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DRAFT Minutes Chadlington Parish Council 08 January 2018

DRAFT Minutes of the Chadlington Parish Council Meeting held at Chadlington  Memorial  Hall on Monday 08 January 2018 at 7.30pm. (Start 7.35pm Finish 9.10pm.)

Present: Councillors Howard Rowley (Chair), Tony Allan(Vice Chair), Brian Hamblin, Nicky Lloyd , Gill Hill (Clerk), Cllr. Neil Owen and 2 members of the public.



  1. These were received from Cllrs. Monty Phillips, Zoe Townsend and Liz Leffman.

Declarations of Interest

  1. There were none.


  1. The minutes of the meeting held on Monday 13 November 2017 were approved and signed.

Matters arising and action points

  1. There were none.

District & County Councillors’ Reports

  1. In the absence of Cllr Liz Leffman, Cllr Neil Owen offered to take up the problem of the blocked drain in Horseshore Lane. The Local Plan was progressing with an encouraging report from the Inspector and hopefully this will be finalised in the near future.

County Councillor’s report attached.

Public Participation

  1. There was concern that traffic was still travelling too fast through the village, in particular builders’ vehicles.

Public Footpaths

  1. Concern was raised about two footpaths in Chadlington awaiting dedication. This has been going on for a number of years.  The footpaths awaiting restoring restoration are the tiny gap from FP5 to the Definitive Map. The landowner is in agreement to a dedication but nothing has happened save the appearance of a gate in over 10 years.  The other is a path going north to Boot Cottage from FP5 up to the stream at the bottom of Bull Hill. On the DM it stops at the cottage, and the map of streets maintained at public expense fails to show it too. It has been walked for decades and even has a 20yr old OCC sign indicating it.

CPC resolved that Adrian Tremlett and the Clerk would work on lodging an application to ensure the two parts of footpaths were added to the Definitive Map.

Proposed by Cllr Tony Allan; seconded by Cllr Brian Hamblin.

Severe Weather

  1. In view of the recent inclement weather for which thanks should be offered to Brian Hamblin, Trevor Hobbs and Martin Summers for their invaluable assistance, that Emergency Contact Numbers should be available for vulnerable residents. It was decided that contact should be made with Dianne Bunney of the Good Neighbours scheme to discuss the best way to handle this proposal.

ACTION: Cllr Howard Rowley to speak to Dianne Bunney.

OCC Highways – Speeding Project

  1. To be discussed at next meeting.

Memorial Hall

  1. Application for a Sustainable Development Fund grant from the Cotswold Conservation Board for new tables to be made by the Memorial Hall Committee.

ACTION: Clerk to handle.

Insurance Renewal

  1. CPC resolved to appoint Came & Company for new three year insurance policy through Inspire.


  1. CPC resolved to approve that Cllr Brian Hamblin could appoint volunteers to assist with work in the Playground.


  1. Planning applications – Applications made:

17/03980/HHD Orchard House, Church Road. Two storey extension joining the existing

house and garage.                                                                           CPC had no objection

OCC Planning Application made

Planning application by OCC for planning permission for the Application to continue the

development permitted by R3.0134/13 (for the extension time for restoration of waste

recycling centre site) without complying with condition 5, to extend the period for

restoration until 30/09/2019 and amend the restoration and afteruse from agricultural use

to nature conservation of Dean Pit Former Household Waste Recycling Centre, Grove

Lane, Dean, Chipping Norton, OX7 3JY.    For information only.

Applications approved:

17/00569/FUL Barley Hill Farm, Chipping Norton Road.  Demolition of agricultural

building to allow for the conversion and subterranean extension of agricultural buildings

to form one dwelling.

17/02848/HHD Pear Tree Cottage, Green End. Alterations to include conversion of loft

and erection of first floor extension.

Neighbourhood Plan

  1. Referred to next meeting.

Approval of Internal Auditor for 2018.

  1. CPC approved the services of Frances MacLean as Internal Auditor.

Budget 2018-2019 & Precept

  1. These were approved by the Council.


  • Clerk’s hours for November – December were approved

17.2       Income: £23.00

17.3       Expenditures approved and cheques signed:
Standing order (monthly) Clerk’s salary £250.82 for January and February 2018

C No 100179 G Hill Norton Antivirus renewal   £49.99

C No 100180 BGS Architects  Memorial Hall Project   £2340.00

C No 100181 S Mansel-Pleydell reissued expired chq for Memorial Hall  £111.99

C No 100182 Came & Company  Insurance  £344.74

  • Approval of monthly bank reconciliation 2017/2018 Opening balance 01 April 2017

£17,505.61; income to 31 December 2017 £16,906.75; expenditure to 31 December

  • £11,862.79. Closing Balance £22,549.67.

17.5       Memorial Hall Project Account as at 31 July 2017: Opening balance 01 April 2017:

£842.00; income to 31 Dec 2017: £0.00; expenditure to 31 Dec 2017 £Nil Closing

balance £710.01

  • Monthly bank statement verified.


  1. CPC agreed to donate £50.00 to the Citizens Advice, Chipping Norton.

Other Issues

  1. There were none.

Information Exchange/AOB

  1. There was nothing

   Date of next meeting to be confirmed as Monday 12 March 2018 at 7:30 pm at   

   Chadlington Memorial Hall


………………………………………….Gill Hill, Clerk to Chadlington Parish Council 4 January 2018




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