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New Website Editor needed

We are looking for a new person to edit the village website. It’s a great opportunity to do something really worthwhile for the village, learn about using the website computer package and have a good reason to find out what’s going on! The current editor needs to pass on most of the tasks over the next few months as her family responsibilities are increasing. Also, it’s always a good idea to have someone new to refresh the site and its contents.

If you are interested, you do not have to have any particular qualifications but will need some spare time and a computer.  The current editor and the site administrator will work alongside you until you’re ready to take on most of the editing. It would be a great opportunity for someone who’s interested in getting into communications as a career; is thinking about returning to work or is looking for something interesting to do in retirement. Please contact the editor via the website e-mail chadlingtonwebsite@gmail.com

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