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What you can do in Chadlington – update

The residents of Chadlington should follow Government guidance on being alert to the risks of catching or passing on the Corona virus. In all circumstances they must keep a 2 metre distance (6 feet, 8 inches in ‘old money’) between themselves and anyone else they happen to meet or when queuing at the shops or the Café.

Our local shops and the mobile Post Office van service are all operating.   Slatters the butchers is also open.and it is possible to use limited public transport for journeys out of the village. People are being advised to wear face coverings when using public transport or in enclosed public spaces where it is difficult or not possible to remain 2 metres apart. Meeting with a friend or a member of your family who does not live with you outside is now permitted.

Both Café de la Post and Chadlington Quality Foods are offering to make up orders by telephone if residents are self-isolating, you will need to arrange for someone to collect your items. Good Neighbours can help if you are ‘vulnerable’ and not able to get out.  Otherwise, please visit the shops yourself and follow their guidance on doing your shopping as quickly as possible. Wash your hands and your shopping when you get home.

The Café cannot provide food and drink on their premises at the moment but you can take away hot drinks, cake, croissants etc. and on a Saturday evening order, then collect a Pizza. They are also resuming their Friday night meal service, with take away dishes which must be ordered in advance. Please call for more information on what will be available when.

You can sit at the tables on the Stocks, as long as you remain 2 metres apart from people you do not live with to enjoy some refreshments and fresh air. There are also benches around the village for rest and many footpaths to explore but please keep to designated routes marked as paths and do not walk (or allow dogs free to run) across fields with crops.

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