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Ultrafast Broadband to be installed this month?

Work by Gigaclear to install ultrafast broadband to properties in the Chadlington cabinet area is now scheduled to take place sometime before the end of March. The Editor has contacted the company for some more precise information and this was the response:

“I can confirm that your community, Chadlington (South East) is currently in the design validation process. This means that we have created the route for the network but we are just ensuring that we have all necessary access agreements, traffic management and correct costings in order to move forward.

Due to the community still being in this process, I am unable to provide an exact completion date for the network build. However, at the moment we are forecasting completion at the moment for the end of Q4 of 2019. However, I do need to advise this is subject to change. I do apologise for not having exact time scales for the moment but as soon as the network build commences we may have a clearer idea of completion for you.”

The work will involve installing the cable network and making good afterwards. They will be digging up pavements and roads to lay the full fibre cabling along with connection points outside the boundary of every property. All residents and businesses will be informed as soon as their connection is ready and can take full advantage of ultrafast speeds.

The company states that everything disrupted by the installation will be reinstated to Highways Authorities and Utilities Committee standards.

If you’d like to know more please refer to Gigaclear’s website

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