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Report from Parish Council Annual Meeting

Some successes and some concerns were reported at Chadlington Parish Council’s AGM on 13th May. Councillors were pleased to report the increasing use of the village hall, the full take-up of the allotments and the continuation of Cafe de la Post with new business owners. The Chairman presented the Council’s new Parish Plan and planning policy. The Parish Plan has been delivered to every household in the village and residents have been invited to comment, either via the website www.chadlington.com or to Councillors themselves. All the Councillors reports from the meeting can be found on the Your Parish Council page


Members of the public aired a number of local concerns during the meeting. ‘Aggressive driving’ was one of these and there was some discussion about the need to revive the village’s speedwatch project, if sufficient volunteers can be found. Another issue raised was the silting up of the Brook which can lead to flooding. The District Councillor present, Neil Owen, said he would arrange a meeting between a local farmer and West Oxfordshire District Council officers to address this. Concerns about the style of house building and renovations in the village, which do not always seem to sit well within the village’s Cotswold landscape, were also discussed.
Finally, the Council welcomed Hilary Moore, of Mill End, as their new Councillor.

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