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Financial help available during crisis

At their last meeting the Parish Council discussed what financial help there might be available to people in Chadlington who find themselves in need due to the impact of the Corona virus on their income or their needs.

The Diplock Charity has existed in the village for over 70 years and is able to receive applications from anyone, resident in Chadlington,  who is ‘experiencing conditions of severe need, hardship or distress’.   Diplock can also make donations to local organisations supporting Chadlington residents in such a situation.  All applications are treated with the utmost confidentiality and are not part of the benefits system.  Please contact Ceci Magee, on 01608 676 335, or 0777 906 7095, or email ceci.magee1@gmail.com.

County Councillor Liz Leffman also mentioned at the meeting that she is able to use part of her portion of the Councillor Priority Fund to help people in financial need at this time. If you think this could help you, please email liz.leffman@oxfordshire.gov.uk, or call 01608 810153


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