

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