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Malicious intruder at village Church

The Editor has received this message from Mark Abery, our parish Rector, about an incident that took place in St Nicholas Church on Friday 4th October:

“there were contractors working at the Church making repairs to the tower: one contractor working from the scaffold, the other in the bell chamber. At some point during this morning, an intruder climbed the tower staircase, found the key in the door to the bell chamber, locked the door and took away the key resulting in trapping the contractor inside the tower. Simply UNBELIEVABLE!

To free him, we have had to break the ancient lock on the bell chamber door and now have no way of locking the tower staircase. These are old historic locks and keys and we are now looking at a bill of about £500 to replace the stolen key and reinstate the lock. So, until that is done, I regret that the Church will remain permanently locked. If the person concerned is reading this, please return the key that you have stolen: it can be left at The Vicarage or in the Church porch. If this is a prank it was both dangerous and costly and not in the least bit funny.”

He has requested that if anyone saw people around the Church on Friday, to please let him know. Contact details can be found on their website

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