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Chadlington Parish Council Minutes of Meeting held on 13 January 2020

Minutes of the Chadlington Parish Council Meeting held at the Sports & Social Club, Chadlington on Monday 13 January 2020 (Start 7.35pm, Finish 9.15pm).
Present: Cllrs Tony Allan, Vice Chairman, Nicky Lloyd, Hilary Moore, Andrew Carpenter, Sam Peet and Gill Hill (Clerk). District Cllr Neil Owen and County Cllr Liz Leffman plus one member of the public.
142. Apologies: Zoe Townsend
143. Declaration of interests: There were none.
144. Minutes:
The Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 11 November 2019 and Extra Special Meeting held on 20 November 2019 were approved and signed
145. Andrew Carpenter and Sam Peet were co-opted as Councillors
146. District and County Councillors Reports
147. Cllr Neil Owen reported that the new Chief Executive of Publica, Jan Brittain had taken
over from David Neudegg who had retired. Climate Change is a priority of WODC and there is a cost implication with this. Council Tax is expected to come in at £104 for a Band D property.
Cllr Liz Leffman reported the SKANSA contract was up for renewal. Highways were due to have a meeting to discuss this. The flooding situation at Green Lane and Brook End had not been resolved. A meeting with Jamie Smith, OCC, Adrian Tremlett and several residents to be arranged on site near the Bowls Club, Green Lane.
148. Gigaclear
There have been some problems with BT lines. Work is ongoing in the area.
149. Memorial Hall
The boiler has broken. The Council agreed that £3,000 should be given to the Memorial Hall to cover the cost of a replacement. A starting date to renew the cap park is expected soon.
150. Methodist Church
Nothing to report at this time.
151. Community Assets
Deferred to next meeting.
152. Benches, Tables & Bus stop
Offers to sponsor had been received from the Diplock Trust, Sam Peet and Tania Smith. It was proposed that the Marmax recycled products should be used. The Traditional Three Seat for outside the Memorial Hall, the Reston Three Seat to go near the bus stop in Chipping Norton Road and a Wave Three Seat for the leafy area near Stonelee Close. It was proposed by Cllr Tony Allan and seconded by Cllr Andrew Carpenter to have these three sets in place by the Spring.
153. Allotments
Nothing to report.
154. Playground
Nothing to report.
155. Public participation
Adrian Tremlett attended to inform the Council that the Footpath situation was looking up. The application for a DMMO reference 03481 for Chadlington was up for consultation from 17 December 2019 and 17 January 2020. It was also arranged that he would attend the meeting at Green Lane to discuss the flooding.
156. Asset Register
The Clerk to provide a spread sheet of Asset Register for Cllr Nicky Lloyd to complete.
157. Risk Assessment
The Clerk to ask Howard Rowley if he would like to continue to keep this updated.
158. Planning
Applications received:
19/03322/LBC Jasmine Cottage, Green End. Internal and external alterations to install a new boiler, including a flue in the rear elevation. CPC have no objection to this.
Applications approved:
19/01670/FUL Barley Hill Farm. Re-roof existing barn and erection of agricultural workshop. CPC had no objection.
19/02378/CND Brookside Brook End
Discharge of conditions 7 (Ecology) & 8(Nesting Birds) of Planning Permission
19/01750/S73 The Gables, West End. Non compliance with condition 2 of planning permission 16/04004/FUL to allow layout change. Condition no 2 – List of Approved Plans and Drawings. Conditions Removal: Please see JPPC’s Planning Design and Access Statement for details. Amend the list of approved plans and drawings. Town & Country Act. CPC had no objection.
19/02797/LBC Brookside, Brook End. Internal and external alterations to convert existing barn to dwelling.
19/03006/HHD Rill Cottage, 3 Daisy Bank, Green End. Single storey rear extension, replacement porch and new detached double timber frame garage.
19/03254/LBC 4 East End Cottages, East End. Replacement front door (retrospective).
Applications Refused:
19/02332/FUL The Old Barn, East End. Erection of two detached dwellings.
Applications pending:
19/02567/FUL Barley Hill Farm. Demolition of an agricultural building to allow for the conversion and subterranean extension of agricultural buildings to form one dwelling.
159. Precept
The precept for 2020/2021was signed.
160. The Pensions Regulator
Council was advised of the requirements to advise the Pensions Regulator in 2020. A re-declaration of compliance must be declared by 1 September 2020.
161. Approval of Annual Insurance
This was approved.
162. Finance
General Finance:
The following expenditure was approved and cheques signed:
Standing Order (monthly) Clerk’s Salary for Jan & Feb £264.16
C No 100226 CPRE Annual subscription £36.00
C No 100227 Came & Company Annual premium £338.40
C No 100228 Ron Arthur Playground repairs £169.11
C No 100229 Oxford Fieldpaths Society Donation A Tremlett £100.00
C No 100330 Chadlington Memorial Hall Hire of hall 2019 £210.00
The monthly bank reconciliation for Nov & Dec was approved.
Income: Current Account £15,556.00 Memorial Hall Account £598.50
Current Account Opening balance 01 Apr 2019 £31.500.80; income to 31 Dec 2019 £15,556.00; expenditure to 31 Dec 2019 £5,617.00 Closing Balance £41,199.81
Memorial Hall Project Account. Opening balance 08 April 2019; £2,211.51; income to
30 Jun 2019 £598.50, expenditure £NIL, Closing balance £2810.01.
163. Clerk on holiday
The Clerk will be on holiday from 6 February to 9 March 2020. She will be contactable by email to chadlingtonparishcouncil@gmail.com.
164. Correspondence
Request to support Local Electricity Bill, this was not approved.
Changes to Council Tax to help those most in need, the Council was informed of this new arrangement.
High Sheriff Awards 2019-2020. Consideration to be given to this for next year as it was too late in the day to provide the information required to nominate anyone..
165. Other issues
The mobile Post Office had not turned up for several days one week in January. Apparently the van had broken down. The village needs to be made aware of any cancellations in future. A point of contact needs to be found – the Cafe de la Post was suggested.
The Sports & Social Club has a defibrillator which is kept inside their building. They would be prepared for the defibrillator to be kept on an outside wall if the Parish Council would purchase an external cabinet. Clerk to find out costs.
Parish Plan needs to be updated.
A new website administrator will be required in the near future.
166. Information Exchange
Nothing to report.
Date of next meeting: 7.30pm on Monday 09 March 2020
………………………….Gill Hill, Clerk to Chadlington Parish Council 31 January 2020
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