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‘The Losers’ are now the winners!

Last night’s village quiz at the Bowls Club was hard-fought and reached a very exciting finish as two teams had exactly the same final score. Then the mis-named ‘The Losers’ team (who only had 4 members, instead of all the other teams 6) won by answering a simple factual tie break. The other top scoring team ‘Loose Ends’ had 68 points by the end of eight brain-stretching rounds and third were ‘The Chad Valley Muppets’ with 63 points,

Over 50 people enjoyed a very entertaining evening, with many quips from Nigel, the grand quizmaster, and amusing heckles from the quizzers. The bar was open and well run by Bowls Club regulars and food was provided by Christine, who received a very warm round of applause. A good time was had by all. The next Quiz is expected to be at the end of March.


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