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News from Chadlington School

Jonathan Harris-Bass has sent the following news from our local primary school:
“On the 7th of May, all the Key Stage One pupils at the school went to Kingsmere Community Centre on the outskirts of Bicester to take part in a Music Festival with Nick Cope.
  There were 7 local schools represented, including a fantastic contingent from Chadlington.
Weeks of practice, and then an energetic morning with Nick Cope, culminated in a superb performance in front of a packed out audience.
Here Nick Cope led the children in song as they made a round of applause for the dinosaurs, took us into a forest where we met a dragon called Keith, saw a little lizard standing on a rock, and learnt all about Hugh the Hedgehog. Hugh is trying to cross the A32, and has a narrow escape from the onrushing traffic, saved purely by the state of the council’s roads, full of cracks and holes, that Hugh rolls into. Phew for Hugh!
It was a wonderful occasion, full of laughter and gave all of the children a valuable lesson in performance and song. A super way to kick off the summer. “

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