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Chadlington Parish Council Minutes of Meeting 12 March 2018

DRAFT Minutes of the Chadlington Parish Council Meeting held at Chadlington  Memorial  Hall on Monday 12 March 2018 at 7.30pm. (Start 7.30pm Finish 9.25pm.)

Present: Cllrs Tony Allan(Vice Chair), Brian Hamblin, Nicky Lloyd , Zoe Townsend and Gill Hill (Clerk), Cllrs Liz  Leffman and Neil Owen plus 1 member of the public.



  1. These were received from Cllrs. Howard Rowley and Monty Phillips.

Declarations of Interest

  1. There were none.


  1. The minutes of the meeting held on Monday 08 January 2018 were approved and signed.

Matters arising and action points

  1. 5. The drain in Horseshoe Lane had still not been fixed. Fix My Street showed it as having been resolved. Cllr Liz  Leffman to follow up.

District & County Councillors’ Reports

  1. Cllr Neil Owen reported that the Government had given funding of £215M to Oxfordshire for infrastructure. The A40 would be in line for expansion. The Local Plan is practically a deal. The Planning Inspector has agreed to preserve the AONB status of the corridor  Burford/Charlbury/Stonesfield/Woodstock with no major property developments in future. Council Tax has risen by £2.75 for a Band D household and  WODC still has the second lowest Council in the country.  There is now an out of hours emergency number for Cottsway Housing. Information on the Local Plan to be sent to Councillors.

Cllr Liz Leffman reported that at the OCC Budget Meeting in February there would be a 4.99% increase in Council Tax.  A new machine has been acquired for filling potholes which cannot be used near houses.  There is no more money for roads.OCC have to save £15M this year.  County Councillors have been given a budget of £15K to use in their parishes.

Public Participation

  1. There was none.

Public Footpaths

27.1    Adrian Tremlett is in communication with OCC to ensure two footpaths were added to the Definitive Map.

27.2    The Cotswold Wardens had volunteered to repair the steps opposite Slatters.  This was accepted with grateful thanks to them.

OCC Highways – Speeding Project

28.1    Speeding project still needs volunteers.

28.2    Washpool Hilll will not flood again this winter as gullies have been cleared.

28.3    Parking at the bottom end of Bull End is proving to be a  problem as not enough space is left for disabled electric chairs to pass through.  Polite notices to be provided.

Severe Weather

  1. Good Neighbours delivered a leaflet to all households with local contacts if assistance was required. This scheme proved to work very well.  Six dozen battery operated torches were sold to residents by Cllr Brian Hamblin in preparation for any future power cuts.


Memorial Hall

  1. New tables for the Memorial Hall had been purchased. The cost had been divided between the Parish Council and the Memorial Hall.  The Play Group was looking  to build their own new premises.


  1. The Playground had been pressure washed and cleaned up. The moles had been working hard. The footpath was not in good condition.

Parish Transport Representative

  1. Cllr Nicky Lloyd had kindly offered to accept the job of Parish Transport Representative.


  1. The Council discussed this and the Tool Kit information is to be sent to the Councillors again.

Community Housing

  1. Applications for social housing should be addressed to WODC.

Council Governance

  1. The Council approved all points of Council Governance as required and listed in the Agenda.


  1. Planning applications – Applications made:

18/00430/HHD 3 Manor Court.  Installation of two roof lights (Retrospective). The Parish Council had no objection to this.

18/00156/HHD Fairfield Brook End. Erection of single storey rear extension to replace existing conservatory. Alterations to include changes to fenestration and enclosure of front entrance porch.  The Parish Council had no objection to this.

Applications approved:

17/03980/HHD Orchard House, Church Road. Two storey extension joining the existing house  and garage.

17/03174/FUL Foxglove Farm  Chipping Norton Road.  Erection of self contained ancillary accommodation

17/02362/FUL Galleypot  Farm Bungalow Old London Road. Modification of  Planning Consent 16/04146/FUL to allow addition of porch and enclosure of car port to form garage.

Application withdrawn:

17/03346/FUL Tite Inn, Mill End. Erection of dwelling with self contained annex.

Applications refused & gone to Appeal.:

17/01079/OUT  The Gables West End. Outline planning application for the construction of three dwellings with access to be approved and all other matters reserved.

OCC Planning Application made

Planning application by OCC for planning permission for the Application to continue the

development permitted by R3.0134/13 (for the extension time for restoration of waste

recycling centre site) without complying with condition 5, to extend the period for

restoration until 30/09/2019 and amend the restoration and afteruse from agricultural use

to nature conservation of Dean Pit Former Household Waste Recycling Centre, Grove

Lane, Dean, Chipping Norton, OX7 3JY.    For information only.


37.1    Clerk’s hours approved for March – April

37.2    Income £14.74

37.3    The following expenditure requests were approved and cheques signed:

Standing Order (monthly) Clerk’s salary £250.82 for March & April 2018

C No 100184 Church Buying Group Tables for Memorial Hall           £1943.19

C No 100185 CPRE Annual Subscription £36.00

C No 100186 OALC Annual Subscription £174.64

37.4    Monthly bank reconciliation approved. 2017/2018   Current Account Opening balance

01 April 2017 £17,505.61; income to 28 February 2018 £16,921.49; expenditure to

28 February 2018 £14,568.16. Closing Balance £19,858.94.

37.5    Memorial Hall Project Account : Opening balance 01 April 2017 £842.00; income to

08 Mar 2018: £0.00; expenditure to 08 Mar 2018  £131.99 Closing balance £710.01.

37.6    Monthly bank statements verified.

37.7    Quotation from Complete Weed Control of £624.00 for 2 treatments in year approved.

Clerk’s Holiday Contingency Plans.

  1. Not required as holiday will not disrupt meetings. Holiday will be taken in February 2019.


  1. Local Airspace Development Consultation.

Citizens Advice – Thank you letter for £50 donation.

Other issues

  1. None

Information Exchange/AOB

  1. None

Date of next meeting Monday 14 May 2018 at 7.30pm at the Memorial Hall
















………………………………………….Gill Hill, Clerk to Chadlington Parish Council 7 May 2018




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