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Chadlington Book Exchange

Eagle-eyed villagers may have noticed that a set of shelves has been put up in the bus shelter opposite Cafe de la Post and that there are some books in them. This is a Parish Council initiative and the shelves have been kindly put up by a local resident.

This is the Chadlington Book Exchange for residents and visitors to exchange interesting books in good condition that they think others would like to read. The books will be monitored and topped up as necessary with surplus stock from Oxfam Books and Music in Chipping Norton.

Feel free to place your books on the shelves and take books you’d like to read. As this is a public space, please ensure that the books you leave are suitable for anyone who might see them here. If you have more than two or three books to dispose of, please take them to a charity shop as this community facility only has limited space.

Enjoy a good read!

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