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Summer news from Chadlington School

Another busy term for the school, and some success on the sports field, as the Year 5 Athletics team emerged victorious at the CNPS Festival. So well done Tom, Warrick, Alishca and Gracie for their outstanding efforts in Track and Field, and also an excellent effort from the Year 4 team, who finished in second place.
A big thank you to both of the Kings, who have been helping the children to make Masks for their summer production of The Lion King. This is part of the school topic, ‘We are Costume Designers’, and will culminate with 2 performances at the school on a special outdoor stage on the 5th of July.
With the topic in mind, as the Year 5 & 6 headed to PGL in Wales, taking on Abseiling, Canoeing, Quad-biking, Archery, Trapeze, and Orienteering, the remainder of the school headed to the Cotswold Wildlife Park. A fascinating talk by one of the staff gave the children an array of facts about African animals, including the reason for Rhino’s rolling in mud (to stop sunburn, and insects burrowing into their skin!), and that Giraffe’s have the same number of bones in their necks as human beings (seven).
The children were also able to study a real Lion’s skull, and observe the expressive Meercats interact with one another. Such was the outstanding behaviour from all of those on the trip, that a Charlbury resident present at the park commented on how well behaved the children were, and wanted to know which school they went to!
Finally, Half Term saw yet another edition of the Chadlington Beer Festival, and with fine weather and a record attendance at the event, the day was kicked off with a performance from the school orchestra and singers. We await the funds raised by the Friends of Chadlington School.

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