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Exciting News! The Next Stage for Cafe de la Post

The Editor has received the following announcement from Martin Chapman, current owner of our village cafe:

“We are delighted to announce that new tenants are taking over the business of Cafe de la Post. The tenancy is in the form of a company; Cafe de la Post Limited, run by three local people; Bryan Thring, Hugo Pickering & Pippa Hornby. Their motivation is to retain the existing team of staff, keeping the cafe as it is and improving it. They will be taking over within the next couple of months.
Jackie and I are delighted with this development as this is exactly what we wanted to happen and we’d like to thank Bryan, Hugo & Pippa for their commitment to this community. All services will continue as they are; newspaper deliveries, coffee, the world’s best carrot cake etc.

New Ownership of the Building
The building itself is being purchased by two other local people who have the same motivation, that is, to keep the Cafe exactly as it is. The new tenants will have a tenancy agreement with the new building owners.

This is great news for the village and for those who work so hard at Cafe de la Post to provide the service we all benefit from and enjoy.

If you have any questions please let me know. Hopefully the takeover will be seamless. We will send more information as it arises.

Thank you for your continued custom.”


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