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DRAFT Minutes of the Chadlington Parish Council Meeting held at Chadlington Memorial  Hall on Monday 11 September 2017 at 7.30pm. (Start 7.34 pm Finish 9.45 pm.)

Present: Councillors Howard Rowley (Chair), Tony Allan, Brian Hamblin, Nicky Lloyd and Monty Phillips.  Gill Hill (Clerk), Cllr. Neil Owen and 2 members of the public.


  1. Apologies were received from Cllr Zoe Townsend and after the meeting from Cllr Liz Leffman who was detained at an earlier meeting.

Co-option of New Councillor

  1. Nicky Lloyd was accepted as the new Councillor and welcomed to the Council, proposed by Howard Rowley, seconded by Tony Allan.

Declarations of Interests

  1. There were none.


  1. The minutes of the last meeting held on 10 July 2017 were approved and signed.

Matters arising & action points

  1. 75.2 Request had been made to OCC Highways for white line outside Cafe de la Post at Harvey’s Corner. This is subject to budget constraints but on waiting list.

75.3 Overgrown hedges appeared to have been cut back without need of a letter.

District & County Councillors Reports

  1. District Councillor Neil Owen reported that the award for the Broadband contract would be announced in September. The Local Plan – WODC is consulting with Cherwell District Council ith regard to Oxford City’s housing requirements.

There was no County Council report.

Public Participation

  1. There was none.


  1. Speeding Project – Community Speed Watch update from Monty Philips

A team of seven people has been recruited but at least another two would help to make the project work efficiently. A couple of training sessions have been held with Police Officer Milton.  A test session was held on the road at East End and Chipping Norton Road.  Two types of equipment are in use CID and Radar and the times of testing are variable.  Some of the work involved is time consuming noting car number plates and speed which has to be recorded manually. Shipton-under-Wychwood have been very helpful to whom our appreciation is given together with PC Milton and Monty Philips. Other forms of deterring speeding vehicles are being considered in the form of posters and scarecrows.

OCC/Chargeable Waste

  1. The Parish Council was not happy with the new charges for non-household waste of £1.50 per item. It was considered that this would double the amount of fly tipping; encourage non-household waste to be put into landfill; the charging is disproportionately expensive. Chadlington residents were particularly concerned since the local tip at Dean was closed and now a round trip of 42 miles has to be made to the nearest tip. A link to be made from the Chadlington website to www.Oxfordshire.gov.uk/chargeablewaste

ACTION: Clerk to write to Leader of OCC 

Memorial Hall Project Report update from Howard Rowley

100.1  CPC agreed to support the initial phase – total funding of  £5,000.00

Proposed by Monty Philips, seconded by Tony Allan.

100.2  The Village Hall Committee considered a feasibility study was necessary. The cost and affordability is in question.  The Project Team expect an architect’s report by 30 September.

100.3  CPC were in agreement that replacement tables were needed at the Memorial Hall.  Proposed by Howard Rowley, seconded by Brian Hamblin.

ACTION: Brian Hamblin to put together a shopping list and cost


  1. RoSPA report

CPC has taken note of the comments but do not intend to change any equipment that has been in use and well maintained for many years.  The front gates may need attention.  Mention of Brian Hamblin and Keith Mitchell should be made in appreciation of their continued and constant services and to make residents aware of how much they do for the playground. Suggestions this should be on the website and in the parish magazine.

ACTION: Tony Allan to write an appropriate article for the website and parish magazine.

Updated Annual Maintenance Schedule

  1. Brian Hamblin commented that clearance of gullies was always an issue salt bins to be checked.

ACTION: Brian Hamblin to adviseAllotments

  1. Tony Allan advised that after a trip to the allotments with the Clerk and a measuring session of Plot numbers 1 and 2 that they should be merged into one plot, named Plot1/2 at an annual rent of £28.00.


17/02362/FUL Galleypot Farm Bungalow, Old London Road. Modification of planning consent16/04146/FUL to allow addition of porch and enclosure of car port to form garage.    CPC had no objection.

Applications approved:

17/01968/HHD Barters Hill Farmhouse, East End. Conversion of carport to habitable room & replace part of wall with wooden panel. Approved.

Applications refused:


Neighbourhood Plan

  1. It was deemed necessary to have a Neighbourhood Plan for future issues. This requires a separate meeting for a generic plan.


106.1  Income £1226.76 VAT refund.

106.2  The following expenditure was approved and cheques signed:

Standing order (monthly) Clerk’s salary £250.82 for September and October 2017

C No 100168 S Silman £240 cut grass play area & VH 4/7/17; play area 24/7/17 & VH 1/8/17.

C No 100168 S Silman £120 cut grass at play area16/8/17 & VH 24/8/17.

C No 100169 Playsafety Ltd (RoSPA inspection) £113.40 11/9/17.

C No 100170 Chadlington Memorial Hall £120 Room Hire 2017-09-27

106.3  Approval of monthly bank reconciliation 2017/2018 Opening balance 01 April 2017 £17,505.61; income to 31 August 2017 £8,833.26 expenditure to 31 August 2017 £3,752.49 Closing Balance £22,586.38

Approval of VH bank reconciliation 2017/2018 Opening balance 01April 2017 £842.00; income to 31 August 2017 £0.00; expenditure to 31 August 2017 £131.99 Closing balance £822.00.

106.4  Clerk’s hours July-August approved.


106.5  CPC resolved to pay donations only to local charities and therefore the requests from Guideposts and Victims of Abuse were declined.

Other issues

There were none.

Information Exchange/AOB

Christmas Lunch was mentioned


Date of next meeting is Monday 13 November 2017 at 7.30 pm in the Memorial Hall.


There will be a Budget Meeting to be held 6-7pm on Monday 9 October 2017 in the

Memorial Hall.


…………………………………………….Gill Hill, Clerk to Chadlington Parish Council, 27 Sept 2017


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