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Chadlington Parish Council Minutes of Meeting held on Monday 11 May 2020

Minutes of the Chadlington Parish Council Meeting held remotely on Zoom because of Social Distancing Requirements on Monday 11 May 2020 (Start 7.30pm, Finish 8.40pm).
Present: Cllrs Zoe Townsend, Chairman, Nicky Lloyd, Hilary Moore, Andrew Carpenter and Gill Hill (Clerk). District Cllr Neil Owen and County Cllr Liz Leffman.
191. Apologies: Cllr Sam Peet
192. Declarations of Interest: Cllr Zoe Townsend has a close connection to the Sports and Social Club being married to the Chairman.
193. Minutes: The Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 09 March were approved unanimously.
194. District & County Councillors’ Reports:
District Cllr Neil Owen reported that normal business at WODC had stopped. Officers and staff were working from home. Officers had been deployed to handle cases of extreme vulnerability. A hub had been established to co-ordinate actions. Cllr Owen explained that as much as he would have liked to assist the Good Neighbours scheme in Chadlington he was unable to do so due to his age and health issues. The Chair asked him to pass a message on to Ubico to tell them they are doing a good job in these difficult times.
County Cllr Liz Leffman reported that there was not much going on except for the pandemic issues. Testing was being carried out by the Army in the Car Park in Chipping Norton and also in Carterton. There had been no discussion between OCC and the Government but OCC had put aside money for PPE for care homes and uplift for Agency Staff who care for people in their own homes. Highways were still working and staff were working from home. OCC were now working on how to bring staff back to work. There had been very little Covid-19 sickness in the county. Buses were still operating through Chadlington but at a huge cost. A Priority Fund was available for residents with hardship issues. Cllr Hilary Moore to advise Good Neighbours. The Chair reported that there were some gullies which were still blocked; one at the corner of Church Road and East End, another by the Bowls Club.
195. Public Participation: There was none.
196. Coronavirus: Changes to Legislation for Parish Councils
a. Remote meetings legal until May 2021
b. Chairman/Vice Chairman can remain in post until Annual Meeting in May 2021.
c. Deadlines for audit have been extended.
d. Annual Parish Meeting not required this year.
e. In the absence of the AGM in May, to resolve for the current Chairman/Vice Chairman to remain in post as required.
f. May 2020 elections postponed until May 2021
The Parish Council agreed unanimously all the above points and Cllr Zoe Townsend agreed to remain as Chair until May 2021. There being no Vice Chair this position was not filled.
197. Gigaclear: Concern was raised about the state of the grass verges which should be made good by Gigaclear. Cllr Neil Owen kindly offered to take this up with Gigaclear.
198. Memorial Hall: Currently in lockdown. The new car park was looking good. A complaint had been received as wheelchairs could not access the Mobile Post Office Van because of the gravel surface. It was suggested that the Mobile Post Office Van should be asked to park nearer the gate. There was still some work to be done on the car park hopefully sooner rather than later. Funds had been received for the car park: £10,500.00 from the Memorial Hall Committee, £4,432.50 grant from WODC and Gin Thing donation (to be confirmed) approximately £1,700.00. Sue Cox, Chair of the Memorial Hall Committee is anxious to hold a meeting with the Sports & Social Club and Parish Council to clarify some
communication problems. The lease of the Sports & Social Club is due to expire in three years time.
199. Methodist Church: Nothing to report.
200. Community Assets: Since the decision was made not to register the village shop, this item will be held in abeyance until the next meeting.
201. Benches & Tables: There has been a delay in obtaining the benches and in working on the bus stop in the Chipping Norton Road near the playground due to lockdown. Hopefully there will be some movement soon.
202. Allotments: There had been concern about dogs running loose on the allotments which is not allowed and people not sticking to the official footpaths in the area of the allotments. Signs are to be provided warning people of the areas they should and should not use.
203. Playground: The grass needs cutting and even though the playground is not in use it needs to look respectable. The RoSPA inspectors will arrive to check the playground without any advance warning. It was decided that the special cleaning facility of playground equipment due to Covid-19 would not be required at this time.
204. Highways: White Lines: There had been a hold up on repainting white lines which were due to be done in March. Hopefully this job will be done soon.
Speedwatch to be on the Agenda next month.
205. Asset Register: Awaiting approval.
206. Risk Assessment Awaiting approval.
207. Planning:
Applications received:
20/00972/HHD Cobblers Mount, West End
Part demolition of annex. Erection of single storey extensions to side and rear.
CPC had no objection to this application.
20/00419/HHD Old School West End Chadlington
Erection of single storey front extension and addition of front porch.
CPC had no objection to this application.
Applications approved:
20/00517/HHD 8 Orchard Cottages
Erection of single and two storey rear extension. Revised scheme, following
approval 19/02192/HHD to add additional first floor North side window to the
bathroom and south side roof-light to en-suite.
20/00652/LBC Lower Court Farm, Green End
Internal works to main (South) barn and stables.
208. Finance:
Expenditure for approval:
Standing Order (monthly) Clerk’s Salary for Mar, Apr, May & Jun £264.16
C No 100331 CFO Subscription £55.00
C No 100332 Mike Smith – website licence £120.00
C No 100333 Payment for Memorial Hall Boiler £3000.00
C No 100334 Wel-Medical Battery & pads for Abbeyfield Defibrillator £243.48
C No 100335 OALC Subscription £184.55
C No 100336 Jason Gillett Groundworks Ltd Resurfacing Car Park £21,276.00
C No 100337 Bannor Electrical Replace thermostat in defibrillator £98.17
C No 100338 Clerks expenses: Norton anti-virus, postage, new pouch £51.52
The monthly bank reconciliation Mar 2020 was approved.
Current Account Opening balance 01 Apr 2019 £31.500.80; income to 02 Apr 2020 £31,517.81; expenditure to 02 Apr 2020 £32,142.02 Closing Balance £30.866.12
Memorial Hall Project Account. Opening balance 08 April 2019; £2,211.51; income to
02 Apr 2020 £598.50, expenditure £NIL, Closing balance £2810.01
209. Year End Accounts: These were approved unanimously.
210. Correspondence: Letter from Michael Benson regarding speeding in Church Road. Speedwatch to be added to Agenda at next meeting. Cllr Neil Owen happy to participate.
211. Other Issues:
Resignation of Cllr Tony Allan and co-option of new councillor
Overhanging bushes at 6, 8 and 9 Orchard Cottages – letters sent.
Disappearance of dog waste bin near Rill Cottage, Green End. A new one to be ordered..
212. Information Exchange: There was none
Final Comment:
The Parish Council wanted it to be known how much the three shops in Chadlington are appreciated and also the Good Neighbours scheme together with everyone in the village who are helpers in one way or another at this very difficult time.
Date of next meeting: 7.30pm on Monday 13 July 2020
………………………….Gill Hill, Clerk to Chadlington Parish Council 27 May 2020
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