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Chapel Road roadworks – Update

The Editor and Parish Clerk have been in touch with Oxfordshire County Council for more information about the forthcoming road works on Chapel Road from Cafe de la Post and Chadlington Road towards Dean and Spelsbury. We have received the following reply, which should hopefully address any confusion and concerns:

The treatment being conducted, Surface Dressing is extremely weather susceptible so providing a fully accurate date is difficult. Due to this the road closure and advanced warning signs cover an approximate weeks duration to allow for last minute changes if we experience any delays.

Surface dressing is a very mobile treatment so our duration on site will be as minimal as possible, both access and egress for residents within the site extents will be maintained at all. I would not expect any delays for residents and they can exit their properties as normal and on return simply advise the gatemen that they reside with the road closure. All we ask is that any vehicles are not parked on the road whilst we are in attendance.

In short, the works will take place any time during the next week, depending on the weather, and local access will not be restricted but please do not park your car on the roadside.



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