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Shiny new year…shiny new bench



A new bench has been added to the picnic area on The Stocks sponsored by Philippa Martin in memory of  her husband Barry Martin (17 September 1936 – 25 August 2018).

On a rare sunny morning a couple of weeks ago a new bench was installed on the Stocks and an informal inauguration ceremony took place. The bench has been put in place by the Parish Council. Philippa is pictured here with Tony Allan, Parish Council vice-Chair and a new Parish Councillor, Andrew Carpenter.




Philippa is also pictured here with members of her family. Philippa and Barry (parents of Clare and grandparents of Emma and Joe Yapp)  moved to Chadlington in 1997 when Barry retired and lived initially at Alfie’s Cottage and then at Granary Barn.  They moved to The Stocks in 2010.  Barry’s time in Chadlington was one of the happiest periods of his life.

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