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DRAFT Minutes Chadlington Parish Council Meeting 13 November 2017


DRAFT Minutes of the Chadlington Parish Council Meeting held at Chadlington  Memorial  Hall on Monday 13 November 2017 at 7.30pm. (Start 7.37 pm Finish 9.34 pm.)

Present: Councillors Howard Rowley (Chair), Tony Allan, Brian Hamblin, Nicky Lloyd and Zoe Townsend, Gill Hill (Clerk), Cllr. Liz Leffman and 1 member of the public.


  1. These were received from Cllr Monty Phillips and District Cllr Neil Owen.

Declarations of Interests

  1. There were none.


  1. The minutes of the last meeting held on Monday 11th September 2017 were approved and signed.

Matters arising and action points

  1. Nothing to report.

District & County Councillors Reports

  1. There was no District Council report.

Cllr Leffman reported that the road closure at West End originally planned for 14-18 December had been brought forward to 4 December and would only take two days.OCC had a new structure which will be made available soon.Road surfaces are being looked at and will be made good.  A consultation on OCC’s strategy is occurring.

Public Participation

  1. There was none.


  1. The speeding project is going ahead.

Memorial Hall Project Report update by Cllr Howard Rowley

  1. The following is taken from the CPC Position Paper of 27 October 2017 and the Steering Group meeting on 7 November 2017

Feasibility Study Presentation

BGS Architects put forward a presentation of 2 options on Oct 5 at a proposed estimated cost of (i) £800k for developing existing hall and (ii) £1.3m for entirely new development

This was distinctly out of tally with CPC expectations of (i) £250 to 300k (option 1) and (ii) £600 to 700k (option 2).

We have stressed the need for this original presentation not to be shared elsewhere

Meanwhile we have asked for these designs to be reworked more in line with our

expectations, which would include buildings that are adaptable and multi-functional, not user specific

Project funding – short term finance

The Parish has already provided £5k in support and most of this has been committed.

So an immediate emphasis is for the project team to fund raise; this is in hand and sources cited include planned school events, Brook Run and ‘Gin Thing’.

Other immediate project requirements are

Getting a Treasurer

Business Model and Business Plan

Business Model to include Operational Model (workload, staffing/etc)

Funding analysis (potential sources of funding, % chances of success, criteria for success)

So a lot of work has to be done over the next 3-6 months. With that in mind the CPC has decided to pause its participation for the foreseeable future.

Proposed by Cllr Nicky Lloyd, seconded by Cllr Tony Allan.

Memorial Hall Committee update by Cllr Zoe Townsend

  1. First meeting attended was found to be interesting. The car park needs to be improved, Sports and Social Club may contribute. Bushes need trimming.

Insurance Renewal

  1. CPC insurance policy is due for renewal at the end of January 2018.

ACTION: Clerk to investigate quotes.

Playground update Cllr Brian Hamblin

  1. Thomas the Tank Engine now in situ at the Playground CPC are very grateful for the craftsmanship provided by Cllr BrianHamblin and would like their thanks noted. New helpers coming on board soon.

Updated on Annual Maintenance Schedule Cllr Brian Hamblin

  1. Gullies need inspection – OCC to be contacted. Salt bins have been filled.

ACTION: Clerk to handle


  1. Clerk and Cllr Tony Allan to visit allotments to report on state of tidiness.


  1. Planning applications – Applications made:

17/03174/FUL Foxglove Farm, Chipping Norton Road.  Erection of self contained


17/02848/HHD Pear Tree Cottage, Green End. Alteration to include conversion of loft

and erection of first floor extension.

17/03346/FUL Tite Inn, Mill End. Erection of dwelling with self contained annex.

Neighbourhood Plan

  1. It was agreed to review this in March 2018.

Audit Approval

  1. The Accounts for2016/17 had been audited and approved.

Budget 2018/19

  1.  The Budget for 2018/19 was approved.


  • Clerk’s extra time – an extra 6 hours were approved for payment

124.2.    Clerk’s hours for September – October were approved

  • Income: £7827.50 Precept & Allotment rents

124.4     The following expenditure was approved:
Standing order (monthly) Clerk’s salary £250.82 for November and December 2017

C No 100173 B Hamblin Playground maintenance   £238.77

C No 100174 LexisNexis Local Council Admin Book £64.00

C No 100175 Savills (UK) Ltd Rent for allotment land £200.00

C No 100176 BGS Architects Memorial Hall project  £2865.60

C No 100177 S Silman 3 grass cuts Play area    £270.00

C No 100178 G Hill Extra hours   £250.82

124.5      Approval of monthly bank reconciliation 2017/2018 Opening balance 01 April 2017£17,505.61; income to                   31 October 2017 £16,883.75; expenditure to 31 October 2017 £8,626.32. Closing Balance £25,763.04

124.6      Monthly bank statement verifications

Village Hall Project Account as at 31 July 2017: Opening balance 01 April 2017:

£842.00; income to 31 Oct 2017: £0.00; expenditure to 31 Oct 2017 £131.99 Closing balance £710.01

124.7     Deposit Card Application to enable Clerk to deposit money for HSBC at Post Office.


125.1     Countryside Alliance Chadlington Quality Foods recommended for an award

125.2.    Citizens Advice Bureau West Oxfordshire request for financial support – to be reviewed in January 2018                                            ACTION: For Agenda January 2018

125.3     Annual Meeting between Town & Parish Councils and WODC Wednesday 22

November 6.45pm for 7pm Committee Room 1, Council Offices, Woodgreen, Witney OX28 1NB. Meeting                  is to cover the launch of Publica; an update on the Council’s Budget; an update on the Local Plan progress,                Oxfordshire Growth Board and an update on Broadband.  There will be an opportunity to question                              member of the District Council’s Cabinet and it would assist if any questions could be advised in advance.

125.4     Letter from Robert Courts MP regarding support of Message in a Wallet scheme

Other Issues

  1.     Congratulations to Diane Bunney for her Help the Aged award, part of the Good

Neighbour scheme.

Information Exchange/AOB

Date of next meeting to be confirmed as Monday 08 January 2018 at 7:30 pm


………………………………………………………….Gill Hill, Clerk to Chadlington Parish Council,

4 November 2017

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