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Please don’t obstruct our pavements

One of the joys of living in a place like Chadlington is that people are often walking about the village; to the shops, with their dogs or just to enjoy the view. Unfortunately in some places the pathways are obstructed and moving out onto the road can be dangerous or even impossible, especially for wheelchair/mobility scooter users and those with pushchairs.

Please can residents with hedges facing pavements take a little time to trim them at this time of year so they do not reduce the width of paths?

Also, please do not park right up on the pavements so that pedestrians cannot pass. In some places it can be difficult for residents and visitors to find safe parking near where they want to go but please remember that obstructing the whole pavement is against the HIghway Code. It is generally easier for drivers to walk a little way to their destination than it can be for pavement users to pass because they have been forced into the road by inconsiderate parking.

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