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Chadlington Parish Council Budget Meeting Agenda Monday 08 October 2018

Notice is hereby given that an extra-ordinary meeting of Chadlington Parish Council will be held at

Chadlington Methodist  Hall on Monday 08 October 2018 at 6.00pm when only finance matters are on the agenda.


Members of the public & press are welcome to attend. Members of the public may make representations to the Council under Item 4, in accordance with the Council’s Standing Orders. [Contact a Councillor or the Clerk at  least 2 weeks before the next Council meeting if you wish to have an item placed on the agenda]






  1. Apologies: to receive apologies.
  2. Declaration of Interests
    1. Register of Interests – Councillors are reminded of the need to update their register of interests.
    2. To declare any pecuniary & other interests in items on the agenda & their nature.
  3. Minutes – minutes of the last meeting of the Council on 10 September 2018 will be approved at 12 November 2018 meeting.
  4. Public participation – Opportunity for the public to ask questions.


  1. Planning Policy


  1. Parish Plan


  1. Budget & Planning Precept


  1. Finance

Income: Current Account £7694.50 Precept & Grant Memorial Hall Account £NIL

Expenditure for approval:    None

Approval of monthly bank reconciliation 2018/2019: Opening balance 01 April 2018   £19,608.12; income to 30 Sept 2018 £16,189.00; expenditure to 30 Sept 2018 £3383.14

Closing balance: £33,967.99

Memorial Hall Account: Opening balance 08 April 2018 £1554.01; income to 30 Sept 2018 £NIL; expenditure to 30 Sept 2018 £NIL.




Date of next meeting to be confirmed as 12 November 2018 at 7:30 pm at Chadlington Memorial Hall.





……………………………………………..  Gill Hill, Clerk to Chadlington Parish Council, 3 October 2018

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