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Minutes of Chadlington Parish Council Meeting Monday 8 July 2019

Minutes of the Chadlington Parish Council Meeting held at the Memorial Hall, Chadlington on Monday 08 July 2019. (Start 7.35pm. Finish 9.35pm)
Present: Cllrs Howard Rowley, Tony Allan, Zoe Townsend, Nicky Lloyd, Hilary Moore and Gill Hill (Clerk). District Cllr Neil Owen and County Cllr Liz Leffman plus 6 members of the public.
68. Apologies: There were none.
69. Declaration of Interests: There were none.
70. Minutes: The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 13 May 2019 and Special
Meeting held on 24 June 2019 were both approved.
71. Co-option of Mrs Hilary Moore to the Council
Cllr Hilary Moore was welcomed to the Council
72. Matters arising from the Minutes
a. Durand Hotham update
b. Brook End update
This was delayed until later in the meeting.
73. District and County Councillors Reports
District Cllr Neil Owen reported on the dissatisfaction of the property in Horseshoe Lane. A Planning Manager will be visiting the site and writing a report. If there has been a mistake in the process of building then it will have to be rectified.
WODC is addressing the Climate Control emergency and is working towards the target to reduce emissions by 2050. It is working towards more electric charging points being installed. It has been suggested that all new houses should have solar panels and fat traps fitted.
County Cllr Liz Leffman began by pointing out that OCC were trimming the verges more sympathetically this year to protect wild life. However in some cases at crossroads and islands the grass needs to be cut shorter and any problems of this nature should be reported to Fix My Street. There still appears to be confusion with flyaway plastics and the disposing of waste into the correct bins. Food waste should not be put into the general waste (grey) bin. There are not enough recycling depots in the UK. Shipston-on-Stour is closer to Chadlington the Dix Pit at Stanton Harcourt.
He drain clearance at Brooke End is close to being done.
74. CPC Workload and Responsibilities
a. Work reallocation – this was reported in the Special Meeting June minutes.
b. Getting volunteers for additional work – deferred until more volunteers are available.
c. New ideas – there is strong support for making some selective improvements within the village; these include improved provision of benches and new planting schemes on the village approaches..
75. Parish Plan: Feedback
Two formal responses have been received and several informal ones. The Plan was generally considered to be clear and understandable. Jon Alsop’s response had been appreciated and all the points raised will be taken into consideration with the next review. His expertise could be useful when certain complex planning situations arise.
76. Public participation – Opportunity for the public to ask questions.
There was a query on planning application 19/01801/FUL Brookside at Brooke End regarding windows. This was referred to the Planning Officer. A suggestion was made that planning applications should be available on the Chadlington Parish Council website and notice board. Feasibility will be evaluated.
77. Playground:
CPC unanimously approved ex gratia payments to Brian Hamblin and Ron Arthur for their sterling work on the playground which has saved the Council a considerable sum. True to form Brian declined payment and Ron proposed to give his payment to Katharine House Hospice.
78. Gigaclear:
The latest report was that Gigaclear would be in the area in August. Residents of Rawlinson Close had a visit from Gigaclear and decided they did not want it.
79. Methodist Church:
The decision on its future use is open ended at present. It is still recognised as a place of worship which may not suit everyone’s requirements. Interested people must make clear what they intend to use it for and how much they are prepared to pay. If sold it must be at market rates. It is important that it is used for what people of the village would like. It was suggested that more clarity needed to be forthcoming from each of the sponsors of individual development options
80. Memorial Hall:
Estimates for the car park improvement are required before anything can be done to obtain grants or move on with the project. A request was made to footballers and their cars not to park in the street on Apple Day 28 September.
81. Planning Training
Two places for Councillors had been reserved for this training session on 15 July. A request for another two places had been made.
82. Planning
Applications received:
19 /01801/FUL Brookside, Brook End. Conversion of barn to dwelling.
19/01599/HHD Spring House, Bull Hill. Alterations to existing access by widening dropped kerbs.
Applications approved:
19/01052/S73 Curdle Hill Farmhouse, Chipping Norton Road. Non compliance with condition 2 of planning permission 16/01505/FUL to allow changes to the South elevation and slight re-positioning of the dwelling (whilst still incorporating all changes as approved under 18/01735/S73) CPC objected to this application
19/00657/HHD Courtyard Cottage, Mill End Creation of mezzanine to existing barn with insertion of new window to gable. Erection of shed and two outbuildings along with a plunge pool. CPC objected to this application.
Applications pending:
19/00996/FUL Mount Pleasant, Bull Hill. Demolition of existing dwelling and integral garage and proposed erection of part 2 storey and part single storey dwelling, detached 3 bay garage and garden store and alterations to existing landscaping including modifications to existing drive and access. CPC objected to this application.
Oxfordshire County County Council
Application Withdrawn:
To continue the development permitted by R3.0134/13 (for the extension time for restoration of waste recycling centre site) without complying with condition 5, to extend the period for restoration until 30/09/2019 and amend the restoration and after use from agricultural use to nature conservation at Dean Pit Former Household Waste Recycling Centre, Grove Lane, Dean, Chipping Norton, OX7 3JY.
83. Finance
Income: Current Account £7,517.00 Memorial Hall Account £1,254.50
Expenditure for approval:
Standing Order (monthly) Clerk’s Salary for Jul & Aug £250.82
C No 100211 Prysebros Ltd Weed Control £300.00 C No 100212 Brian Hamblin (Travis Perkins) £113.66
Approval of monthly bank reconciliation 2019/2020
Current Account Opening balance 01 Apr 2019 £31.500.80; income to 30 Jun 2019 £7,517.00 expenditure to 30 Jun 2019 £862.46 Closing Balance £38,656.98
Memorial Hall Project Account. Opening balance 08 April 2019; £2,211.51; income to
30 Jun 2019 £598.50, expenditure £NIL, Closing balance £2810.01 .
Monthly bank statement verification.
Discuss payment for website hosting and maintenance. Clerk to contact Mike Smith.
84. Bank Mandates
Clerk to follow up latest information on the signatories to the accounts.
85. Audit: All approved, signed and sealed.
86. Correspondence
a. CFO AGM Friday 19 July 2019 at Heyford Park, Upper Heyford 1130pm to 1pm.
b. Day Conference organised by the Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust and the Diocese of Oxford at Dorchester Abbey on Saturday 28 September 2019. Principal aim is to discuss use of Parish churches of all denominations can be adapted to as a resource for everyone in the community, both religious and secular as many Parishes now lack community facilities.
87. Other issues
A review of all benches, seats and picnic table to be made with a request for possible sponsorships for replacements. A very generous offer to replace the two picnic tables at The Stocks has been made for which the Parish Council is extremely grateful.
88. Information Exchange
A fundraising event is to be held on Saturday 13 July at Vale Bank in support of the Memorial Hall.
Date of next meeting: 7.30pm on Monday 08 September 2019
…………………………………Gill Hill, Clerk to Chadlington Parish Council 2 July 2019
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