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Please respect our countryside

As lockdown eases many people, who live in Chadlington and who may be visiting for the day, are beginning to enjoy the freedom to walk off the roads and across the countryside. Luckily there are many lovely footpaths and bridleways in the area where it is permitted to ramble. Here is a map prepared by the Area of Outstanding Beauty team. The green broken lines on the map show the footpaths.

Please note that the footpath from West End, opposite Slatters the butchers does not include walking up the left side of the farmer’s field past the allotments, nor through the gate on Church Road, although this is sometimes open. Unfortunately, some dogs have broken through the fence on to the allotments. Also, dogs should be on leads when using footpaths that cross fields with crops and livestock. The National Sheep Association has appealed for walkers and dog-owners to beware of worrying sheep, especially when they still have lambs with them. See their guidance for people using the countryside for recreation here

Finally, an appeal for all dog-owners to clean up after their dogs and deposit dog waste into the bins provided. It’s really unpleasant for other footpath users to come across dog mess, left uncleared.

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