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Bonfires causing public nuisance

Although West Oxfordshire District Council and Oxfordshire County Council have called on residents NOT to light bonfires during the Coronavirus emergency; some people in Chadlington have ignored this instruction and may be causing harm to people in the village with respiratory conditions and those in self-isolation. Garden waste is being collected from the appropriate bins every fortnight  and taken to Council-run public tips.

Burning doesn’t just affect vulnerable people. Bonfires and drifting smoke are a nuisance for neighbours wanting to spend time in their gardens or keep windows open during good weather. District Councillor MacRae said “Please be considerate of your neighbours and use alternatives such as composting or storing any waste until government restrictions are lifted. We know this isn’t an ideal solution for everyone but these are not ideal times. You can put most of your garden waste to use – a successful compost heap needs lots of brown material as well as green. Don’t burn it, use prunings and dry material to improve your compost heap.”

Environmental and Regulatory Services are still required to investigate bonfire complaints whilst following guidance and procedures for social distancing. If considered a waste offence or statutory nuisance, it may result in enforcement action and fines. To stay up-to-date see the District Council’s waste and recycling information page.

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