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Lane to become official footpath

When walking on footpaths around Chadlington, you may have presumed that the lane from Brook End, along to Boot Cottage is an official Public Footpath. However, despite the route being walked by many people for many years, it was not marked on the ‘definitive map’ for the area as a footpath, linking with the paths across the fields to Catsham Lane, Green End and the Wychwood Way by the river Evenlode.

On behalf of the village and supported by the Parish Council, Adrian Tremlett has been petitioning Oxfordshire County Council for a long time to close this gap in the footpath network; along with the last 100 yds of the footpath from Boot Cottage to Green End Road. Although the latter route has not yet been agreed, Adrian has made a significant step forward by securing a Modification Order, which will result in the formal marking of the Brook End lane as a footpath. He will continue pressing for the last missing link to be included as soon as possible.

The many footpaths in the village have existed in this area for at least 200 years and were often old paths taken by villagers from their homes to work on farms locally. If these paths are not marked on the Definitive County Maps by 2026 (under the Wildlife and Countryside Act), then public access to them will be lost. The Parish Council thanks Adrian for his sterling work on securing this important element of Chadlington’s beautiful countryside.

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